hcg + trt

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  1. W

    Testosterone, B12 and HCG all in 1 shot?

    Just switched from cream to shots for testosterone. I’ve been doing HCG and B12 subq. I’m not a fan of needles so I’m asking if it makes sense to buy a 2 or 3ml syringe and put all 3 in the syringe and inject IM at the same time? Testosterone, B12 and hcg all at once? I’d probably have to...
  2. J

    HCG and E2 help!!!

    first time posting here. quick back ground running a test 400 blend for about 6 month then jumped to a mast 400 blend (test 200, tren 100, masteron 100) had to come of due to mental sides then started tapering down the test. took my last shot of test 7 days ago and started on hcg. first jab...
  3. U

    Should I switch out my hcg

    Hi there. I’ve been in trt for a year using gels two pumps daily. Also was using hcg twice a week. My challenge is that my E2 levels are really high compared to where I started and although they are not in the clinical danger zone I do find I’m having some issues ie no erections, feeling...
  4. K.pietera

    Iron overload

    Hi there , So my blood results came back and you can see them in the attachment. As you all can see my serum iron levels are way to high also my ferritin is to much. I tought it was strange because I don't consume red meat that often...( 2 times a week) But I think I have found an awnser...
  5. F

    Ovitrelle pen instead of Pregnyl

    First time posting here, hopefully I’m creating this thread in the right place. I’m taking 50mg of Sustanon per injection on M-W-F. For fertility and preventing testicle atrophy. I’ve been prescribed 300UI 3x per week of HCG, but I’m traveling indefinitely and I cannot find Pregnyl anywhere...
  6. R

    Hcg causes ed. Dim is helping. Would an ai be better

    Besides the first time i tried hcg which was best experience ever , every time i use hcg even a small dose of 60 units i get ed and can't erections. I tried dim. It helped somewhat. Does that mean an AI would help me more? I know many people against it here. Should i stop hcg? But I'm looking...
  7. Painjunky

    Hcg minimum dose

    Just curious on what’s the smallest dose trt’rs are using in their protocol. Not the guys trying to have kids , just guys keeping the plums from atrophy. I’ve been taking 200iu e3days .
  8. J

    TRT, Anavar and Fertility

    Could one recover fertility while on TRT and Anavar but using HCG and HMG?
  9. K.pietera

    how to get my wife pregnant

    Hi friends , I am on TRT for 4+years now. Transcrotal cream 100MG testosterone a day.` ( 30 years old right now ) 2years ago my wife and I wanted to get pregnant so I did a sperm test and it came out I was azospermic .. Now I started a protocol of HCG 6500iu split in 2x 3250iu. The doc told me...
  10. M

    Will HCG work after 10 years of TRT?

    I think my title pretty much says it all. I've been on TRT for about 10 years for secondary hypogonadism. I don't take any other hormones or substances, just T (50 mg injected 2X week). My testicles are miniscule, as would be expected. Is it too late to add HCG to my regimen?
  11. S

    Ever decrease test and increase hcg?

    My thought was to decrease my test dose while increasing hcg from say 1000 weekly to 2000 weekly to see if I could have more of my natural production of test going (Ie bigger testicles etc) while relying on less exogenous test? I’m doing 100 mg test a week and 1000 hcg and my TT is 700 and free...
  12. Drug350

    Dr prescribed 25 IU's HCG twice weekly - Will this do ANYTHING ???

    So my Urologist has me on TRT, testosterone cypionate. I'm still adjusting weekly dose, between 100 - 200 MG's. My Urologist won't prescrib HCG so I went to TRT Nation. Had appointment today and doctor prescribed me "25 IU's twice weekly / 50 IU's total per week". Virtually every study, and most...
  13. B

    HCG or . . .No HCG?

    I am planning to begin a full TRT regimen after 4 years of clomid. Based on my labs and history, defy is recommending T cyp mwf and 250iu hcg t/th/s. I am lower end SHBG when off clomid and usually lower end E2. I'm 37 and have 4 kids and my wife and I have agreed 4 is enough so I'm not super...
  14. M

    HCG Not Boosting LH?

