increasing dose

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    follow up lab question

    after 8 weeks of 50mg every 3.5 days total 6.36ngml 1.75-7.81 isn't this range on the low end free test calc-arup 171 pgml 47-244 same question is this a low range I feel fairly good. no I don't have shgb or E2. I would think I would have some room it increase to higher normal as other...
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    How Frequently to Perform Labs in Order to Raise TRT Level (on day ~30 now)

    Hi all, I started back on TRT (self administered this time) after having gone 6 months before with great results and then being hospitalized several times over 3 months (unrelated) and having to stop. I started again about 28 days ago with 100mg weekly taken SUBQ. My initial test results...
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    Hesitant to increase dose on doctor's recommendation

    Newbie here. I'm 38 and started TRT about 5 months ago. Before starting my levels ranged from 235-255ng/dl. I started injecting 60mg IM of test cyp every 4 days (105mg weekly). After 3 months my levels increased to 380 ng/dl. Since I'm still having some trouble with focus, mood, and libido...
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