high dht

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    When do you become concerned about high DHT?

    Things have been pretty steady and positive for me on my current TRT regimen: 40mg every 2.5 days, IM (120 per week). No AI, no HCG. Just got my latest 6 month labs from my Body Logic doctor, who is very up to date on all matters HRT. The numbers were great, but for second time in a row, my...
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    58 Yr Old - High DHT - Low Free T- Need Help & Suggestions

    Okay guys, here's a little background...I'll be 58 next month. About 13 months ago I started lifting weights after being away from the gym for 25 years. I'm 5' 11" and at that time was weighing 168 lbs. I started putting on muscle right away and I was happy with my progress until I began to...