1. B

    How long/much did it take for your kids to shrink?

    Hi guys, Just looking to learn more if the data’s out there, Please correct my assumptions if they’re wrong. From what I gathered from reading posts here and elsewhere: -Most people on T only experience testicle shrinkage, but there are a few unicorns out there that dont experience any...
  2. Maximus220rr

    Balls are small even on hcg??

    Hey guys, my balls are smaller on trt even being on hcg? They are smaller and mostly hugged to my body for the most part. Does this mean not using enough hcg?? Protocol: rod Test cyp/prop 39mg Hcg 280ius
  3. A

    Former TRT User, does taking HCG on and off, slow the recovery process of the HPTA ?

    This would be after the normal 4-6 week hcg run after coming off testosterone, so would doing another run of HCG 12-16 weeks after stopping testosterone, slow the recovery process ?? I know it can take 9+months to fully recover
  4. keithc2485

    Breast pain started from HCG. Question?

    Hey guys so it's been about nine weeks since I've added HCG to my trt regiment. I take a hundred mg of testosterone step unit weekly and have added 800 IU of HCG a week. No AI has been added yet because my levels were normal as of my last panel of blood. I don't next week for new blood work...
  5. H

    Pregnancy related hormonal dips

    So I've been on hCG +AI therapy for about a year and a half now, and for the most part, have been feeling great. My wife is about 37 weeks pregnant, and over the course of the pregnancy, I've been feeling worse and worse - feeling pretty much like I did pre-treatment - brain fog, low libido...
  6. P

    Daily dosing my HCG similar to my test?

    I found I felt my best when I broke my 200mg of test/week into smaller injections. I currently take 700iu of HCG x 3/week in attempts to restart and conceive a child. I noticed HCG has spiked my estrogen more so than the test ever. Short of having to stick myself a shit load more, is there any...
  7. A

    Whats the absolute lowest dose of HCG to maintain fertility?

    What is the absolute lowest dose of HCG I can take daily to preserve fertility? A bit of a history. I am on 60 mg of testosterone twice a week. (total 120 mg) I don't have sides with testosterone only. My sensitive estradiol would be 5 pg/ml sometimes 10 pg/ml on .25 mg EOD so I went of...
  8. B

    Starting TRT due to low free T/ high shbg/ high estradiol. A few questions

    30 y/o male - good health/ diet/ sleep etc. New here and no former TRT/ AAS use. Key results from two different blood tests (5 weeks apart) are below. Today I went and saw a private hormone specialist (leger clinic - Dr Savage) who advised that I may benefit from TRT due to relatively low Free...
  9. Blackhawk

    HCG brands

    I've been using Corion from ReliableRx with good results. Have also tried Fertigyn from them, but seemed inferior. ReliableRx is now out of stock on Corion, but I need to order. Who has experience with their other brand names, and how do they work for you? -Hucog -Sisafi -Ovidac -ZyHCG -Lupi...
  10. C

    Looking to make slight change to TRT/HCG protocol; need advice

    I am hoping this will be the last post I make about my current set of side effects. My last dr. appt basically gave me the option of increasing T, increasing HCG or just keeping things to the same. I would prefer to keep my general dosage the same and maybe just change when I take it so that I...
  11. D

    Can You Restart Solely & only with Nolvadex (Tamoxifen)?

    Hi there guys been on TRT for 1 year now exactly & member here a while 2months on Testosterone cream twice daily morning & night, and 10 months of that on Sustanon Injections I am drained quite financially monthly for TRT and i decided to give a full 8 weeks 2 months restart a shot, just simple...
  12. D

    Questions about HCG, Arimidex, and Their Effects

    I have been reading this forum obsessively for the last few weeks. What an incredible group of guys you all are. I have only been on TRT for about 3 months so I am figuring things out. At 2 months my bloodwork looked good and I decided to add HCG because the doc recommended it. So I have...
  13. H

    Intranasal HCG

    Hi Folks... Just wondering if anyone has any info or experience with this intranasal HCG product? I'd much rather travel with hcg that doesn't need to be refrigerated... A remarkable weightloss hormone for a thinner body
  14. O

    Traveling for 10 days tomorrow skip HCG?

    Hey guys, I was planning to get a cooler for my HCG and putting it into the checked luggage with my test and needles. However, I didn't have time to get a cooler that I knew would work for 12 hours and now I'm wondering, since I'm only going to be gone for 10 days, should I just take an HCG...
  15. J

    Is HCG safe for long term use

    Hi Folks, I am thinking at start TRT + HCG and would like to know what is the long term side effects of using HCG. I know few people use HCG only when they trying to conceive but what if i keep using HCG for like lets say 5 years. Does it cause any problems? The reason for not trying TRT alone...
  16. J

    Thanks for having me!

    I am 38 year old male, started my therapy 5 weeks ago. I am taking twice a week testosterone cypianate at 75 mg per injection. Also just this week started 500 iu hcg twice weekly on the day before my testosterone shots. My levels were at 340 and 3.4 free testosterone. Just a little background on...
  17. L

    HCG: How much is too much and is there a too much?

    Hi everyone, I’ve been on TRT since 2017 and have been on and off with my use of HCG. When I started TRT I was told to never go above 500ius of HCG per day otherwise it could cause desensitized leydig cells. I’ve talked to a few doctors who said that this is nonsense and they have their younger...
  18. 7

    HCG causing water retention? on PCT after Sustanon

    I have done a 12 week cycle of Sustanon at 500mg per week and it has now been 1 week since my last injection of 250 mg (I was doing two shots each at 250mg per week). Started taking HCG at 1500 iu E3D from Friday last week and now noticing water retention. Especially in face and stomach. My...
  19. P

    Ceasing TRT Cold Turkey After Three Years - Restart Log

    This post is going to serve solely as a log of my side effects, blood work and overall thoughts as I attempt to come off TRT - cold turkey - after three years. I'm also going to document changes in body composition and strength levels; I'm not particularly big, strong or lean, but I haven't seen...
  20. J

    TRT+ HCG+FSH Dosage

    I know there is a thread related to this but it was old and i thought i will create a new one. So I have low testosterone and also low sperm count coupled with tons of issues like ED, high cholestrol, low RBC to name a few. So I am planning to start the below mentioned dose and check my blood...