1. F

    To HCG or not To HCG

    So, after all the hoopla- I wonder how many guys feel fine on no hcg? How many absolutely need it? Can we find the reason why? I find that I can go no HCG for a little while but then I miss it. Go back on and the water retention, erections get soft. So I wonder where the balance is. I...
  2. P

    Do you cycle HCG?

    Have read through a lot of threads and there seems to be lots of different approaches to the medication. I’m leaning towards cycling on and off since it is unknown whether tolerance/resistance to effectiveness changes over time(correct me if I’m wrong). Kind of leaning towards 8 weeks on every 6...
  3. MilkMan

    Bharat Serums Pre-mixed HCG

    Looks like Bharat Serums offers it now under the brand name Hucog. Anyone used it? I imagine once you break the seal, it's got the same 30-day expiration clock. But apparently it's shelf stable before then?
  4. G

    Bloodwork comparison after 10 weeks of TRT

    Hello, friends. This is my first post here. I really appreciate there is a forum to talk about it, so I thank you all in advance. So, I started TRT 10 weeks ago. This is my pre-TRT and 10-week in bloodwork. Most recent on the right side. My protocol is 120mg/wk test cyp along with 250ui EOD of...
  5. D

    Testing HCG potency with pregnancy test / Buying HCG in liquid form

    Hi, I recently purchased some HCG in error. I thought I had ordered powdered form as usual, but realised my mistake when it arrived and I found it was premixed. What's confusing me is I thought HCG once mixed only retains full potency for about a month, and that is when stored at the correct...
  6. F

    Raising Pregnenolone, Progesterone and DHEA with HCG

    1. Anyone who has had low Pregnenolone and/or DHEA how much did adding HCG raise your levels? Both my pregnenolone and DHEA levels are below the minimum range. And I felt like shit on testosterone only. I have recently added HCG to my protocol and want to know if anyone has seen their levels...
  7. F

    Timeline for recovering from testicular atrophy using HCG

    1. How long did it take you to regain normal testicle size once adding HCG to your protocol? 2. What was your dosage and injection schedule? 3. Did it cause or resolve ED? I have not been able to find any reliable studies on this so I am looking for anecdotal experiences. Ill make a full post...
  8. J

    Highest Daily hcg dose you’ve done

    I’m curious as to highest daily hcg doses guys have tried and what it did to your test numbers and e2 and libido. I just began an experiment with 250iu daily. I’m doing this alongside 4mg test e daily and 1mg test base in dmso 2-3 times in the first half of the day.
  9. T


    1. Florida 2. Texas 3. Literally any other state but CA
  10. I

    Developing HCG tolerance

    I've heard from some doctors with time the body can develop a tolerance to HCG and it will stop working. How real is that in low doses especially and has it happened to anyone here? I'm starting to suspect that. The problem is that I stop feeling the effects very shortly after dissolving a...
  11. I

    HCG reduced indurance

    I have an issue with HCG - either I have developed tolerance to it either the quality of the compound I use got deteriorated. I use Choriomon brand(Eastern Europe). When the issues started the compound was returned to the pharmacies in the country after being absent for several months and I also...
  12. R

    TRT testicular atrophy

    Hi, im 24 and was type 2 hypogonadal. Had a inexperienced Dr, currently in South America so low on options. Got told I would be infertile if I continued on trt 125mg / week. The testicular atrophy has started to worry me due to one Dr.'s comments on my risk on fertility. Further listening to his...
  13. D

    HCG Restricted in California Soon

    I received some info on HCG not being able to be shipped to California as of June 15. For those of us there, looks like we will have to travel elsewhere to acquire it now. FDA also seems to be accelerating clamp down on many supplements, peptides and other meds.
  14. xqfq

    Compounded HCG now banned in California?

    According to this post on reddit, Defy just told their California patients that compounded HCG is no longer allowed to be shipped to or produced in California. This is nuts! Does anyone have any details? What are the relevant laws / codes here? I will write to some of my elected...
  15. M

    Playing with HCG gave me libido

    Current protocol: 75mg sustanon once weekly. 75 FSH EOD 500 HCG EOD last three weeks I had a great improvement in libido. i switched to 250 HCG and got one week of amazing libido. Week after that I went back to 500 nothing happened. This week I went again to 250 and stretched it to E3D and...
  16. I

    HCG Problems

    Hello. The last few months I have issues with the HCG, it lasts very few days until it starts to loose potency(I can say for sure it does). Either the HCG quality has been reduced or the quality of the bacteriostatic water I used. Before it lasted 21 days before starting to loose potency which...
  17. F

    A lot of folks dealing with anxitey and stress ... try this

    I like checking out what's new every so often and it has often had topics of anxiety issues sprinkled in there. Recently I learned of a self hypnosis app (interactive where you talk to it as well) called Reveri, it recommends twice daily sessions to learn how to deal with the uncertainty we...
  18. D

    Wanted: the benefits of HCG, but without the anxiety it gives me. Titrate dose?

