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  1. W

    Lowered Test raised HCG

    I lowered my Test from 200 mg to 160 mg, and raised HCG from 500 iu this week to 1000 iu. If my total test range prior to this adjust was peak 1000 ng/dl, what would you estimate it to be on this protocol?
  2. E

    Just Started TrT and am Very Confused

    Hi, new guy here. After years of trying to combat declining T with diet, fat loss, weightlifting, etc. I finally decided to give TrT a try. At 73 years of age my T had been slowly declining to where I recently got the following report: T=328, SHBG=54.7, Free T = 4.63, Albumin 4.4. In...
  3. 39andPrime

    39 & New To HCG Mono-therapy

    Hi all! It’s refreshing to find a place to talk about these things with guys who have been there or are there currently. To start off I have average T and nothing really to complain about. However I have felt that I could use a boost if some kind. I have had intermittent bouts with ED and lack...
  4. J

    HCG monotherapy at 1000 IU 3x a week. Do I need PCT

    I have been having low test symptoms so my dr decided to do hcg mono at 1000 IU 3x a week for 2 months. When I asked him if pct is required he said no. Is hcg suppressive for 2 months use and do I need pct after?
  5. Gianluca

    Need advice on HCG and side effects.

    As some of you know, I included again into my TRT protocol the HCG at 150IU daily using Pregnyl. I have used the HCG for 10 days straight now, and I’d like to know if you guys think I should wait a bit longer or this call for a dose reduction. I have good side effects but to keep the post...
  6. Gianluca

    anyone on daily Pregnyl?

    I have recently restarted my HCG after almost 4 years of not using it. I have been using 150IU ED for 7 days now as I used to do for a long time. The HCG does feel different this time, not sure it is the brand vs the compounded or perhaps my system that was dormant for 4 years has something to...
  7. J

    Does anyone have experience coming off hcg?

    I recently stopped taking testosterone after 8 weeks! Didn't feel good on it and thought I would be better coming off and doing what I can to optimize own levels as I've seen decent levels before without trt even though they have been low as well! Been off it nearly a month (was on 75 then...
  8. B

    How long for HCG to restore testicular size?

    I am making another run of HCG. I previously ran up to 500 iu twice weekly with no real benefits for the first year of TRT. Discontinued after the first year and atrophied within a couple months where I have been for the last 4 years. Dr Saya has me at 400 iu twice weekly and after 4 weeks...
  9. FunkOdyssey

    Does hCG boost libido by stimulating 5-alpha-reductase?

    I started a previous thread to unravel the mystery of why hCG improves libido in some men, which generated some good discussion but didn't reach any firm conclusions: https://www.excelmale.com/forum/threads/libido-hcg-vs-higher-t-e2.25785/ Now comes a youtube video from Cortex Labs that claims...
  10. O

    Hcg and AI timing

    When is the best to inject HCG? Day before, day of test shot or day after? Also is it best take anastrozale day after test shot?
  11. J

    Proviron + Clomid/HCG for Low DHT, SHBG & E2

    Hi everyone, I have been following this board for some time now and was looking to get some opinions on my situation. I am 35-year-old male suffering from post-finasteride syndrome for the last 15+ years. My symptoms are mostly sexual: mild ED, decreased EQ and decreased sensitivity. Below are...
  12. T

    Restarting/titrating HCG advise.

    Hello folks. After a couple of years of not using HCG, I’m going to restart it, my doc put me down for 150IU daily, which is what I was doing till 2020 when I stopped it. Something that didn’t come up during my consult, is the type of HCG that now I have access to, which is different than...
  13. J

    HCG & HMG Dose Prior to Semen Analysis

    The long awaited time is here where I’m getting a Semen analysis next week in preparation for IVF. Wondering if maybe I should do a little extra hCG and HMG a day or two before it. What do you guys think? If everything looks good, I’ll go back in and freeze it and then I’m off of these drugs...
  14. phalloguy100

    How long for hcg to kick in?

    How long will it take for 500ius 2-3 times per week (if already in TRT) to kick in? What changes should I feel in my body or mood? If it were to raise E levels, what symptoms would I feel? Water retention, low libido, increased ED, fatigue, etc.?
  15. B

    Improved penis sensitivity with HGC while on TRT

    42 years old and have been on TRT for 8-9 years. I’ve used larger doses for extended periods of time but use 250mg as my TRT dose. For years Ive just lost a lot of penis sensitivity, I just wrote it off as I was getting older. I’d only really be able to get off using a firm grip, very rarely...
  16. J

    TRT with HCG & Hair Loss

    Has anyone on here experienced increased hair loss from HCG while on TRT? If so, will it likely grow back once the HCG is stopped. I’m figuring the hormonal change might be the reason. I’m getting some frontal thinning and it’s no bueno.
  17. P

    Adding HGH To Test/Thyroid USP protocol

    In my 50's currently taking Test & Thyroid USP and I want to add HGH & possibly HCG. Anyone know any reputable Doctors/labs?
  18. S

    HCG Protocol Reconstitution Calculation Check

    Hello everyone -- I'm a first-timer trying out HCG monotherapy, set to begin this week. I consulted the mixing guide on the forums and I'd like to ask if my math is correct. Calculations below. Protocol: 200iu HCG subQ M/W/F Components: 10,000iu HCG; bacteriostatic water; syringe Method: 1...
  19. D

    HCG one week per month?

