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  1. M

    E2 Crash Recovery

    I seem to have crashed my E2 earlier this month after anastrozole overuse. My E2 was <5.0 on 11/8, but has since bounced back to 30.7 on 11/16. However, I'm still not feeling much relief, specifically from the ed and low libido. I have been taking clomid and HCG since the crashed however (for...
  2. S

    HCG for fertility

    Started my TRT journey a little less than 3 months ago with 160mg Test C per week. Since beginning the protocol, I've decided that fertility is important to me, but live in a state where HCG cannot be shipped by my telehormones provider. I've used alternate methods to obtain a supply of HCG...
  3. G

    Very little powder in HCG (Pregnyl) bottle

    For everyone that has used or uses Pregnyl, is it normal for there too be so little powder inside? Idk if you can see it through these pics, but there’s barely any powder in the bottle. And this is a 10,000iu vial. I feel like years ago when I used Pregnyl there used to be much mrle powder in...
  4. M

    pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic profile of a novel recombinant human chorionic gonadotropin

    First-in-human trial assessing the pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic profile of a novel recombinant human chorionic gonadotropin in healthy women and men of reproductive age https://ascpt.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/cts.13037 First published: 13 May 2021...
  5. R

    Insomnia after PCT, doc recommends Gonadorelin

    Hey was wondering if anyone had experience with this. Was on TRT for 18 months, started to mess with trt and ai doses and got horrible insomnia and anxiety. Used PCT and adaptogens and it went away but after I stopped insomnia and hot flashes came back and Id wake up 2-3 times a night, or...
  6. Vince

    I'm looking for members that use Optum Pharmacy for HCG.

    Defy Medical is offering scripts for Optum Specialty Pharmacy that will provide access to hCG/Pregnyl. Any members using this service and would like to leave a review?
  7. T

    Fertility and low shbg protocols

    hello, I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere, Could those guys who have successfully had children with low shbg please discuss their fertility protocols. HCG was a double edge knife, with a shbg of 7 Am considering enclo..
  8. N

    Sustanon/HCG/Exemestane dosage/frequency for TRT?

    Hi guys, I've changed my TRT protocol a few times and I'm still in a dead end. I was on 125mg Sustanon + 500iu HCG, no AI, for about a year, but my testicles are shrinked a lot so I decided to up the dose to 1000iu HCG. I was injecting every 3.5 days. When I changed the dose to 1000iu HCG I...
  9. D

    3 Months in

    Hi, first time poster be gentle I am nearly 3 months into a protocol of 0.17ml of sub injected Cypionate and 0.1ml of HCG 3 times a week. It all began with doing a numan online blood test and having a few red markers (see first bloods 2022 attached) After this I changed my supplement regime...
  10. J

    Which "part" of the HPTA is the hardest to "turn on" during PCT?

    I am getting off testosterone after two years (if you want back story, you can read my previous posts, and I'm unable to perform any conventional PCT as I cannot tolerate SERMs. I have, however, been entertaining the idea of using GnRH or hCG as a way to "prime" the body before coming off TRT...
  11. W

    Things that reduce hcg effectiveness.

    Are their certain things like different medications or anything for that matter that can mess with the absorption or how effective hcg can be? For example I know not keeping it in the refrigerator causes it to lose potency. When I first started trt a few years back I remember taking from...
  12. A

    Hands Swelling At Night

    For the past week or so I've been experiencing some notable swelling in my fingers when I lay down to sleep at night. It gets bad enough to where I wake up at night because my right hand is totally numb and then I have to awkwardly shift sleeping position. My protocol is currently 20 mg test C...
  13. G

    Restoring testicular size with FSH and HCG

    Hi guys, I have a question that I haven’t ever seen properly answered. I decided a month ago to contact Defy and attempt to improve my fertility. I made some unfortunate choices when I was younger, using testosterone and pro hormones like superdrol for excessively long periods of time. I...
  14. J

    Compound pharmacy-HCG cream

    Hello folks, I am planning to use hcg cream along with testosterone cream. Seems like canadian compounding pharmacies dont make hcg creams anymore. Any idea which compound pharmacy makes it?
  15. N

    I can’t find HCG/Pregnyl

    It’s been a few months now. ExpressScripts my usual pharmacy is even saying it won’t process until 05/24/2023 now. None of my local pharmacies carry it and compounding pharmacies can’t create it now. My sex drive and mental health have steadily declined over the last few months. What options do...
  16. P

    Off HCG- How much do I increase T?

