injection frequency

  1. D

    Who feels better on e5d or e7d more frequent shots?

    So after some trial and error I came to th3 conclusion that ed eod mwf dont work at all for me, i get low T symptoms even on 200mg per week when injecting that frequent. I feel much better on e3.5d but not good enough. Now Im trying out e5d and if that isnt good enough i may even try e7d...
  2. G

    High Free Test — Change Protocol??

    Hi everyone - relatively new to TRT. About 3 months. This is my first labs since starting. Paid for on my own so not comprehensive, but has Estradiol, Testosterone, Free T, and SHBG. I feel ok, not great. Definitely better than pre TRT I would say, but not optimal. I’d say major issues are some...
  3. A

    Has anyone gone from EOD to Daily injections? Do you feel any difference?

    Im Currently on 30 mg test cyp every other day, and I’ve noticed that on my injection day I feel off. Just got blood work done, I’m assuming my SHBG is super low because since I got on TRT around a year ago it’s gone from 80 n/mol to 45 n/mol to 35 n/mol to 29 n/mol. So I’m assuming it’s even...
  4. R

    Single dose vials vs multi dose ? Why.

    So I don’t know if this is a dumb question or not . But I’m using the 200mg testosterone cypionate “single dose “ vials but I don’t use it all . In fact not even half . Why can’t I keep using it instead of throwing it away? What makes the multi dose vial different . Practically looks the same
  5. Alectrify

    Young Guy on TRT 4 year update

    Hello all, This is my 4 year update on what has been a very long and serious last few years. I’ve posted on here before awhile back while I was on 2nd year of Clomid monotherapy, but I couldn’t remember credentials to get back to that account. Nevertheless, here I am and I promise to remain...
  6. T

    M W F shot breakdown

    I’m currently prescribed 1ml/200mg a week and I’m splitting the doses every 3 days. I would like to split the dose to 3 times a week due to low shbg. How could I split this dose using a 3ml syringe. Thanks for the help.
  7. W

    When was the last time you changed your injection frequency?

    Ive made a few changes before such as 100mg TC once a week For 6 months to 50mg twice a week (100 Weekly) For 6 months, and then to 40mg 3 times a week (120mg). Of course I always allowed many weeks for the adjustment and I usally fely benefit after 4 weeks. This last change is coming up on 6...
  8. H

    Testosterone and Insomnia

    I've suffered with insomnia for over 15 years and have been trying just about everything to get a good night's sleep. Over the past year I've reduced my Testosterone Cypianate dosage from 80mg/wk to 50mg/wk. I've gone from a 920 TT level to roughly 750 making the change. My sleep improved a...
  9. M

    Considering going from E2D to E3D injections. Thoughts?

    Been on TRT for around 21 months. Current protocol 105mg PW Cypionate, inject E0D. Reason for EOD injections is due to SHBG being in the low to mid 20's. (20-25, 11 blood tests) All bloodwork has been great with no issues at all. I'm considering changing to E3D injections purely for the...
  10. B

    If natural Testosterone peaks at 10AM, 12 hours later?

    From what I've gathered online, injected testosterone peaks 24hrs after injection. Additionally I've read natural testosterone peaks at 10AM. To minimize peaks and troughs does it make sense to inject at 10pm so the peak is exactly 24hrs later and 12hrs between both natural peaks?
  11. A

    SHBG rule of thumb on injection frequencies

    So, as I have read to get this straight, correct me if I am wrong if #1 low shbg 20 and below seems doing smaller injection more often perhaps daily injections are best #2 Average SHBG 25 to 35 -range 2-3 times per week injections. #3 40 and up high shbg once per week? I will tell you my shbg...
  12. T

    Injection frequency

    I can see eod injections mimicking how the body naturally fluctuates (about 30% daily) because the smaller the dose/depot in the muscle the faster it releases and peaks. However if the dose/depot is larger it takes longer to release and peak which would cause injections to overlap and produce a...
  13. G


    MP76-05 TWICE PER WEEK DOSING OF INTRAMUSCULAR TESTOSTERONE (T) IS ASSOCIATED WITH GREATER RISK OF ERYTHROCYTOSIS I wish they had tried 50 mg twice per week instead of 80-150 mg twice per week. INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES With an increasing awareness for mens health, marketing for...
  14. R

    Will Everyday or Every Other Day TRT Injections lower or Raise E2 levels?

    I searched and I can't seem to get a answer. Question with LOW SEX HORMONE BINDING GLOBULIN = 8 Range: 10-50 Will Everyday or Every Other Day injections work to raise or lower E2 and bring SHBG up. I was under the impression that ED injections will actually cause E2 to be higher and bring up...
  15. C

    How often to injection prop/cyp blend?