    Hi everyone, I've been on a weekly protocol of 80mg test E (40 mg 2x per week) + 1,000 IU HCG (500 IU 2x per week) for about 12 months. I've done bloodwork twice in the last few months and surprised to still see my LH/FSH levels at basically 0. The key blood levels were as follows (generally...
  15. I

    HCG Alternatives due to cost

    I am 30 years old and have been on TRT for 7 years, HCG for the last 3 years. My main concern is maintaining fertility. A 5ml, 50,000UI vial used to cost $150 and is now $300. Has anyone found a safe, effective, and cheap replacement? I've been looking at: Overseas pharmacies for HCG...
  16. R

    TRT Since 2013 - Feeling Worse Than Ever

    Hey guys, I'll be brief, just looking for some feedback. Been on TRT since 2013 due to a testicular injury suffered in the gym. T never recovered past 300 total after surgery, so here I am. First doc was the urologist, 200mg IM every 2 weeks. Felt amazing for like 3 months and then the...
  17. A

    Help! Insomnia, Irritability, and Libido Issues on TRT

    Here's my most recent bloodwork with an SHBG of 38 I was on 250 mg test C split into daily injections as well as 150 IU HCG ED. I was also taking 100 mg pregnenolone before bed because my pre-TRT progesterone was 0.1 I have been waking up too early (after 6 hours in bed) and unable to go back...
  18. J

    Twice Weekly HCG Timing with TRT

    Hi Everyone, I take two test Cypionate injections per week. 60mg each shot. Monday morning and Thursday morning. When in relation to these should I take HCG. I’ll be taking 500iu twice a week. My gut says it should be in the middle of these test shots as to not spike E2 too high. I’ve heard...
  19. J

    TRT, Clomid and HCG

    Can I use Clomid and HCG while staying on TRT to recover fertility? I would HMG later on as we get closer to IVF. About a year from now. If so, at what dosage should I use the Clomid and HCG? Thank you in advance. I’ve been on TRT since the George W Bush Administration with no HCG.
  20. M

    Dropped HCG. Ride it out or re-add?

    Long story short. I have been a long time viewer of this forum and need some advice. I have been on TRT for over 3 years. 40mg of Testosterone EOD with 100iu of HCG daily. I've been having anxiety and constant sore/clicking joints and decided to try dropping the HCG as I have zero need for...
  21. P

    No FSH for 3 weeks. Can I just start taking again or do I need to go off T?

    Hi all, I've been getting really good sperm results using a combination of HCG (1000 IU EOD) HGH (2IU every day) and FSH (100IU EOD). I also take 20mg of T daily and .25mg of anastrozole 1-3x a week. I've had some trouble sourcing FSH since Empower stopped carrying it. I have been able to...
  22. J

    HCG Cold Turkey

    I’ve been diagnosed with a cardiomyopathy and I’m thinking I’m going to stop the HCG. I’ll need to stay on TRT though. 1) Is HCG dangerous for the heart? 2) Can I quit cold turkey or do I need to tirate down?
  23. R

    Increasing T Dose - Does it affect fertility?

    Hello everyone, Im going to keep this post short. I've been on TRT for two years now on 100mg T enanthate / week. I'm also taking HCG ( 300IU 3x / week) and HMG ( 75IU 3x / week ). This brought my fertility back to normal. I'm planning to become a father so decided to keep both the HCG and...
  24. N

    How much HCG on TRT?

    How many units of HCG per week (injecting 2x week) needed to maintain testicular function on TRT?
  25. D

    HCG Along With TRT??

    Good morning. I'm new to the site as of yesterday and need some feedback seeing that I am brand new to this space. I'm a 49-year-old male 6'1 195lbs and starting TRT for the first time. The doctor has suggested 160mg of Testosterone Cypionate along with HCG 500iu SubQ twice weekly. I'm seeing...
  26. J

    Testopel vs Injections and HCG: Very confused

    Hello friends, Romans, countrymen: I've been on TRT since forever (Never went through puberty). Idiopathic Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism. Over the years I've only been on TRT and nothing else. For years, I did injections every 2 weeks subq on my thigh but found the cycles and mood swings to be...
  27. Nelson Vergel

    Nelson Vergel Talks About Nandrolone, hCG, Hormone Ratios, AI’s, and More

  28. B

    Adding hcg back to my trt protocol

    Hello, I’m currently on test cypionate .25mg twice a week and have recently added hcg 1500iu 3x a week ( hcg was out of stock for a while so I had to run test cypionate alone). I’ve been taking hcg for 3 weeks now but still have significant testicular atrophy.( I was on testosterone alone for...
  29. L

    Fertility - go off or stay on TRT?

    I'm 35, been on TRT for 2 years 50mg T e3.5d. I want to have a baby (I already conceived 2 prior to TRT). We have tried the last 4-5 months and no luck. What is the best way to go about this? Should I go off T completely and use HCG? Use clomid? Or stay on TRT and use a smaller dose of HCG...
  30. S

    Added HCG -- what should I expect?

    So a few questions for the group. Months ago, I split my weekly T injection into 2 per week, and I stopped taking my AI. My balls got so small that I decided to add HCG into my protocol, and I'm now into my third week taking it (I've been told to do 3 weeks on, 1 week off). I'm not sure when I...
  31. S

    Adding HCG: What will I notice?

    I'm tired of balls the size of raisins, so I am adding in HCG starting with my next box. I've been doing TRT for a year now -- what will I notice with the HCG as it starts to become part of my program?
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