1. B

    Do any providers still offer HCG or have they all switched to Gonadorelin?

    Do any providers still offer HCG or have they all switched to Gonadorelin? My provider switched to Gonadorelin from HCG and didn't give a reason.
  2. S

    HCG and Testicle Pain?

    I have been on HCG a couple years. Lately I have been getting mild pain in the left testicle. The pain is more like a soreness and it only happens when touching or rolling it around. I was just wondering if this could be from the HCG The pain is in the left testicle, which hangs about an inch...
  3. J

    Proposed PCT protocol for going off TRT

    Hey guys. I am considering going off of TRT. I never had low testosterone to begin with. I just wanted higher levels for building muscle and libido, etc. But after two years of being on TRT, I want to go off and see how things go. Here is my current protocol and how I plan on stopping TRT (I...
  4. R

    Hcg on trt . Best time ?

    I’m using hcg 400iu”s twice a week on Sunday and weds . I picked these days because my testosterone injections are on Monday and Thursdays and my thought process is I want to limit how much hcg converts to estrogen . So by waiting till the day before my next injection my test levels will be...
  5. A

    Low LH and FSH

    Hi guys, Hope everyone is staying safe, 30 yr old, good health, no medication. Feeling fatigued, brain fog, no motivation and indecisive asf, low semen volume. Got various blood done on different occasions, my doctor is useless so I used a private clinic I paid for, got bloods done on 6...
  6. N

    I messed everything up.

    I haven’t been able to get HCG for 3 months now due to a shortage at my insurance pharmacy. things were GREAT about two weeks after I discontinued the HCG and I was HYPER-sexual like an 18 year old… it lasted about a month. then I started losing libido, sensitivity, and getting ED…. where I...
  7. S

    HCG poses cancer risk

    I’ve been reading more and more research which indicates that HCG accelerates the growth of certain cancers (HPV and testicular in men). While the research doesn’t specifically dial into men who are using Hcg/TRT, the data does substantiate a Hcg and cancer growth. This is bad news If someone...
  8. M

    Increasing Fertility with Clomid, HCG and HMG. What Lab Tests To Get?

    I donated sperm to a clinic almost 20 years ago and they told me I was infertile. I have used testosterone cream in the past but all it did for me was increase my PSA numbers high in a short period of time. I have used clomid and proviron and my sperm quantity increased but I never got tested...
  9. C

    HcG and Bacteriostatic Water ?

    Hey gang. When I used to get HcG from my clinic ( 5000 I.U ) I would reconstitute with 5 ml of bacteriostatic water. My protocol is 250 units twice weekly so total 500 units weekly. Anyway, we all know that HcG is becoming harder to to get from clinics, so I sourced some HcG overseas ( pic...
  10. P

    Hcg from reliable . Warning.

    Hello, Forgive me if this is off topic. It’s about hcg so. But I just want to pass along to anyone buying from reliable pharmacy. They have been a bit un reliable. I made an order for 2 5000 iu of hcg around 50.00 usd. And I never got it. I did get some emails offering some more or a...
  11. I

    Changing times of injections

    Hi! I am injecting testosterone at 9 P.M (14mg daily) and HCG 9 P.M (twice a week, 500 iu). Now, my question is, what would happen if i just switched hours. Let's say from 9 P.M to 7 A.M for both testosterone and HCG. Would my hormone be in a flux again, just like when you change dosages? Or...
  12. bennettjc

    My Personal Account Of My Becoming A Member of The "TRT Community."

    A TRT Community Member’s Typical, but Difficult Journey
  13. I

    HCG and blood clots

    Hi there! I've read that HCG could increase the risk for forming of blood clots. Now, is anybody here know how real is this risk? Does anybody had any blood clot while using HCG? Thank you!
  14. M

    HCG contamination

    Ran out of syringes this morning, got lazy and decided to use my testosterone syringe to shoot HCG right afterwards. In doing so I slightly pushed in a bit of left over test and I noticed a small particle of blood into the HCG vial. i already ordered new HCG but I’m wondering if the current...
  15. I

    Remvoing air bubbles HCG

    Hi, I recently introduced HCG to my protocol and let me tell you. Removing air bubbles from my syringe is a serious bitch. I searched all over the internet, but apparently i am the only one who actually has a hard deal getting rid of the air. I am using 29G 1/2 inch (same type of syringe i...
  16. D

    HCG dose to restart testis?

    Say you are completely shut down and want to take HCG to get your testis back to working again, what would be the optimal dose to achieve this? Would 500iu twice a week be enough? Or is more needed?
  17. J

    How long does Bacteriostatic water last refrigerated?

