1. K

    Getting Insurance After Being on Self Administered TRT

    I've been on TRT for about three years now. Unfortunately I came into financial difficulties immediately after going on TRT. I have gotten routine blood work on my own, but have not consulted with any doctors, nor have any health insurance. I am now looking to work with a doctor and also get...
  2. J

    Defy vs insurance

    Would it just be cheaper just going straight with defy using thier discounted prices for blood work or would be cheaper to see if you’re insurance covered it?
  3. S

    Lab Costs - What Insurance Pays to Labs.

    I was at the blood lab (labcorp) recently and due to some insurance changes, the lab work was not covered by insurance but I found out what I believe Blue Cross Blue Shield pays for lab work - at least what it says. Interesting how low it is. Also interesting what a good deal...
  4. W

    My Testosterone is Low But Insurance Does not Want to Pay.

    I have a total score of 245. My insurance won't cover trt till I'm under 200. I'm 48 yo relatively healthy. I understand I should be in the 500-700 range for my age. Anybody else have insurance problems?
  5. R

    Economic impact of Testosterone Defficiency in the U.S.

    [h=2]Originally posted by Excelmale. My comment: the direct health impact as described by op is high yet is does not include diminished productivity, costs for preventable workplace accidents, higher workmen's comp, increased costs to entitlement programs such as possible permanent disability...
  6. Nelson Vergel

    Two great websites to determine if ObamaCare will help you or not

    I know most of us are confused about how we will be impacted or benefitted by the Affordable Health Care Act. A few tools are being launched now to help us. Oct 1 is the first day on which we can enroll. Some states have opted out so this only applies to those who agreed to join...