injection sites

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    Tibialis anterior as an injection site?

    I've started using it. For me it's pain-free during and after injection. Is there anything I'm missing out on by injecting there. Most things I read say it doesn't matter where you inject, because the oil will spread the same anyway, but one or two sources say small muscle injections have more...
  2. J

    Daily injections in delts (left-right-left…)

    I’m switching from subq to shallow IM, injecting daily (which I do not want to change). Would I be fine rotating delts each day or do you need more injection sites? I’m using a 29g. I can’t imagine causing much scar tissue this way.
  3. A

    My acne weirdly went away after I stopped rotating injection sites

    Ive been having acne issues since switching to Insulin Pins. and had no Idea why. I inject 30 mg EOD, and rotate Shoulders and Ventroglutes. I started suspecting that maybe it had to do with my shoulder injections going sub Q, unintentionally due to there being more fat content in that region vs...
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    Shallow IM with 1/2 insulin syringe. Is it sufficient for the glutes?

    Im switching over to an EOD protocol. Typically I do delta, with 5/8" 25 gauge. Ive read a few testimonies that claim insulin syringes are best for more frequent injection regimens, mainly to prevent needle fatigue and longevity. So Ive decided to rotate, Monday: Left Delt, Wednesday: right...
  5. N

    BiMix concentration/dosage confusion

    I had Radical Prostatectomy 9 mnths ago and have ED as a result. Viagra does nothing. My ED Urologist suggested BiMix or TriMix injections. He gave me a low-concentration test dose of TriMix in the office and it worked within a few minutes but gave me quite a pit of pain in my erection. So he...
  6. J

    My First Injection Exp and What Gauge For Glutes?

    Today was my 4th injection of TRT. Still not feeling anything difference as far as mood, energy, etc. First injection was done in the doctor's office where they showed me how to inject. Since I want to inject on my own they recommended injecting into QUAD with 25 gauge 1 inch needle. Nurse did...
  7. C

    HCG injection sites

    Where are the possible HCG injection sites? I know the stomach (few inches from belly button)....are there any other places? I have read all kinds of stuff but wanted to go to some more reliable sources. I have been doing the stomach the 2 weeks I have been on it so far.
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