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  1. A

    Can daily dosing Unesterified Testosterone in water base an option for hypogonadism?

    Can daily dosing of unesterified Testosterone in water base carrier be an option for hypogonadism? I would like to get away from the oil carrier and the added ester in Testosterone Cypionate that has to be cleaved off by the liver. Can this work as a treatment for hypogonadism ?
  2. A

    Has anyone used Rad 140 or Ostarine for hypogonadism ?

    I'm 5 years post quadruple bypass. Age 56. No heart attack. Was on 140 mg Test Cyp per week. About 1.5 years ago started HCG only, 3500 IU per week. After going off T, total levels dropped to 100. On HCG, my total is only 300 or so with a healthy level of SHBG. I tried adding back in 50mg of...
  3. D

    What is my best option for low-T?

    Something shifted to me a while back. No idea what exactly. But my T dropped ridiculously. Like < 50 and sometimes even worse. You know that feeling when someone scared the crap out of you? I felt like that all the time. I couldn't work, or do much of anything. I started doing TRT, and...
  4. G

    Prednisone for Polymyalgia Rheumatica diagnosis and side affects ??

    Hi Guys, my Doc just prescribed me 15mg daily of Prednisone to aid in the diagnosis of Polymyalgia Rhuematica. Which is a strong Steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, 15mg being the recommended low starting dose ( the pills are 5 mg a piece). All well and good, I thought anti inflammatories could...
  5. madman

    Effects of treatment for diabetes mellitus on T concentrations

    Effects of treatment for diabetes mellitus on testosterone concentrations: A systematic review (2022) Jolijn Van Cauwenberghe, Christophe De Block, Dirk Vanderschueren, Leen Antonio Abstract Background Low testosterone levels are frequently present in men with obesity and insulin...
  6. H

    Blood test feedback after 5 weeks on TRT

    Received my blood test after being on TRT for the first time. My protocol was Test E 40mg 2xweek every 3.5 days on Tuesdays and Fridays. My blood Test was performed on Tuesday before my subq shot so on through end. My Total was 700, Free 35 pg/ml and estradiol 45 pg/ml. Question since this was...
  7. H

    Feedback on my HCG Protocol?

    Hello Friends, Tomorrow, I will be commencing a "restart" protocol. I would like to make sure that I have everything correct before beginning. This will be my first time administering self treatment, so any feedback is greatly appreciated! Without further ado... Pre Treatment Test Results...
  8. I

    Start TRT with clinic or doctor? Suggestions!

    Hello All, Need your advice. I have low testo: 250 first test. LH and FSH are high , PSA, Thyroid, and prolactin are fine. Int the last 3-4 years I went from 15% body fat to 25% body fat developing NAFLD and despite trying dieting and come back to the gym I feel low energy and not able to be...
  9. G

    Restoring testicular size with FSH and HCG

    Hi guys, I have a question that I haven’t ever seen properly answered. I decided a month ago to contact Defy and attempt to improve my fertility. I made some unfortunate choices when I was younger, using testosterone and pro hormones like superdrol for excessively long periods of time. I...
  10. tareload

    Association of Male Hypogonadism With Risk of Hospitalization for COVID-19 (2 Sept 2022)

    https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamanetworkopen/fullarticle/2795874 Open article (enjoy). Also note the abscissa range for Fig. 2 and TT range (IQR) in Table 1 for TRT patients. Figure 2. Probability of Hospitalization Based on Testosterone Concentrations in Men With Hypogonadism and...
  11. A

    Phone app to compute free T (Vermeulen, Mazer, Södergård) and immunoassay calibration

    Dear Excelmale members, Recently, I've been working with the help of a friend (actually he did most of the work) on an Android software that helps in the computation of free T (contains Vermeulen, Mazer, Södergård, ...) and that generates reports that link the values obtained to the current...
  12. F

    Estrogen Drop - Weird Symptoms

    Wanted to preface this by saying if you are searching the boards for crashed estrogen recovery and some reassuring stories of recovery, I'm on the same boat right now and can say you will be OK. Having strong mindset to overcome this will make this ride easier, I promise you. As far as the...
  13. N

    Question about my TRT current protocol

    31 years old here. 5’8, 160, I work out 4-5 times per week, decent diet. I was diagnosed with hypogonadism last year (June 2021). Test was at 210 (very low for 30 year old). Side effects were depression, anxiety, low energy, very low libedo, weak erections. So doc put me on 100MG injected into...
  14. H

    Primary, secondary or mixed both?