    I've had problems with ED and anorgasmia since I began TRT 5 years ago. It took me almost four years to figure it out, but HCG gives me anorgasmia in doses above 250iu/2x week. Once I decreased from 2x 500iu to 2x 250iu, and then to 2x 200iu, the situation resolved. I just spent the past two...
  20. D

    HELP! Adjusting TRT Protocol-Acne, Libido, Low Free T

    Hello, I am 35 175lbs 5’11 and have been on TRT for 2 years. I have been trying to find my sweet spot and get dialed in the majority of the 2 years. I work out 6 days a week and eat very healthy etc…My current issues are: Back acne Oily face Low libido Testes and penis always feel cold and have...
  21. G

    HCG mono therapy, Dif brands different sides?

    hi there, Just started HCG mono in hopes to keep the boys going vs test.. anyway, started at lower dose 250iu was rxd more but figured would start lower.. well while energy levels improved total test was below the reference range 167 or so I think reference range was 200.binding globulin was...
  22. G

    ED with Enclomiphene and HCG

    Hi all, I've recently come off TRT in an efort to concieve, but am experiencing something I never have before either whiel on TRT or even before that - ED. Currently I'm taking Enclomiphene 25mg daily, HCG 500IU EOD, and Anastrozole 0.5mg EOD. I tend to be a high aromatizer. My recent bloodwork...
  23. S

    HCG: how much is "too much"

    I'm currently on 500iu 2x a week. My libido is still "meh" and my ball size isn't quite where it was. Not sure if the HCG I'm getting from reliablerx is crap, or I'm letting it sit in the fridge too long, but starting to wonder if I should be doing 500iu 3x a week, or is that going to screw me...
  24. X

    About to start TRT soon would like some guidance

    Hi Everyone, I'm glad I found this site and have read a bunch. I have symptoms of low T and visited a male clinic that wants me to get on on 140mg of test once a week along with an AI and Clomid. After what I read here I'm going to push back on the Clomid and AI and only accept the test. I'm...
  25. K.pietera

    how to get my wife pregnant

    Hi friends , I am on TRT for 4+years now. Transcrotal cream 100MG testosterone a day.` ( 30 years old right now ) 2years ago my wife and I wanted to get pregnant so I did a sperm test and it came out I was azospermic .. Now I started a protocol of HCG 6500iu split in 2x 3250iu. The doc told me...
  26. P

    Website scam - workout fitness gears

    This website is a scam. I'm warning you if you're thinking of buying anything there. I bought something that was supposed to cost $120. After paying with Zelle, the following day, he requested another $105. He said it was for insurance and he couldn't send anything until I pay that amount. I...
  27. Pnw0031

    Pregnenolone: oral v. Cream v. Hcg injections

    I want to love pregnenolone but it makes me feel just… weird. Like I’m tweaking almost, get super stiff and get oddly socially awkward also anxious. Anyone know why this is? I’m assuming it’s due to a choline reaction as I seem to be sensitive to other pro-cholinergic supplements. Estrogen was...
  28. aneuman

    Testosterone Cypionate and BPH - advice needed

    Hello guys, I've been under a protocol of Enclomiphene Citrate and HCG 3 times a week. Here are the breakdown of the results: Pros: Better mood. Used to have a short fuse before, now I'm more calmed. More optimistic Sleep has improved. Not ideal, but acceptable. Wake up many times, but manage...
  29. N

    HCG/Clomid/Enclomiphene for testicular growth without trt?

    Hey guys, I need your help. I got some severe testicular atrophy going on. from bigger than a walnut to smaller than an almond in over a year. Sometimes they disappear completely and the sack is shrunken. I never took Testosterone so I can't really figure out whats going on down there, but it...
  30. D

    Testosterone + HCG in Same Syringe

    I know some here combine the doses. Can you tell me technique and size syringe/needle you use? I’ll be using cypionate and pregnyl. Lure-Lok syringe or integral diabetic style?
  31. Y

    Low LH and Libido

    Long story short..I was on TRT for about a year with virtually no positive results. My primary goal was to increase my libido which it did not. I'm 55, about 180 pounds and generally in good health. I'm recently divorced and have been dating a very attractive young woman for about a year. For...
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