high rbc

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  1. H

    TRT Lab Results ?

    I'm a 69 yr old man on daily injections who just switched to scrotal cream. I had labs done last week and here are my results that I have a few questions about testosterone, free + total, serum. >1500 testosterone, free + total, serum 33.7 PSA, total, serum or plasma 2.8 LH , <0.3 FSH <0.3...
  2. A

    Headaches, dizziness and lethargy

    Old protocol was 200 mg split into daily administrations with 250 IU HCG EOD Bloodwork revealed elevated RBC (6.20 million/uL), normal hematocrit (43.4) and low Hemoglobin (13.0). I expected my hemoglobin to be low because I have beta thalassemia trait. Pre-TRT my hemoglobin was 10.0 and my RBC...
  3. B

    Will discontinued use of aromatase inhibitor reduce testosterone?

    My friend had been using AAS for 20 years before he went cold turkey at 29. From my understanding he never really cycled off. He's now 32 and his natural testosterone levels never recovered and has been prescribed testosterone, HCG and an aromatase inhibitor from a men's health clinic. His TT is...
  4. Nelson Vergel

    Too Many Red Blood Cells or Platelets Stall Blood Flow in Cerebral Capillaries

    The demonstration by Dr. Santisakultarm and colleagues of stalled blood flow in increased percentages of cerebral capillaries in PV and ET provides a mechanism other than thrombosis for focal cerebral hypoxia and subsequent microinfarction. The abrupt, spontaneous resolution of these capillary...
  5. G

    High RBC's

    Hello, its me again! I know I come and question a lot, but I like to speak with guys who are using the same treatment, and going through the same experience as me. I then speak with my doctor. My problem now(and I knew it would come) is my high red blood cells. I been on trt since March, and my...
  6. T

    Hematocrit down after donation

    Hematocrit after 1st donation 51.3 Hematocrit after 2nd donation 46.5 (this donation was 30 days after my first donation) And I feel a lot better!
  7. T

    New Labs Your Thoughts

    I donated blood about three weeks before my most recent labs. I still have high RBC, Hemoglobin, and Hematocrit. My doctor has given me a script for phlebotomy. What gives? Current protocol: 30mg Monday/Thursday 200iu HCG Monday/Thursday 81mg aspirin daily Fish Oil Coq10 Cardio 6 days a...
  8. M

    High Red Blood Cells and no cure

    Hello, my results on follow levels are always around RBC 6.38 Hemoglobin 18.8 Hematocrit 55.4 which is considered high. I am feeling great on TRT. There are only two options, as far as I know, to lower these levels. Stopping TRT, which draws you back to the shitty feeling when you were...
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