injection technique

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  1. P

    Post-injection pain only one side

    Hey, I'm 2 weeks into my protocol (test-C, HCG, and AI), and so far things seem to be going OK. No real changes in anything that I can tell so far. Same energy levels, same libido, same physical appearance... I'm currently injecting into the vastus lateralis currently, but after reading...
  2. S

    Updated Trimix discussion - need advice on injecting

    I would like to start a new trimix thread for those of us who are new to the product. After considerable study (basically reading every thread on excel male going back years) I decided to take the plunge but I am doing so in a conservative and thoughtful way. I was torn between differing...
  3. S

    Testosterone Injection Question

    I hope this isn't the dumbest question thats ever been asked. I have scoured the forums and google and cannot find a real answer.....When you pull the testosterone from the vial all the tutorials say to pull it back to the prescribed dose. HOWEVER, after pulling the T in, if you then pull the...
  4. Fireproof

    Which Test injection method do you use - IM or SubQ

    I looked around and didn't see a poll for this. Just various threads discussing the topic. If I missed a poll - please link me. Otherwise - would LOVE to get everyone's participation to see who is using which method, just out of curiosity. For Test Injections are you injecting subcutaneously...
  5. B

    Insulin Needle Question and shout out To AllegroMedical

    Hey guys- not sure this is the right thread, so please feel free to move elsewhere if appropriate, mods. Quick shoutout to Allegro Medical- I ordered these 28g insulin syringes Monday night with 99c promo shipping. They estimated 7-10 days to Florida where I live and it showed up just after...
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