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  1. R

    Testosterone “single use vial “

    So my question is if there is 200mg of test cyp in one mini vial what’s to stop someone from using all that 200mg before throwing it out and saving a boatload of money instead of injecting once and throwing it away … does it go bad ? Does it decompose the more you use it ?
  2. FunkOdyssey

    Poll: Cream vs Injection DHT Sides

    I'm interested to hear from men that have tried both injections and cream when it comes to side effects commonly attributed to DHT, like acne and hair loss. It is clear that serum DHT on cream is ridiculously elevated to many multiples of the normal range in almost everyone using it. However...
  3. R

    Daily subQ vs IM ?

    So I’ve been doing daily IM shots and I must say I’ve gotten great results but I’m getting tired of how long and far I have to inject into my body and I hear subQ is so much easier especially with low amounts of testosterone. Is there anyone who has switched and gotten the same results or better...
  4. Melissa

    Breakthrough bleeding since April

    I need advice. My case is not straightforward. I am not expecting black and white answers but I would greatly appreciate any educated thoughts and suggestions. I have been trying to figure this out since April 2021. Background: 8 plus years postmenopausal intact female. Started HRT in December...
  5. 5

    Switching from 2x to 3x weekly injections

    I had my lab consult with Defy today. My HCT is high, partly due to the fact I live at high altitude. Nurse Jill suggested I try injecting testosterone 3 times a week instead of 2 to see if that would help lower it. She also thought it might keep the E2 down to the point I wouldn't need an AI...
  6. T

    Staying within natural ranges?

    Testing peak vs trough, even with a trough in natural ranges, around 829, my peak is at about 1200. I know that technically this may be the top end of the old range, but naturally, most men never achieve this number, even with high shbg. With my trough lower, around 650, my peak stays in range...
  7. V

    Peak & trough timing on daily subq injections?

    I'm on daily subcutaneous testosterone cypionate injections and my doctor always has me do my labs in a 4-5 hour window post injection. I know T levels are pretty stable on daily injections but does anyone know the timing of the peak and trough for daily subq cypionate injections? I just want...
  8. W

    More frequent TRT injections better?

    Couldn't fit all of this in the title.. Can more frequent injections cause you to feel any better even if it keep your levels at the exact same as less frequent injections? I have finally gotten great lab levels for my test/e2 but still not really feeling much different. I know more frequent...
  9. Z

    Injection question

    I know there is tons of stuff on here about this, and I have posted before about this. But one thing, So I spoke with my doctor about how I got myself 27 gauge needles. He told me I should have stuck with the 25 gauge needle because even though I am doing my injection in my stomach. With a 25...
  10. T

    Just took my first injections

    I took .05ml (10mg) of T-Cyp and 100 IU of HGC. It took me two tries to get the T-Cyp in the insulin syringe. The volume is so small I couldn't even feel it go in. I think that it might be a good idea to buy some .5ml insulin syringes. Easier to calibrate smaller dosages. I thought I would...
  11. Z

    EOD question

    Was wondering with EOD injections what your dose per week equals. Say someone was doing 30mg EOD would that equal 120mg a week? And if you go up by 10mg does that just add 30mg per week. So say it was 40mg EOD would that equal 150mg per week? And so on. Because some weeks it’s 3 days a week...
  12. Z


    Here are my labs, I just started seeing a new doctor. These labs are from last doctor awhile ago. My main reason for posting them though, is I am wondering just how much or how little my PA was testing for... thanks.
  13. M

    Starting My Own Injections This Week

    This week I begin TRT with a new doctor (a urologist) who will let me do my own injections unlike the other one who wanted me to come to his office for the shots. Due to all the videos I’ve been watching on YouTube I was expecting a single bottle of testosterone for the month’s supply but when I...
  14. R

    Aspirating while injecting

    Hi. I have a question about aspiration. Does it matter how much you're going to pull the pulnger of a syringe? Can you pull it back too much? I mean, when i aspirate there's plenty of air going into the syringe from the muscle. Thanks for your responses and opinions.
  15. N

    BiMix concentration/dosage confusion

    I had Radical Prostatectomy 9 mnths ago and have ED as a result. Viagra does nothing. My ED Urologist suggested BiMix or TriMix injections. He gave me a low-concentration test dose of TriMix in the office and it worked within a few minutes but gave me quite a pit of pain in my erection. So he...
  16. B

    Anyone Seeing SHBG Increasing With Frequent, Small Injections?

