high free t

  1. R

    High SHBG and Free T

    My last three labs going back nine months all show my SHBG and free testosterone levels as high. The latest results showed 105.6 nmol/L SHBG and free testosterone of 45.9 pg/mL. I understand both being high is unusual. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know what can possibly cause...
  2. T

    5 months into TRT, Low SHBG, Very high Free T, Struggling to find a solution.

    Hello respected members, My age is 31 years and i have just completed 5 months of my TRT. Its been a struggle from the very start because i am a low SHBG guy(14.5 nmol/l). Previously I have tried different protocols like, 50 mg E 3.5 D Labwork T =721, E2 =42(non sensitive) 60 mg E 3.5 D...
  3. Gianluca Bonetti

    low SHBG guy, free T high, too much medication or SHBG creates imbalances?

    I have been wondering, since last conversation with Doc. if I actually I'm using too much Testosterone medication, the low SHBG confuses me a bit, before talking to doc I had always thought that to feel well TT would be the number to look at, I was wrong, Free T would be the testosterone ready...