1. S

    New User, Looking for advice, Questions about HCG, Thyroid, DHEA, etc.

    At age 33, After years of depression, anxiety, fatigue, weight gain, sleep problems, ed, etc. I convinced my doctor to test my hormones. I was specifically interested in my Cortisol levels due to prolonged profound amounts of physical anxiety. The results of what he tested were; Total...
  2. S

    New Labs After Adding 750 Units HCG

    I was on 250 units HCG 2x weekly. I added a third injection bringing it to 750 units weekly. I feel better as far as improved orgasms and sensitivity. I also inject 14mg Test CYP EOD sub-q. Just got my labs back. Please have a look
  3. K

    HCG dosage for bringing testicle size back

    I've been searching for info regarding HCG dosing, but it seems to be really mixed so I'm asking for opinions/knowledge/links to research/etc. My trt doc prescribed hcg to bring my balls back to life, since I'm looking to quit trt. My dr told me to take 5000iu 2x/week. Apparently it takes big...
  4. jacb

    hCG and its Generic Version

    I see that Fertigyn (Made by www.unimed.co.in) is described as a generic version of Pregnyl, Organon and Novarel, which are all hCG. Is Fertigyn considered identical in it's effect when compared to the "standard" hCG? Could it potentially be safer being man (not Woman) made? Should cost be a...
  5. J

    Is HCG needed while on TRT?

    “It depends if you want to stay fertile/have kids soon and prevent testicular shrinkage” seems to be the most common answer. However, I have read so many experiences of guys on TRT (without HCG) Who have no issues making their partner pregnant, or with maintaining ball size, or it being much...
  6. P

    Reliable stuff. Ovidac and it’s massive sting !

    Good Heavens and sweet mother of Jesus ! Ouch ! I’ve done some reading about your experiences with this HCG and I’m amazed nobody speaks of the potential nerve ending like pain from this stuff while injecting ! I make my 80s Niki sixx like snarl pose everytime I press it down to inject. And...
  7. S

    Blood work HCG Monotherapy low DHT

    Good morning everbody, Im 27 y. old, 80kg, 12% bf. I´m hypothyroid and and have hypogonadism. I´m on a HCG-Monotherapy. (750 I.E. Hcg eod, 125 mcg L-Thyroxin) I think that my thyroid gland is not yet functioning properly and therefore my testosterone synthesis is also limited. Hopefully when my...
  8. S

    Low FT3/FT4 (hypothyroidism) low TSH on LT4 dosage

    Good morning everbody, Im 27 y. old, 80kg, 12% bf. I´m hypothyroid and and have hypogonadism. I´m on a HCG-Monotherapy. I think that my thyroid gland is not yet functioning properly and therefore my testosterone synthesis is also limited. When my metabolism is better again, the HCG therapy will...
  9. C

    Pregnenolone kills libido

    Hello, anyone else here whos libido goes down with pregnenolone? I use 50mg day and its totally kills my libido and erection, it took a while to figure it out. Same thing happened with even smallest dosage 500iu/wk hcg in a past. Probably im sensitive to increased progesterone from pregnenolone...
  10. Nelson Vergel

    hCG is NOT LH

  11. L

    HCG Availability | COVID

    Hey guys, Which websites are still shipping HCG to the US? I have used reliablerxpharmacy, safemeds4all and premiumrxdrugs in the past. Thanks!
  12. J

    Can't get hcg, use pregnyl?

    I can no longer get hcg, should I use pregnyl? Is it as effective? The main reason I am using it is to keep my testicles full. Thanks.
  13. R

    Pregnyl storage question

    Hello everyone! I hope i dont use wrong section, and also if there is already answered this question i am again sorry for that but the info here is so much and couldnt find it :( My question is, pregnlyl is coming with 1ml ampoule of solvent, if i mix the powder and the solvent in an insulin...
  14. G

    Discontinuation/ PCT discussion with doctor

    Hi everyone, I am new here but I frequent some subreddits regarding TRT and testosterone. (24M, on TRT for 1 year) I recently discontinued TRT due to some health concerns and because I was most likely put on TRT improperly without proper testing. My doctor only did a saliva test for...
  15. H

    Are there any problems with having zero gonadotrophin?