    Hi all, For the last 2 years I've been on T, HCG FSH and more recently HGH with the latter 3 being used to increase sperm count. Well it worked (the HGH being the final puzzle piece that took me from 33M to 100M sperm count). We are now at week 12 of pregnancy and I recently stopped taking...
  17. G

    Injected too much HCG

    Forgot I changed the dilution ratio and injected 1000 IU instead of 500. On 90 mgs of test a week. I'll assume nothing to worry about but my OCD gets the better of me. Any harm done? Who knows maybe I'll find an increase in libido the next couple days.
  18. J

    T+HCG Protocols and AIs

    Based on my readings, it seems like T mono protocols often do not require an AI, whereas HCG mono protocols often do require an AI. Where do T+HCG protocols stand relative to those two protocols? Is 1000iu a week of HCG generally enough to necessitate the use of an AI in conjunction with say...
  19. R

    Stopping TRT - HPTA Restart Update After 1 Month

    Hello, I've been on TRT for the last two years and wanted to try to get off it for fertility reasons and a few more. While on TRT I've been taking 100mg / week T enanthatate and 900 IU / week HCG. Since I've been taking HCG during the whole time while on TRT for the PCT I decided to skip the...
  20. M

    Trying to have a another baby

    Since taking TRT for the last year and a half, I have not used HCG. Now that I'm trying to have another kid, I'm wondering if that was a bad idea. Should I go back on HCG to help with my sperm count?
  21. A

    Blood levels of pregnenolone after a year on 400mg a day

    It’s been almost a year since I started taking 400mg of pregnenolone a day in the morning on an empty stomach. I’ve tried different brands but settled on the Double Wood brand from Amazon for the price and effectiveness. Had a brief time where I tried stopping here and there and didn’t feel as...
  22. W

    Not enough cholesterol for hormone pathway?

    Curious of something. If you’re taking hcg to help keep those hormone pathways flowing from LH but your hdl cholesterol is low. Does this reduce how effective in turn the hcg is having results for you mentally?
  23. J

    Can anyone explain HCG suppression? What does it suppress? How?

    I haven’t really found a straight answer on this, but see HCG suppression often mentioned. These questions afd for a man taking ONLY HCG, and no other compounds along with it (no TRT or testosterone at all): What exactly does it suppress? If one takes HCG, and is NOT also taking testosterone...
  24. FunkOdyssey

    Libido: hCG vs higher T / E2

    When people say that hCG improves libido, it seems like a huge confounding factor to me that it also substantially increases your testosterone level and especially your E2, while reducing the T/E2 ratio. Has anyone achieved the same or very similar levels of T and E2 both on and off hCG to...
  25. T

    Back to TRT

    After giving Enclomiphene a try for about a year a half (with decent results, at least from a numbers standpoint) and occasionally mixing in some testosterone nasal gel from Empower (can't stand the gel in my nose and running down my throat), I've been off everything since April. I knew that my...
  26. FunkOdyssey

    TRT doesn't cause deficiency of Preg/DHEA/Prog and HCG doesn't fix it

    That is the bold claim made by this user on Reddit: What do you guys think? Is this why most men on TRT are doing well without supplementing the upstream hormones?
  27. L

    Advice needed: HCG side effects

    I have been on T 50mg e3.5d for 2+ years and as of 5 months ago, added 500iu hcg every 2 days (trying to getmy wife pregnant). Since adding hcG I noticed that there are a lot of days where I feel lousey and moody. Almost like anything and everything gets on my nervies. I absolutely hate it. It’s...
  28. DixieWrecked

    HCG Plus Androgens Other Than Test

    So I stumbled across this thought in my own head and it turns out it has been done before. I'm not sure why I never thought of it because it doesn't seem that crazy. I searched a few bodybuilding forums and it has been done with success and people tend to cite this article Primobolan Depot -...
  29. J

    What causes low prolactin and IGF-1 when all else looks great?

    I received my new labs after 8 weeks on my new protocol. I don't take T. I take HCG 250IU x4wk and 50mg enclomiphene x 4wk. TT is 956 ng/dL r264-916, FT 17.3 pg/dL r6.6-18.1, E 38.4 pg/dL r7.6-42.6, but prolactin is 3.6 ng/dL r4.0-15.2, and IGF-1 65 ng/mL r64-240. I'm concerned about the...
  30. J

    Compound Pharmacy Kickbacks

    Did doctors get kickbacks when they (could) prescribe HCG from Empower/Hallandale? People always said that TRT clinics “made a fortune” when dispensing HCG. So was there any system by which HCG could be prescribed and the doctor could make a profit?
  31. M

    Will testicles return to original size on HCG?

    Been on TRT for 4 years. My dosing schedule and bloods are all dialed and have been for 6+ months. I’m only taking Test Cyp, no other meds for TRT. My testicles have shrunk by more than half and are slightly less than the size of a grape. Will starting HCG thru Defy or another men’s clinic...
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