1. A

    HCG and sleep issues/insomnia

    I decided to experiment with HCG again recently because I do notice a slight boost of well-being and libido with it, but even the smallest dose gives me insomnia. I did a single injection of 80iu Monday morning and I find myself waking up at 4am the last couple of nights wide awake with heart...
  2. G

    Is there any evidence that HCG on cycle makes PCT easier?

    Hi all on this amazing forum, I know this is mostly a TRT forum, but I know y’all are knowledgeable about this subject which is why I’m asking here. I’m coming toward the end of my 500mg test + 250 sust per week cycle and have been pinning 500iu HCG EOD throughout (plus .5 mg anastrozole per...
  3. D

    HCG Dosage

    I am on 50IU of HCG twice a week, I use an insulin syringe that holds 100IU or 1CC, I keep reading other users posting dosages of 250IU and 500IU, am I misunderstanding this or are others really using 10 times the amount of HCG I am? 500IU would use my entire bottle that lasts me a month.
  4. S

    More Pleasurable Orgasms Within Hours of an HCG Injection.

    I notice that sex is more pleasurable with more intense orgasms within about 8 Hours on an HCG injection. I can defiantly feel the difference, to the point where I try to time sex on the same day as an injection. Has anyone else noticed this too?
  5. S

    Left the HCG out of the refrigerator for 8 hours

    Accidentally forgot to put the vial back in the refrigerator today after injecting. Was out at room temperature for about 8 hours. Is it still good?
  6. F

    HCG Questions

    Hi There I started TRT back in July. Originally started with Test Cyp (100mg / week) and HCG (1000iu / week). When I first started I had issues regarding water retention, shortness of breath, etc. I think a lot of this was due to my body settling. In late August/early Sep, I dropped the HCG...
  7. L

    Crazy low #'s and even crazier situation

    Jan 2019 A quick explanation of my history. Started because I was having major low T symptoms. Not working out and drinking fairly heavy: Testosterone Free by Equilibrium Dialysis/LC-MS/MS: My value Standard range 83.4 pg/mL 47.0 - 244.0 pg/mL...
  8. B

    Increase HCG or clomiphene?

    I am a 64 y/o male, non-diabetic, normal blood pressure, been on compounded cream TRT replacement therapy last 4 years. Was experiencing some testicular shrinkage so added HCG two years ago at 350u every other day now up to 500u every other day with a lower dosage of the cream. Combined HCG &...
  9. J

    Can’t get balanced

    Been on TRT for about 3 months now and it has been a roller coaster to say the least. I started on 125 a week split up on Monday and Thursday of each week. Also with HCG and .25 of an AI on injection days. started having bad palpitations and hot flushes. Had me double up on AI and it tanked my...
  10. J

    Reliablerxpharmacy Corion HCG alternatives

    I bought Corion HCG from Reliablerxpharmacy the last time I ordered and was happy with it, but unfortunately it's out of stock. There are multiple other brands, but I don't know which one is the best of the rest. Can you guys offer some suggestions? Thank you!
  11. M

    HCG Restart Question

    Hey guys, I've been doing research on here for a while and want to say I'm grateful that this community exists! I have done a ton of research so I'll try to get right to my question that I can't seem to find an answer on. Brief back story: I'm 35 years old with TT readings around 400-450 and...
  12. P

    Anyone with experience on HCG Brand Fresenius?

    Fresenius Kabi to be exact.
  13. D

    High Dose HCG, Low Dose Testosterone

    For you secondary guys, has anyone tried this approach? I am theorizing that adding HCG once someone has their Testosterone dosage dialed in results in being overmedicated. Could this be the reason why we see elevated E2 once adding in HCG. Does anyone do 1000-2000iu of HCG along with a test...
  14. D

    HCG/LH Equivalency

    Can we directly compare HCG dosage, say per week, to endogenous LH? Ex, 1000IU HCG per week=a steady LH of 3
  15. D

    Where do you get your HCG?

    Where do you get your HCG and have you ever had any potency issues with it?
  16. M

    HCG monotherapy; not tolerating well

    Greetings all; Quick background: I'm 38. Was on TRT for a couple years starting about age 34. Did great for 2 years, then decided to slow-taper off to see if my testes still had any life in them. Initially I did ok, but slowly over about a year my symptoms came back---low libido, loss of...
  17. J

    Clomid and Hcg experience

    Does anyone on here have experience using clomid with hcg at the same time? Recently took an hcg shot while on clomid and loved the way it made me feel. Testicles really increased in size from just one 500 iu shot. My question though is taking 500iu once a week while taking clomid at 12.5 still...
  18. Robotics

    HCG instructions?

    I have a vial of 5000 usp hcg and some bacteriostatic water. How much water should i be putting in there? what is my resulting concentration? and how many ml will give me 250 IU? Appreciate the help.
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    PSA increase on T and on T+HCG

    I have started my T with psa 1.4 after 40 days I went to 1.69 and back to 1.46. This matches papers indicating increase PSA by 0.3 on T and returning back to a point a bit higher than what started. after that I changed my protocol lower my T and Used HCG that actually work (initially protocol...
  20. L

    HCG and frequency

    Hello everyone, I’m creating this thread to see what the members who use HCG have found to be the most optimal frequency for injections as well as dosing. I know that there is a lot of variation between individuals but I wanted to see if there is a common trend. 1. If you are currently using...