1. Charliebizz

    Daily Intramuscular injections.

    Hey guys I'm currently on m-w-f injections. Ive actually started to feel way better on shot days on Im vs sub q. However through years of testing my t levels drop off quite a bit 24 hrs post injection. I respond very well to lower doses. 90mg a week has my ft slightly over range. And TT around...
  2. F

    Pin cushion effect?

    Hello TRT Team, Pinning ED or EOD: What do you guys think are the consequences if any to pinning our muscles so much even with an insulin needle 1 1/2 inch or 1/2 inch. small gauge as well? Can we rotate even going to the calf muscles so as to negate some of the scar tissue accumulation?
  3. S

    Feeling much worse with IM?

    I switched 2 days ago to IM injections to see how I feel on them, and if it makes any difference for me. I've felt progressively more fatigued and out of it, to the point of being barely functional and totally unmotivated today. Already took a couple of naps. I'm not entirely convinced this is...
  4. M

    Is a one inch needle too much?

    I just started my therpy last week and I am aiming to do IM injections on my M,W,F schedule. I have been using a 25 gauge 5/8" needle to draw and inject into my quads. I have read about a lot of people using the easy touch insulin syringes/needles to inject. I figured either of these would hit...
  5. maxadvance

    Best testosterone injection site, no aspiration needed, avoids all nerves

    So I ran across the term "Ventrogluteal IM injection site" and found an article describing it as what is currently the most medically recommended injection site. I tried it a few times now and have to agree. No blood gushing pinholes, no veins, no nerves, minimal pain. IN: The Ventrogluteal IM...