    Hello. My doctor has prescribed a blend of 20 percent propionate and 80 percent cypionate. I have mid range shbg of 35. What is the most appropriate time to space out injections? He said every 3 days but I thought propionate needed to be inject every other day at least. Thank you.
  16. J

    Is my SHBG low, optimal or high?

    I've just discovered that SHBG levels will determine what injection frequency is best for the individual. My last two SHBG tests were 36 and 42, range 18 - 57 nmol/L Are these considered high, optimal, or low?
  17. Z

    Less frequent injections

    This really does not pertain to me but, I constantly browse forums and there always seems to be posts about people on TRT that say they feel worse when they tried more frequent injections. My question is why is this when the most common knowledge is more frequent injections equal less swing in...
  18. N

    How often should I be injecting with an SHBG in the mid/low 20s?

    My shbg has come up at 23 and 25 on separate tests. I'd like to inject as infrequently as possible while still being stable. How often should I be injecting? Is every 3 days ok for my T and HCG?
  19. S

    Injection Frequency vs Dosage

    A discussion on another thread - and lots of other anecdotes - raises the question of injection frequency vs dosage. It is not uncommon to read about guys who lowered their E2 by switching to more frequent injections. It is also not uncommon to read that whenever a guy switches to more frequent...
  20. A

    Drug half life calculator

    Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place but this relates directly to a lot of conversations in this section Gents, I have found a really useful tool online that allows you to graph drug half lives over time to see the cumulative effects. I have seen a lot of threads that speak to half...
  21. A

    What should my injection frequency be, and is my shbg "low"?

    Hi all, new here. I got a reading of 24 for my SHBG on my last reading. Based on that number, what would a good injection frequency be? Am I still in a normal enough range for every 3-3.5 days? Any recommended doses for this SHBG number as well? Thanks.
  22. C

    Any Good Experiences with Daily Injections of Testosterone ?

    Hi guys, I am a TRT patient who has had a hard time getting dialed in. I want to avoid an AI. Even small compounded doses of anastrozole make me feel terrible, and DIM has not been helpful. My doc recommended I think about switching from 70mg twice a week and 400iu hcg twice a week, to 20mg cyp...
  23. B

    Injection/application frequency vs AR receptors

    I remember someone posting on a different forum (can’t find the link now) of increased E2 levels on daily dosing vs. breaking up the same dose into 2-3x/week with T Enanthate. Aromatase activity seems to be higher when the peak and trough in T is eliminated from high-frequency dosing. I also see...
  24. K

    Why less frequent injection intervalls with high SHBG?

    Hi all, it seems common that with high SHGB, less frequent injection intervals - once per week - are recommended. I couldn't find anything on the reasoning behind this; why does a higher dose of injected test apparently lower shgb levels to a certain extent, and why wouldn't a "steady state"...
  25. J

    Once Weekly Injections?

    I know this is going against the grain a bit, but I’m curious. Is there anyone out there who has tried both once weekly injections as well as multiple smaller injections per week and felt better on once weekly injections? If you have tried both and like once weekly better, can you explain why...
  26. M

    What to do if missing injection day?

    I had to go away and stay overnight for work yesterday. As such I missed my injection day. I am doing EOD injections. I did my injection this morning when I got home. Should I do my injection again tomorrow as I would have done if I didn't miss a day. Or now just do it the day after tomorrow?
  27. B

    High SHBG what should injection frequncy be?

    My current protocol is injecting 50mg of testosterone every 4 days and 150IU of HCG every 4 days, no AI.. My last blood test came back as follows: TT 764, Free test 14, Estradiol 43, SHBG 46... My issue is that the 1st 2 days after the test injection, I kind of feel like crap. Tired, bags under...
  28. K

    How to change Test Cyp frequency from 2x/week to 1x/week? High SHBG.

    Hello guys. I need some guidance on possibly adjusting my protocol due to high SHBG. Here is my story, I have been on Test Cyp for about 4 months and it has worked very well for me. Started with a low dose of 100mg per week injecting E3.5D, no AI, no HCG. Two months later, on my follow up lab, I...
  29. M

    Injection frequency and DHT conversion

    It seems that more frequent injections help keep E2 and HCT in check. Does injection frequency have any effect on DHT levels?
  30. Dr Justin Saya MD

    Some insight on T cyp injection frequency and SC vs IM)

    Wanted to drag over a discussion from the FB group so it doesn't get lost in the FB black hole (as Nelson calls it) for all of time and perhaps can enlighten folks for more than a few days. A member posted the following (copy/paste so hopefully formatting cooperates): I switched to daily SubQ...