hot flushes

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  1. S

    Hot flashes are unlikely to be a symptom of increasing or increased E2, and more likely to be a symptom of decreases in E2 levels or low E2.

    After reading up a ton of literature on Estrogen effects on males, there's really a whole bunch of realisations about how extremely useful it is in male function and consequently how misunderstood and mishandled it is by men or TRT clinics. I'm glad Nelson seems to have a much better...
  2. J

    Can’t get balanced

    Been on TRT for about 3 months now and it has been a roller coaster to say the least. I started on 125 a week split up on Monday and Thursday of each week. Also with HCG and .25 of an AI on injection days. started having bad palpitations and hot flushes. Had me double up on AI and it tanked my...
  3. M

    New to the site. Current symptoms and findings. What should I expect?

    Realized this post was a bit long. I've summarized up top. Details further down. QUICK VERSION: Been feeling like crap for 3 months. Have had numerous expensive doc / specialist appointments, imaging scans, blood tests, and more tests, tests, testsssss etc with normal results. I saw doc on...
  4. Nelson Vergel

    ‘Bioidentical’ hormone capsule reduces hot flushes in menopausal women

    An investigational combination of 17beta-estradiol and progesterone appears to be safe and effective for reducing hot flash frequency and severity in menopausal women, according to results of the REPLENISH trial. No cases of endometrial hyperplasia or endometrial cancer were observed among any...
  5. S

    Strange side effect? warm skin/hot flushes of Hcg and Tostran

    Hi I have a question about a strange sideeffect of mine I got secondary hypogonadism and ive tried some different Trt through the years here in Sweden. ... And the Products doesnt seem to work for me...cause i get the same side effect of them all..Nebido,Tostran gel and now the latest i...
  6. Nelson Vergel

    FDA Approves Pfizer Menopause Pill

    The drug is a once-daily pill that combines the female hormone estrogen with the drug bazedoxifene. The drug represents an alternative to older menopause pills that combined estrogen with another hormone: progestin, which has been linked to increased risk of lung and breast cancer. Like...
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