1. M

    Iibido without hcg

    Anyone else have issues with libido when not on hcg ? Seems like any time o come off of it I have zero drive. The issue with hcg is that it kills my prostate so that’s not so much fun either . Anyone have any suggestions for getting the same results without actually using hcg ?
  2. R

    Defy Medical HCG Shortage?

    Just joined Defy and saw their email a couple hours ago that Empower won't be allowed to compound HCG anymore. Does this mean Defy will no longer offer HCG? Do they offer a non-compounded version (is that a thing)? New to a lot of this stuff but I'm hesitant to switch now if I can't get HCG. My...
  3. A

    HCG replacement (out of stock)

    Hi, I been 7 years in TRT testosterone + HCG + tamoxifeno . I been without HCG for 3 months I did not feel any change yet. There is not more HCH in my country (Argentina) May I use something to prevent side efects of testosterone ? Clomid ? DHEA ? any idea ?
  4. A

    TRT + Nandrolone New Protocol

    I have been on TRT for the past 5 months and it has been life changing. In my last consult with my Dr, however, I brought up my history of debilitating joint and tendon pain that I've dealt with for years and we decided to add in Nandrolone decanoate to my protocol while reducing my Test cyp...
  5. J

    My HcG trials

    Sorry this is so long but wondering if anyone else has had similar side effects and what you've done? I've been on TRT for 7 years but have tapered down over the past 2. I went to clinics for several years where I was started at 200 mg and I received HcG as well (no idea how much.) Just like...
  6. M

    Ideas for Fixing Chronic ED / Poor Sensitivity?

    Hi guys, I’m 30 years old living in Canada and I have been on TRT for approximately three years. The primary issue that got me started on TRT was lack of libido, bad ED (including total absence of morning wood), and a “numb” feeling / no sensitivity in the genitals. My initial bloodwork...
  7. R

    Help!! Mixing HCG

    I Received my HCG from my doctor by mail. I have questions on mixing, It's 5000IU bottle with inst to mix 5ml of b-water with 3ml 23g needle. Question do fill 3ml needle and fill HCG and then fill needle with additional 2ml? My injection will be 25 units a week.
  8. P

    any substitutes for HCG?

    anyone figure out a good substitute for HCG? How about Deprenyl?
  9. P

    Regaining fertility after 3 years of TRT, no hCG

    Hello, I am long time lurker on this forum but finally decided to make an account because despite excessive searching on the web, I am not sure what to do next. I am a male, 31 years old and have been on trt for the last 3 years now (125mg/week test-E everyday injections, no arimidex and no...
  10. S

    Can I stop TRT and just switch to HCG+FSH for a few months (and be done w/TRT etc for good) instead of taking SERMS?

    I am stopping TRT to regain my fertility and I have been to 2 docs (urologist and endo) and both left me with questions. After TRT 1.5 years I had zero swimmers. Wife wants another baby so I decided to stop TRT (also for a couple other reasons - I couldn't fix my chronically low SHBG/hair...
  11. D

    How many like/dislike effects of HCG?

    Just wondering how many guys get favorable results using HCG? (Well being, mood, libido etc. other than fertility)
  12. S

    Empower vs Pregnyl HCG

    Hey guys, having a bit of trouble with my TRT protocol. I'm just not feeling as good as I was and the only thing that has changed is the brand of HCG I'm using. For the longest time I was using Pregnyl HCG because it was covered by my insurance and only cost me $12/mo even when I was getting x3...
  13. C

    My regular ED regimen not working + anxiety - advice welcome

    Hi everyone. I’m 45 and been on TRT for 6 or 7 years now (Excelmale has been a fantastic resource!!). For the past 5 years I’ve had things dialed in pretty well. But the last few months I’ve been having anxiety and ED problems even though I have increased my daily Cialis to 15 mg!! (I’m not...
  14. M

    Anyone using hcg and pregnenelone together ?

    Title says it . Just curious if anyone sees a benefit to both .
  15. L

    I want to start hcG

    I’m currently on 30mg EOD of test cyp and my wife and I want to have a baby. I am looking to start hcG but don’t know the dose I should start with. I bought a couple bottles on 5000 IU hcg and the Bacteriostatic Sterile Water. How can I find a good starting dosage?
  16. N


    When doing a PCT. Does tamoxofin have to be used. ? .. can I just run chlomid and HCG
  17. J

    Male 31y/o living in Australia. Trying to acquire hCG for personal treatment - Local docs less than helpful.