    Hello guys, what do you think, is this secondary or primary hypogonadism, or both in mixed? Ran couple bloodworks, months between them. Went to the Urology who checked my testicles they were small-normal(borderline arthropy) and soft. Then i went to the testicle ultrasound and they ultrasounded...
  15. F

    Considering TRT for Accutane related hormonal changes

    Hi guys, I’m Frank from western Europe and I’m new on this forum. I hope you can share your ideas/experiences about HRT after Accutane. My story: I took Accutane in 1999 (40mg a day / 5 months). The drug greatly reduced my libido and gave me some mental issues like lower mood, anxiety and...
  16. madman

    Low Testosterone in Men with Professor Geoffrey Hackett

    https://play.acast.com/s/fitterhealthierdad/low-testosterone-in-men-with-professor-geoffrey-hackett In today's episode, we are speaking with Dr. Geoffrey Hackett about the topic of testosterone and specifically low testosterone in men. Geoff Hackett is a past professor of men's health and...
  17. madman

    Low Testosterone (Hypogonadism) Lecture

  18. I

    Afraid to start TRT. Could you share your experience?

    Before I describe my problem, I wanted to say hello to everyone on this forum. I recently started reading it, and I learned a lot of valuable things. I’m 29 years old now and about 4-5 years ago, I started to feel worse, weakened, have libido problems, poor results in the gym, unhappy, etc...
  19. C

    RF9: May it be a new therapeutic option for hypogonadotropic hypogonadism?

    Intriguing stuff, possibly highlighting another distinct cause of hypogonadism, along with a new treatment option. There's been little discussion of gonadotropin-inhibitory hormone or GnIH. This hormone counters kisspeptin and suppresses the HPTA. An excess of GnIH may lead to hypogonadism. RF9...
  20. J

    To TRT or to not TRT. Testosterone Enanthate + HCG

    Hi I've read hundreds of posts related to testosterone and hcg dosages, but I can't make my mind due to all the contradictory info found on how to approach my TRT therapy. Some background: 38 yo male, low libido, anxiety, brain fog, moderate-severe depression, difficulty to gain muscle mass -...
  21. D

    Hypopituitarism and muscle gains

    Hello everyone, I am a 32 year-old man. I have suffered from hypopituitarism since birth. At the age of 5 I started taking GH and Hydrocortisone. The pediatrician monitored my bone development until I was 17 years old, when she decided that I should stop the GH replacement therapy and start...
  22. J

    Hypogonadism in HIV Positive Men

    This is a review article discussing the treatment of hypogonadism in HIV positive men, with a discussion of several cases. The full text of the article is available online. The introduction says: "Hypogonadism commonly affects HIV-positive men and is associated with a variety of clinical...
  23. B

    Is low Estradiol (Naturally) along low free T effectively hypogonadism?

    I was reviewing blood tests from back when I was still natural in 2016. Total T in the 800s, single digit free T (pg/mL), E2 around 10 pg/mL. Then I started using steroids for about 18 months, hopped off. Total T in the 600s, free T and E2 around 12 pg/mL. I’m 10% fat year round. I’ve tried...
  24. S

    Hypogonadism and Low Estrogen

    Is it common to have Hypogonadism with Low Estrogen in males?
  25. E

    Nebido users In the UK- Read this please

    Hi to all, Is there anyone using Nebido in the UK? We are doing a research about this drug and need to talk to guys with experience on it. Please, read all the details in the link provided. There is an incentive of 540£ for 2 hours face to face interview plus 30 min pre-task. Help me to...
  26. DragonBits

    The Long Haul: Treating Men with Obesity with Testosterone

    The Long Haul: Treating Men with Obesity with Testosterone BY DEREK BAGLEY JUN 2019 A study presented at ENDO 2019 shows that long-term testosterone therapy in men with obesity and hypogonadism can actually contribute to prolonged weight loss without an added risk for mortality or major...
  27. D

    Etiology: What do you think caused your low T (hypogonadism)?

    Hey everyone, I had a though and felt I'd ask everyone. What do you think caused your hypogonadism? I was thinking about my etiology and realized I don't particularly have one. I did have an one sided orchiectomy (removal of testicle) for cryptorchidism, but that wouldn't have an effect on my...
  28. S

    Hypogonadism (Low Testosterone) or Depression - How to Differentiate

    There are many common symptoms in depression and hypogonadism, especially those subjective, my question is how do physicians know when hypogonadism causes depression, and when depression causes hypogonadal symptoms?
  29. K

    Do I Have Primary or Secondary Hypogonadism or is it Thyroid?

    To be clear, my doctor's never diagnosed me as hypgonadal because my Total Testosterone has never been below 300. However, I'm 42 years old and for at least of a handful of times over the years in my 30's I have never tested over a 396 in my Total T. I've consistently been in the 323-396 range...
  30. J

    31 y/o newbie, Low Free Test, Looking for some advice

    Hi guys So, I’ve read a number a number of posts across multiple TRT forums, and I feel like I’ve learnt a lot, but equally feel like I’ve opened up a huge can of worms! I recently had a blood test to confirm a long-held belief of mine; that I had low testosterone. I’m now at a decision...
  31. 3

    Vasectomy possible cause of low T?

    I just read a response to a thread on another site and someone mentioned that their Vasectomy killed their T levels. I almost jumped out of my chair! I had never thought about it, my V just happens to coincide with my first experience of low T symptoms (some ED - which I NEVER had before my...
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