    So I have heard various conflicting information regarding this from my clinic and also other clinics and forums for TRT here in the UK. I have a 30ml bottle of Bac water that I have had from November last year, i use it to mix my HCG. People say it only lasts 30 - 60 days when first used? But...
  18. M

    My doctor’s proposed HCG protocol(5w 0IU, 5w 2000IU)

    I am on Nebido. Want to remain fertile. My doc has proposed the following: 6weeks between first and second 1000mg shot, then 10week between 1000mg shots. Doc wants me to take zero HCG first 5 weeks then 2000IQ 1x/week the last 5 weeks. Says that HCG works better when you have low T(last 5...
  19. A

    Low fertility the cause of low libido? Some studies.

    I recently came across these studies: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/27733531/ https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29532805/ https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28843867/ https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31669052/ These men are not on trt, but could it be possible that fertility and libido are...
  20. P

    HCG and Fertility post TRT

    I am a 40 year old male with no health issues. I was on TRT for about 18 months at a dosage of ~150mg split into 2x weekly sub Q injections- near the end I went to 7 daily even divided injections. My lady and I want to have a kid so my doc introduced 1000iu HCG EOD. Waited a few months did a...
  21. bennettjc

    17-Hydroxyprogesterone Level - Has Anyone Here Actually Had Theirs Measured?

    I'm going for my first blood testing since starting injectable testosterone. I am also taking HCG, at a low dose (the lowest?) 250iu twice a week. I'm going to get a 17-Hydroxyprogesterone level given some of the work (posted in this forum) as it possibly being a reasonable gauge of...
  22. R

    Hcg,Testosterone and Cortisol

    I found this post on another site that I thought some may like to read here. I was researching some ideas about Anxiety induced by HCG. I realized some of this issue with Cortisol could explain weight gain in the form fat by TRT use and anxiety from hcg. "HCG and testosterone affect an enzyme...
  23. R

    Empower licensed to compound hcg?

    Hello all, Does Empower have the correct license to compound hcg under the new FDA laws? The pharmacy my doc uses can't compound it any longer, and commercial grade hcg is backordered until Feb. 2021 in my area. My doc said if I can find a pharmacy that can legally compound it, he'll send my...
  24. W

    Syringe Measurements MG vs IU

    So I back filled 30 IU of HCG into a normal syringe and it came to the 30 MG mark. So what is the difference between IU and MG? Thanks All
  25. R

    hCG half life

    Whats the half life of hCG ? is the half life different if administered sq versus im? is there a graph where I am able to see the cycle period of hCG if administered EOD? I am trying to time it with test cyp so that there is the least overlap, as the HCG gives me anxiety for 12-16 hours and also...
  26. Alectrify

    Young Guy on TRT 4 year update

    Hello all, This is my 4 year update on what has been a very long and serious last few years. I’ve posted on here before awhile back while I was on 2nd year of Clomid monotherapy, but I couldn’t remember credentials to get back to that account. Nevertheless, here I am and I promise to remain...
  27. K

    Best practice for keeping bacteriostatic water good over time?

    So my HCG has arrived, but it arrived with sodium chloride and in glass ampules to boot. My time with them didnt go well. I have 4x5000iu vials which should last me awhile. I had to order some bacteriostatic water. Without thinking I ordered 30ml worth with the intention of using 2ml per...
  28. K

    Finasteride + TRT + drastic changes in semen consistency/volume?

    So anybody who's been active has probably noticed the sequential threads ive posted over the past couple of weeks. In short, i've been feeling for quite some time that the drawbacks of trt have far outweighed the benefits and am preparing to potentially stop. Two of the reasons for the...
  29. R

    hCG, hot flash, dry mouth/eyes, anxiety side effects

    I have been on Test Cyp{100mg/week} with hCG{500-600iu/week} I am experiencing dry mouth, dry eyes, a hot flash {within 6 hours} and anxiety from the time I added hCG to the protocol. My e2 is 49 sensitive test. My e2 without hCG was below 20. I read that some people attribute these side...
  30. K

    Adding hcg, can someone explain e2 conversion?

    So I’ve ordered some hcg among other things (doc won’t rx) in preparation of ceasing trt. I’m going to give it one more shot with the addition of hcg first. Can’t hurt as waking my nuts is gonna be necessary either way. im gonna start at 500mg twice a week when I do my test injections but I’ve...
  31. T

    HCG and inflammation

    Does anybody know of further studies on this? Effect of human chorionic gonadotropin on cytokine production from human endometrial cells in vitro - PubMed I'm aware that this may not be relevant, since it's in vitro on endometrial cells, and so not even in men. But as someone who is avoiding...