1. D

    Injecting 2x a week vs 3x a week vs EOD

    I have been injecting 60mg every 3.5 days for 7 months now. Results are good, but having some minor HCT, Estrogen, and emotional/energy fluctuation issues. Although I can’t pin point them to my injection schedule, I am considering going to 3x a week or Even EOD injections. I travel for a...
  2. C

    Any advice appreciated, new member

    Hey folks I’m a new member and completely new to the idea of testosterone injections. A friend of mine has been doing injections for a year or so and has changed noticeably in terms of weight and muscle mass. I have not been diagnosed as low T but he has been telling me I should try it to help...
  3. J

    Testosterone Leaking Out

    Good Morning All, I have been on TRT for about 4 weeks now. Everyday I feel better. However, when I inject my test c .25 ml every other day some of the test leaks out. When I inject in my glute it is fine but, if i inject in my shoulder I get quite a bit of leakage. I have tried leaving the...
  4. L

    Subcutaneous Vs Intramuscular injections

    My current Dr has me Intramuscular injecting Test Cyp 140 mg 2X per week and 500 IU's HCG twice a week. I just started TRT so I am new and am quickly realizing I need to find a different Dr. But is this ok to do for a while until I get a new Dr? I've researched that all of this can be done...
  5. P

    Daily dosing my HCG similar to my test?

    I found I felt my best when I broke my 200mg of test/week into smaller injections. I currently take 700iu of HCG x 3/week in attempts to restart and conceive a child. I noticed HCG has spiked my estrogen more so than the test ever. Short of having to stick myself a shit load more, is there any...
  6. S

    anyone inject in pecs ? if so what size needle …..

    curious , I have a large muscular chest , thinking would be a good spot . are there many blood vesles etc ??
  7. S

    For newbs to trt from a newb …..

    Been injecting 40mg test E 250mg/ml 3 times a week with a 29g 1/2 insulin syringe getting pip and slight bruising everytime in stomach and love handles roatating , nothing terrible but annoying . So recently just upped my dose to 50 mgs every 3 days and today injected with a 25g 5/8 slip tip in...
  8. R

    Using same location over and over?

    I am new to injections. Been rotating 6 spots (left and right) on my body (shoulder, quad, glutes). I like the shoulders best. Been using 25G 5/8 in for that location and 1 inch for the other locations. Is there any issue with injections 3x a week just using and rotating shoulders? Any...
  9. G

    Messed up not listening to the doctor

    Im pretty new to TRT, been on cypionate for about 2 weeks now. My doctor prescribed me .5 ml a week. I took the 1 ml a week and felt shitty, and now Im seeing why. My body wasnt use to that, and thats a huge dose. Ive read some guys stay on .5 ml and get decent T levels. Should have never rushed...
  10. P

    Test Cyp Injection Method Impacting T Levels?

    For just over 2 years I injected IM with a 25g 1" needle into my glutes...E3D 80mg. I was doing good as far a my levels and such. My wife did the injection 85% of the time and I found it hard to twist around (herniated disc in lower back) to do the injection myself, so I made a switch right at...
  11. L

    How to inject Testosterone Cypionate

    Hey guys. I've been taking 200mg/ml of Testosterone Cypionate for just about a month now. So far I've given myself 4 total injections, 2 in butt muscle, and the following 2 in thigh. Once in each location, when I removed the needle, a lot of blood came following. Im guessing this is because I...
  12. T

    Forgot to sterilise top of Hcg Vial - contaminated?

    I forgot to sterilise the top of an Hcg vial with an alcohol swab before drawing a dose with a syringe. I discarded the syringe/dose I drew - but I'm concerned I've contaminated the rest of the vial. The Hcg has only been mixed and open for a week - and stored in a clean empty fridge since...
  13. T

    Is it okay to split weekly dosage into 2 uneven shots?

    Hey guys, I am on self administered TRT atm, so far I've been injecting 100mg a week split into 2 even 50mg dosages. I want to increase this amount and try 125mg per week. The syringes I have on hand have 10 markers for each ml. My testosterone comes in 250mg/ml concentration which means I can...