hcg + trt

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    Is there any evidence that HCG on cycle makes PCT easier?

    Hi all on this amazing forum, I know this is mostly a TRT forum, but I know y’all are knowledgeable about this subject which is why I’m asking here. I’m coming toward the end of my 500mg test + 250 sust per week cycle and have been pinning 500iu HCG EOD throughout (plus .5 mg anastrozole per...
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    High Dose HCG, Low Dose Testosterone

    For you secondary guys, has anyone tried this approach? I am theorizing that adding HCG once someone has their Testosterone dosage dialed in results in being overmedicated. Could this be the reason why we see elevated E2 once adding in HCG. Does anyone do 1000-2000iu of HCG along with a test...
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    Hey guys. Looking for input. A friend told me he read an article that said HCG tends to be less effective in men over 50. Has anyone ever heard of this? Thanks Kaes
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    Newbie Sustanon 250 and HCG protocol advice

    Hey All, I'm a 29 year old male in Australia. I have just been prescribed TRT and HCG by my Dr for low T. My total T was around 210. LH and FSH were high so it looks like primary hypogonadism. He's prescribed me 250mg of Sustanon 250 per 2 weeks and 1500 IU of HCG per week. I am getting more...
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    TRT and HCG - ED

    I just started HCG with TRT this week. After my first two shots of HCG with the T shots my ED just got worse. Has anybody ever experienced this with just starting out? Is this just due to my levels fluctuating or is this high estrogen causing this ?
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    PSA increase on T and on T+HCG

    I have started my T with psa 1.4 after 40 days I went to 1.69 and back to 1.46. This matches papers indicating increase PSA by 0.3 on T and returning back to a point a bit higher than what started. after that I changed my protocol lower my T and Used HCG that actually work (initially protocol...
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    POLL about add hcg

    Hi to everybody: How many people here: USE, and FEEL BETTER adding HCG on TRT (and if possible also explain why: how or what feel better)? Thank you .
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    Fertility Recovery - Wife Unimpressed With Sterility

    Been on TRT for about 2.5 years. 34 year old male. I have 2 kids and want to keep the party going with a 3rd, possibly even 4th. Hopefully some information that comes out of this can help someone else. Of course, I am hoping it will help me too. I've spent about 4 weeks reading info here and I...
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    HCG monotheraphy and libido

    Dear All, This is my first post so I initially want to thank you and Nelson for this wonderful site and community. It has been super beneficial stumbling to this site. I have been on TRT for 20+ years. I think my pre TRT T levels were 200 or so. With TRT my T levels are 450. Recently for...
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    HCG medium dosage

    Hello everyone. In trt, which dosage of hcg, on average, could it be sufficient to maintain only testicular trophism (not fertility)? 2x250ui per week could be enough as an initial base to try? Thanks
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    HCG Dosing Question

    Putting fertility issues aside, if you figure out the minimum dosage required to prevent or counter testicle shrinkage, would taking any more HCG provide any additional benefits? On TRT alone I definitely get shrinkage, but no pain. So I take HCG purely for cosmetic purposes, as I don't feel...
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    Different approach for HCG

    Hello everyone, so i am having issues with HCG. No matter how low i go ( as low as 100 iu) my e2 starts ramping up. I am also super hypersensitive to arimidex and taking as low as 0.01mg (not a typo) brings my e2 too low. When i get off hcg, i start feeling the true benefits of trt. however my...
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    Lost some weight. Free, Total, E2 are now high. Options?

    I've been on a fairly standard Defy protocol that hasn't changed much in 2.5 years. M-W-F injections 50 cypionate, 300 HCG, 50 mg DHEA, .25 Arimidex (not now). As I've lost weight, my levels have all shot up. 01-2017 242 lbs 283 Total Start TRT 08-2017 (240 lbs) Total - 646 Free - 22.22...
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    What Are The Long Term Consequences of No HCG While On TRT ?

    I'm 55 years old and have been on TRT for 4+ years and struggling to get dialed in all this time. I am almost ready to throw in the towel but have been trying a few final approaches before giving up. One thing I'm doing which seems to be working so far is to stop HCG all together. I am...
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    HCG while on TRT. I need studies to file insurance appeal.

    @Nelson Vergel are you aware of any studies/opinions published in medical journals that discuss the importance of using HCG in conjunction with TRT? I need to cite a few.
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    How long/much did it take for your testicles to shrink on TRT ?

    Hi guys, Just looking to learn more if the data’s out there, Please correct my assumptions if they’re wrong. From what I gathered from reading posts here and elsewhere: -Most people on only T experience testicle shrinkage, but there are a few unicorns out there that dont experience any...
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    HCG shot protocol

    I take 200mg test Cyp weekly split into two injections and im looking to add HCG into the protocol. Do you inject the day before each test shot? day after? or does it really matter?
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    Is HCG safe for long term use

    Hi Folks, I am thinking at start TRT + HCG and would like to know what is the long term side effects of using HCG. I know few people use HCG only when they trying to conceive but what if i keep using HCG for like lets say 5 years. Does it cause any problems? The reason for not trying TRT alone...
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    Using HCG to lower LDL: The "Bad" Cholesterol

    Hi All I have spent hours looking for studies about using HCG while on TRT and/or cycling to lower LDL Acording to Seth Spartan HCG will lower LDL I am currently on TRT if this is true my doctor would surely prescribe HCG but i need some studies to back me up cheers!
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    HCG: How much is too much and is there a too much?

    Hi everyone, I’ve been on TRT since 2017 and have been on and off with my use of HCG. When I started TRT I was told to never go above 500ius of HCG per day otherwise it could cause desensitized leydig cells. I’ve talked to a few doctors who said that this is nonsense and they have their younger...