    I've been on TRT for 6 years now and I have no complaints. It's been wonderful for me. I'm on 4 pumps of Androgel daily with 500iu's of HCG every other day. I remember reading, a long time ago, that HCG is recommended with TRT and one of the reasons is that it'll activate LH receptors across...
  16. A

    Question for some of the knowledgeable guys on the board about HCG

    Thinking of guys like you @Cataceous ! I've heard it argued recently that HCG is not similar enough to LH to have the same exact effect. The beta subunit is very different than LH. Essentially they're saying just because it triggers the LH receptor, doesn't mean it's actually having the same...
  17. T

    I get anxiety when using hCG with TRT

    I've tried starting HCG several times over the last two years with similar results. By day 7 I start to have anxiety from it. I've tried 500 eod, 350, and 250 with the same results. I keep trying because it helps with my mood and well being the first couple of days. The doc seemed stumped...
  18. P

    How Much more Anastrozole when Starting HCG?

    Hi guys, I'm currently 150mg T/weekly (subQ) and feel really good. 2x a week I take 1 capsule of Anastrozole (.125mg). My labs all look really good (T, FT, E2, even progesterone). My gf and I want a kid and my doc has prescribed 500iu daily of HCG and then bump it up to 2000iu every other...
  19. D

    premixed hcg

    hi all, I have a load of premixed hcg I bought from India but it has not been refrigerated and I have read different opinions on wether it should be refrigerated or not?? any ideas? thanks
  20. M

    My issue with HCG

    So I have been using testosterone and hcg for some time, I have enoticed again and again that my HCG works amazingly sometimes with long period of continues morning wood and high libido and suddenly goes away. I am rerunning my protocol just to see was that my hcg ? Recently I was on clomid...
  21. I

    New to this - seeking best way to get started

    Hey fellas, Apologize if this info is available elsewhere, I'm sure it is, but perhaps there's a quick answer to some basic questions... I'm leaning towards HCG/TRT combo, once I obtain my labs, and perhaps seek professional consult with qualified doc or other professional... what is the best...
  22. V

    When testicle size increases, what happens?

    We know that HCG or Clomid can increase testicle size. But exactly how does a testicle increase in size once extra LH or HCG enter the cells? Does it stop apoptosis, or more cells uptake glucose or water, etc?
  23. B

    HCG Source

    Is anyone else having trouble sourcing hCG? I was purchasing from my Dr’s clinic. I called for a refill last week and they are unable to obtain now due to the new classification. The Dr told me to find a pharmacy that can fill the script and he’d send one over, but here in Denver I cannot find...
  24. Maca

    Backfilling Progesterone with Estrogen Dominance

     Due to not using HCG for 3 Years (Just testosterone), according to Nelson, this can cause your Pregnenolone and Progesterone levels to crash. My theory is due to having very low Progesterone it is causing Estrogen Dominance and any time I take HCG I am having estrogen side effects even...
  25. J

    Testosterone and Anastrozole combined

    I've been using Defy for my TRT and taking 0.4 T, 0.5 HCG and 1 pill of Anastrozole 2x per week. A local place combines Anastrozole and TRT into a compound and recommends taking it only 1x per week and HCG 3 days later. They said that taking T and HCG at the same time is ineffective. Any...
  26. keithc2485

    Switching trt from 2x a week to 1

    Hey guys . Been on trt since 2016. So for the past year n half Ive been doing my injection of testosterone cyp. 2x a week originally was 50mg wed and sat .... Last May I started hcg to help my testicles get back to normal from being in atrophy . After starting ,my T levels went up so I moved...
  27. J

    ADVICE NEEDED! What is this telling me?

    Hi gang. I don't even know where to post this or where to start...so I'll just go for it. On TRT since 2012. That includes hCG and anastrozole. My injections have been a Cypionate/Enthanate/Nandrolone blend 1mL IM per week, spaced out in 3 shots. 50u of hCH twice a week. 0.25mg anastrozole...
  28. P

    HPTA Recovery Log to Re Start Testosterone Production

    Hello everyone. Following my failed attempt at restarting my natural testosterone production, I'm back on HRT in the form of 500iu HCG 3x p/w. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current issues: Always cold, especially extremities Absent Libido...
  29. V

    Is HCG and DHT a good combo?

    I’m looking at DHT heptanoate injectable or a DHT cream and combining with HCG to preserve fertility. Is this a workable combo? I have high SHBG and would like to preserve fertility.
  30. B

    HCG best protocol: 500IU E3D or 250IU EoD?

    Whats the best protocol for HCG? My doc prescribed 500IU E3D but the study below seems to suggest 250IU EoD is better: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/15713727/
  31. Maca

    ADHD after 4 Years TRT - Adrenal Problems?

    I have been on TRT for 4 years. During this time I've had issues with estrogen and using HCG was problematic and I always believed it was better to avoid an AI. As I also didn't want children during the past for years I've been using just testosterone (87.5mg a week) I now have been diagnosed...