    Been on basic T replacement now for 2 years and still haven't dialed in that "I feel great!" level of satisfaction. I read often that those who add HCG to their protocols improve their situations. I've tried it twice before, but anxiety is all I get for it. At the time of this writing, I...
  19. J

    High Free T. but Regular T levels?

    Quick question. I just restarted TRT after an approximate 5 month break for fertility reason. Im on HCG (250 twice per week,) and 120ml weekly shots of test E (divided in two subq weekly shots.) I just received my blood work and my resultare as follows: Testosterone 20nmolL Testosterone 576...
  20. T

    fsh - info and why so expensive

    I've only started researching fsh so probably a bit cheeky to ask without making more effort. Fertility aside, why is it beneficial? Effect of TRT vs hCG/FSH on upstream hormone pathways. This post covers some of it. I'll have to read it more clearly, and generally some extra info, to see the...
  21. I

    Elevated progesterone

    I'm struggling to dial in my protocol completely over a year now. I was wondering whether the all-time elevated progesteron I have may be causing me some issues? This was my progesterone before starting TRT, at that point I have never injected any hormones or steroids: Progesteron S 0.2 ng/ml...
  22. J

    4th week on TRT, what to expect

    Hi all. This is my second thread, here is an old one with just a couple of posts: https://www.excelmale.com/forum/threads/just-started-trt-having-second-thoughts.20595/#post-172458 Long story short, I am 40 yo, one year ago I gave up on TRT before I even started, so to speak, and started 5mg...
  23. S

    Freezing HCG in unmixed vial

    Hi I have a question about freezing HCG. I have a frozen vial (just the powder) of HCG that expired in august 2020. Since that time I have kept the vial in the freezer. Now I want to do HCG again but am nervous as this vial has been expired in the freezer I read that I can get a pregnancy...
  24. G

    do you use clomid with TRT?

    Good morning everybody. After reading several posts I would like to take this discussion. To keep the HPG axis less suppressed with TRT does anyone have experience or use low doses of clomid or tamoxifen during TRT? Would it be an alternative to using HCG with TRT? Thanks
  25. I

    HCG endurance issues

    Hello. Since Im on TRT(started end of 2019) I've always used the same brand of HCG(commercial, not compounded) and used the same bacteriostatic water from a person selling gear that I know. I have always injected 100 ui a day always dissolving 5000 units of HCG in 3cc of bact water(easy for me...
  26. B

    Do any providers still offer HCG or have they all switched to Gonadorelin?

    Do any providers still offer HCG or have they all switched to Gonadorelin? My provider switched to Gonadorelin from HCG and didn't give a reason.
  27. S

    HCG and Testicle Pain?

    I have been on HCG a couple years. Lately I have been getting mild pain in the left testicle. The pain is more like a soreness and it only happens when touching or rolling it around. I was just wondering if this could be from the HCG The pain is in the left testicle, which hangs about an inch...
  28. J

    Proposed PCT protocol for going off TRT

    Hey guys. I am considering going off of TRT. I never had low testosterone to begin with. I just wanted higher levels for building muscle and libido, etc. But after two years of being on TRT, I want to go off and see how things go. Here is my current protocol and how I plan on stopping TRT (I...
  29. R

    Hcg on trt . Best time ?

    I’m using hcg 400iu”s twice a week on Sunday and weds . I picked these days because my testosterone injections are on Monday and Thursdays and my thought process is I want to limit how much hcg converts to estrogen . So by waiting till the day before my next injection my test levels will be...
  30. A

    Low LH and FSH

    Hi guys, Hope everyone is staying safe, 30 yr old, good health, no medication. Feeling fatigued, brain fog, no motivation and indecisive asf, low semen volume. Got various blood done on different occasions, my doctor is useless so I used a private clinic I paid for, got bloods done on 6...
  31. N

    I messed everything up.

    I haven’t been able to get HCG for 3 months now due to a shortage at my insurance pharmacy. things were GREAT about two weeks after I discontinued the HCG and I was HYPER-sexual like an 18 year old… it lasted about a month. then I started losing libido, sensitivity, and getting ED…. where I...