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    Need assistance in understanding blood test results - Ranges not defined?

    Hello, My first posting. 51 year old male 5'8" - 235lbs Powerlifter build, muscular but 27-30% body fat Testosterone - Serum (Final) - Testosterone Result: 7.9 Reference Range: 5.2 - 23.7 The lab did not define what these reference ranges measurements are? Please help. Can...
  2. J

    Male 31y/o living in Australia. Trying to acquire hCG for personal treatment - Local docs less than helpful.

    Hey guys, I'm new here. Thanks for all the help in advance. I've been afflicted with Post-Finasteride Syndrome (PFS) for 8 years. Long story short, I've recently discovered online that a number of men have used hCG therapy to fully recover from the after effects of having taken Finasteride...
  3. F

    Affordable blood work?

    Hi everyone, I currently can’t afford to see the anabolic doc and I’m struggling with chronic pain, constant injuries and all else. Since taking finasteride and anadrol 50 I figured I should ask what kind of blood work I should get and what specific tests I should make sure to order. I have my...
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    I’ve had labs done 3 times the last few weeks. Any help/advice on what to do next?

    Hello all, Over the last few weeks, I’ve had 3 blood tests done. I’ve been concerned my T was low. I’ve had many of the symptoms the last few years. Anxiety, depression, zero libido, weak erections, brain fog, and lack of energy. Basically, I have felt like a shell of myself. It’s almost like...
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    First ever ED issues....1900 total test

    Hello all. I’ve been reading this forum and I know this has been talked about and I don’t mean to annoy any regulars here, but I’ll risk it. I’ve been on trt for almost a year. Just in the last month I’ve started having erection issues. As in difficult to get going and or it just fades away...
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    Need advice

    I originally posted this first in introductions but i did not get any responses after a week. Sorry for the double post. Looking for some direction Hello Im new to the site and this is my first post. First off, this forum is awesome and replete with valuable information. Thank you Nelson and...
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    Help with surprising 3-month lab results?

    Hello all, So I got my 3-month lab results today along with a note to STOP my protocol for now, take baby aspirin, hydrate, give blood, and get another CBC panel in 10-14 days. The surprising results: - Hematocrit: 54.2 (37.5 - 51) - Total T: 1396 (264 - 916) - Free T: 31.8 (7.2 - 24) - E2...
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    TRT effectiveness declining

    Hello there I have been in testosterone 200 mg weekly, 100 mg two times s week before I was feeling awesome, lot of strength you name it, since a year ago I start losing strenght a lot, I do not feel the same energy as before, looks like my body does not absorbed, results are ok, 1200 total and...
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