    Hey guys, I'm new here. Thanks for all the help in advance. I've been afflicted with Post-Finasteride Syndrome (PFS) for 8 years. Long story short, I've recently discovered online that a number of men have used hCG therapy to fully recover from the after effects of having taken Finasteride...
  18. S

    Starting over after 20 years, requesting your advice for T Therapy (& HCG) with new endo

    Hi, I would appreciate your knowledge and personal experience and insight to assist me to feel my best. I have been on T Therapy for over 20 years originally diagnosed with hypogonadism-testicular hypofunction. I am a 61 year old male. Most recently I was on 125mg Test Cypionate injections...
  19. J

    Mystery side effect of TRT/HCG???

    Hey guys. Here’s another one. Hope it’s not TMI. I started noticing lots of mucus in my rectum a few months ago. It’s clear. Like egg whites. I went to a GI doctor but he couldn’t make any sense of it since I don’t have any other symptoms. He said for whatever reason my body is producing excess...
  20. S

    When would this protocol be started for someone coming off twice weekly TRT doses?

    I am getting results of a semen analysis and if they are poor, I'm contemplating doing the following after talking to my doctor as one of my options. When would one start this protocol? How long after the last test cyp injections? The protocol for HPTA normalization contains (edited on Dec...
  21. C

    Finding Pregnyl in FL

    Hey guys, So I recently just got a new Rx for my Pregnyl. I have been having issues with filling my previous Pregnyl script due to back order and constant issues with CVS specialty pharmacy, so I just wanted to ask before I submit my script anywhere, where are you guys filling up your Pregnyl...
  22. C

    Journey back into TRT

    Just a bit of background.
  23. A

    Need advice 28 years old. On trt for over a year and trying to regain fertility

    Me and my partner are trying to get pregnenant. Im 28 years old on trt for over a year now. (30mg test cyp eod. No hcg no ai) I have hcg and 25mg enclomiphene citrate on hand but im unsure if i should get off trt to try or just take the hcg and try without getting off trt. Has anyone been in...
  24. B

    Sperm Bank made an error - HCG and fertility question.

    Hello. I was just informed by my sperm bank that there was a technical issue and my sperm sample may or may not still be viable.The suggested I re-submit and retest/bank a sample. I sent my sample prior to starting TRT approximately 7 1/2 - 8 weeks ago. I've been on hCG 350 IU twice a week...
  25. R

    Regarding HCG in primary hypogonadism

    Something I've been pondering lately is in regards to the benefits of HCG if one is primary. I pay for my HCG out of pocket and it's quite expensive, especially compared to backfilling the pathways via pregnenolone/DHEA/progesterone supplementation, for example, which is a fraction of the cost...
  26. B

    UPDATE 6 WK ON TRT - Please advise and share wisdom.

    Hi. Still very new to TRT. Would greatly appreciate advice/thoughts/insights from you pros. Started JUNE 18 at 140 a week - 70mg q M/Th. HCG 350 q Tu/Fr. Had issues with over stimulation and random anxiety/insomnia day after injection. Per recs on this forum and talk with my Dr. lowered to...
  27. F

    To HCG or not To HCG

    So, after all the hoopla- I wonder how many guys feel fine on no hcg? How many absolutely need it? Can we find the reason why? I find that I can go no HCG for a little while but then I miss it. Go back on and the water retention, erections get soft. So I wonder where the balance is. I...
  28. P

    Do you cycle HCG?

    Have read through a lot of threads and there seems to be lots of different approaches to the medication. I’m leaning towards cycling on and off since it is unknown whether tolerance/resistance to effectiveness changes over time(correct me if I’m wrong). Kind of leaning towards 8 weeks on every 6...
  29. MilkMan

    Bharat Serums Pre-mixed HCG

    Looks like Bharat Serums offers it now under the brand name Hucog. Anyone used it? I imagine once you break the seal, it's got the same 30-day expiration clock. But apparently it's shelf stable before then?
  30. G

    Bloodwork comparison after 10 weeks of TRT

    Hello, friends. This is my first post here. I really appreciate there is a forum to talk about it, so I thank you all in advance. So, I started TRT 10 weeks ago. This is my pre-TRT and 10-week in bloodwork. Most recent on the right side. My protocol is 120mg/wk test cyp along with 250ui EOD of...
  31. D

    Testing HCG potency with pregnancy test / Buying HCG in liquid form

    Hi, I recently purchased some HCG in error. I thought I had ordered powdered form as usual, but realised my mistake when it arrived and I found it was premixed. What's confusing me is I thought HCG once mixed only retains full potency for about a month, and that is when stored at the correct...