1. W

    Injectable L-Carnitine negatively affecting thyroid? How to take?

    For anyone with experience with injectable L-Carnitine: Do you take it WITH carbohydrates? Fasted? I have heard mixed things here. Some say it’s a waste to take without carbohydrates, some say at can be taken fasted. Any negative interactions with thyroid medication? I've heard it...
  2. Z

    High Testosterone and anxiety

    So I got some Of my labs back and the basics are my T was 1477 Free T-47 SHGB was 30 Hemocrit was 51 Hemoglobin was 17 IGF-1 was 180 PSA-0.6 this was done 24 hours after my last injection. I do 25mg everyday. But my question is, my anxiety has been a little on the higher side lately. I know...
  3. Z

    Injection locations

    Hello, so I just went back on injections. It’s been over a year and a half since I was on them and sort of forgot the good spots for injecting. I am doing my upper thigh for sub Q. But I remember hearing the stomach was pretty good for sub Q. What was the benefits of sub q over IM? Also my e2...
  4. Z

    Cream question

    So I posted a couple days ago about cream issues. Basically I use to do injections felt good but switched over to the cream because I heard it was the cats meow. Well early on it was great, my libido was sky high. And well actually that’s about it. Everything else felt normal. Fast foward 1 year...
  5. Z

    Testosterone Injection protocol Switch from EOD to ED

    So I am on 40mg EOD of test cyp/prop. Was just wondering if people like ED injections better. Also was wondering because does ED give you the most consistent feeling in your mood? Thanks
  6. B

    Cream/Injectable Dosage Conversion

    Hi all, Can someone fill me in on dosage conversion between injectables/creams? For example, I currently have 200mg/ml cyp cream. My prescription is 1-2 clicks per day, or .25-.50 per day, working up to as many as 4 clicks per day. While speaking with a different doctor about my situation, he...
  7. Z

    MWF protocol

    I just started this week on my new MWF 50mg each injection. The first week has been okay. I am going to avoid an AI if I can. I was just wondering if their are any members on here who do specifically 3 days a week and how it’s been going for them??? Thanks!
  8. Z

    Testosterone Vial Expiration

    So I was on the phone today with cvs about my testosterone prescription. And they said they can’t fill a 10ml vile for a 90 day supply because after 28 days it goes bad. So they have to use 1 ML vials. I have never heard of test going bad after 28 days. The old pharmacy I use to get it from was...
  9. Scott Myslinski

    Creams with new application over injectable?

    Hi all - I've heard many problems with creams both here and from other sources. However, this recent Tweet from Dr. Jay Campbell got me curious: Has anyone heard about this? What do you think? They're doing 2x / day application which would theoretically lead to more stable levels at least...
  10. D

    Medication Management Tip for New Guys on Injectables

    Bottom Line Up Front • Don't panic if it seems like you're using up a bottle of Testosterone or HCG more quickly than expected. • Pharmacies don't fill the bottles up all the way to the top. ◦  Therefore, you can't use the top of the bottle (near the stopper) as a reference point for the...
  11. A

    Can Vitamin D injections cause insomnia?

    So I was deficient in Vitamin D (25.8 in 30-100 and that in the summer). I told my doctor that taking high doses of D causes me fatigue (I'm not alone if you search the internet). So he suggested injectable vitamin D. I did my first injection on Tuesday with a dose of 12500 IU, IM and from...
  12. P

    Poll: How many are using injectable vs. transdermal TRT?

    I'm finally about to start TRT (and boy, am I ready), and I've done a fair amount of research on the pros and cons of injectable vs. transdermal TRT. So, I'm currently thinking I will start with a gel and then switch to injectables if, after sufficient time and tweaking, I don't feel optimized...