    Does any one have labs that show the SHGB increase after they started more frequent smaller injections? How much did numbers change? Did symptoms you were having dismiss and if so how long did it take for them to dissipate?
  17. J

    Topical Gels/Creams Vs Injections???

    This goes out to the few and the proud that chose topical creams or gels over injections. What lead to your decision to choose creams/gels over injections? Can you be specific as to the factors such as mood, libido, blood work, energy, estrogen management, more stable blood levels that might...
  18. H

    Daily injections question

    Question for anyone here that switched from E3.5D injections to daily. How much E2 and HCT changed? I am planning in switching to daily injections but don’t want to tank my E2 in case daily injections really slows down aromatization (i will monitor E2 after 6-8 weeks of protocol change). My SHBG...
  19. B

    Trimix newbie...thought I'd share initial impression

    Hello All, I'm new to the forum and as of today a new trimix user. The experience at the doctors office was not as horrible as I expected it to be, lol. He drew 30 units (0.30 ml) and injected 15 to start...didn't hurt at all. He checked on me after 15 minutes and I was about 50% erect so he...
  20. H

    CALM Injections

    I have aways suffered a bit from anxiety (GAD more specifically) but anxiety medications don't work well for me. Does anyone here ever tried CALM injections for anxiety?
  21. J

    Poll: How often do you inject T?

    Once per Week Twice Per Week EOD Daily Please vote by clicking one of the above options.
  22. P

    Switching from Testopel pellets to Injections

    Hello member/first post! I've been doing Testopel pellets for 18 months now...usually every 14 to 16 weeks. Small dosage of five pellets each time. I felt great for the first 12 months...all the usual positive side effects. However, these last six months, which has been two...
  23. L

    Changing from pellets to injections

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and new to TRT. I had several years of fatigue and loss of passion in pretty much all areas of my life. I received no answers from conventional doctors. I tried a health clinic and found I had low T. Had a few total testosterone labs done. All were...
  24. N

    IM/SubQ Injections

    Ok I'm a newbie at this so I have a couple of questions. I started last week injecting with 5/8" needles. 25g for T and 30g for HCG. Because of the length I assumed I was doing Subq injections. So first week I did them in the belly. Following week on the deltoid. This one hurt a bit more...
  25. B

    Switch from topical to injections

    I am switching from a topical to injections because of some cross contamination issues with my wife we recently discovered. I have always used a topical for several years now and have had great results with it but its time to switch. I will be using a compounded prop/cyp blend that I believe is...
  26. S

    New Guy Transitioning from Androgel to Injections

    Hi I'm Striker I am 28 Years Old Male and have been on Testosterone replacement since being diagnosed with KlineFelters Syndrome since 2005, 10 years already. This is the first time joining a forum about health/testosterone. I have been using Androgel for over 10 years started with packets (1...
  27. T

    Optimal time of day for hCG or Testosterone injections?

    Hello! I could not find the answer, so sorry if this has been answered already buried in another post! BACKGROUND: I am on the following schedule for months now and have pretty stable levels - better than when I started T shots once every 10 days (with T alone), then every 7 days, then...
  28. Nelson Vergel

    Where to buy syringes, HCG, ED drugs online without a prescription

    Where to get easytouch 27G syringe? Where to find syringes, ED drugs, doctors, blood tests and more How to buy cheap blood tests online with ? National Testosterone, HCG, anastrozole, Trimix clinic National compounding pharmacy that ships to all states (prescription needed...
  29. C

    Thoughts on shallow IM injections

    Happy New Year everyone! I have read of several doctors recommending 27g x 1/2" for testosterone injections into the thigh or delt. This is going to be shallow IM for me (fat calipers pinch about 8-10 mm at both locations). I currently use 25g x 1" into the thigh and the idea of less scar...
  30. S

    Vit B-12 injectable

    I am expirencing the symptoms of low B-12 this being worsened by having crohns so low absorbtion thru GI and even more so do to Prilosec usage too. My thought is to add injectable B-12 to my daily regime. Anyone know a good sight to buy it from and what would be a good dosage frequency/amount?
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