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  1. Tharayman

    Does this swelling need treatment?

    After reading up a little on this forum I decided to give subQ testosterone injection a go. Used a 29g slinpin and did .33 in three spots about an inch apart from each other. 48 hours later it looks like this. It is quite hot, there is a hard nodule going all along the redness. Relatively...
  2. G

    Swimming After Injection

    Do injections increase risk of infection if swimming soon after in the ocean, lake or pool, or does the hole close up fast enough that it's not a concern?
  3. G

    Injection Mistake - Infection?

    On Tuesday, when doing a quad shallow IM (1/2 inch insulin pin) 4mg shot, I blasted through a vein which resulted in quite a bit of blood running out after I withdrew the needle. For the record, swabbed top of vial appropriately before draw, used z-track method, but, there's a tiny chance when...
  4. G


    So last night I collided with my table. My quad where I had taken my last injection on Saturday morning was the exact place I hit said table. It felt kind of irritated, didn’t think much of it I always have irritation for a couple days. Then later I shower and notice it is pretty red around the...
  5. P

    First blood work after adding testosterone to HCG solo treatment

    A bit of background on my treatment here: I just had my first round of follow up blood work since starting TRT. Dr. Lipshultz and I will review the labs Wednesday. I will post the...
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