hcg + trt

  1. R

    Hcg on trt . Best time ?

    I’m using hcg 400iu”s twice a week on Sunday and weds . I picked these days because my testosterone injections are on Monday and Thursdays and my thought process is I want to limit how much hcg converts to estrogen . So by waiting till the day before my next injection my test levels will be...
  2. S

    Switching doctors confused about HCG dosing

    My current doctor has me on 250iu of HCG ONCE per week. Says every 8 days is the magic number but once per week will cut it. I don't understand if this is an old protocol or what but I'm switching clinics and my new doctor told me this is really low and they recommend their guys go 500iu 2X...
  3. C

    HcG and Bacteriostatic Water ?

    Hey gang. When I used to get HcG from my clinic ( 5000 I.U ) I would reconstitute with 5 ml of bacteriostatic water. My protocol is 250 units twice weekly so total 500 units weekly. Anyway, we all know that HcG is becoming harder to to get from clinics, so I sourced some HcG overseas ( pic...
  4. A

    Minimum effective dose of hcg per injection with trt

    I remember seeing a few posts on here about the minimum effective dose per hcg injection and there being a threshold for effect. I believe anything under 250 or 350iu per injection was too low to stimulate activity for most men? I know Nelson mentioned it recently in a podcast where he discussed...
  5. J

    How long does Bacteriostatic water last refrigerated?

    So I have heard various conflicting information regarding this from my clinic and also other clinics and forums for TRT here in the UK. I have a 30ml bottle of Bac water that I have had from November last year, i use it to mix my HCG. People say it only lasts 30 - 60 days when first used? But...
  6. N

    When to start hCG

    I am about to start my journey with TRT and am concerned about fertility. I am also concerned about trying to dial in my numbers with test and hCG at the same time. Should I start both at the same time or should I start hCG after getting dialed in? I am also reading many different things...
  7. L

    TRT raised my blood pressure, how long to normalize after dropping treatment?

    I am a 32 year old male, and have been on TRT for ~4 years, always using a gel prescribed by an endo. On the gel my levels went from 190 to lower 500s. Not too satisfied with my results, after being on the gel, I decided to switch to an online clinic and begin injections. On injections i...
  8. Gianluca

    How does 125IU of HCG ED affect hormones production while on TRT?

    I have read the two case studies presented by Dr. Saya on HCG 150IU and 500IU, I understand how the two differ in terms of peak, and half life levels in the blood. Do we have any data, perhaps anecdotal, of what can we expect in regards to Testosterone, Estrogen and Pregnenolone production...
  9. S

    HCG protocol help

    Hi all. Current provider doesn’t do HCG as a part of his approach. I’m on a transcrotal cream, daily cialis, dhea, and thyroid. Overall feeling super great in every department with the exception of orgasms. No issue with performance or desire and don’t really want to monkey around with a...
  10. R

    Is HCG is still needed?

    I been on TRT for a 5 months when I first started I was on hcg now is has run out. I don't feel any different from when I was on it. Is hcg needed?
  11. M

    TrT and very bad anxiety

    So I’m 41 under control high blood pressure and sleep apnea. I’ve been on Trt around two months now and I’m having very bad anxiety. I feel like I’m going crazy and at this point just want to stop. My dose is .5ml once a week test c. I’ve tried splitting the dose in half with twice a week...
  12. E

    HCG and Testosterone Cypionate and wife is pregnant!!!!

    Attached is my recent sperm analysis (July 1st, 2020) and my HCG & T protocol. For the past 2.5 years I’ve been taking 300 IU’s .1 2x week HCG and 80mg .4 2x week T Cyp. My testes have mild atrophy, but decent sperm load and I notice a difference the longer I go without HCG. I decided to get...
  13. B

    Does HCG scale with Test?

    For those who looking to have children soon is there a way to scale to HCG with TRT does? For example 250IU of HCG for every 50mg of test taken per week. Is there a max where anything above 2000IU HCG per week has no additional benefit regardless of TRT dose?
  14. R

    Your experience with HCG, could you take it or leave it?

    Hello, I'm new to TRT with HCG but not testosterone replacement. Recently put on HCG as part of new TRT protocol. I really want to pick each of your brains in hopes to hear some arguments for the use of HCG mainly outside of either fertility and aesthetics. I've never used HCG in the years Ive...
  15. B

    When is the best time to get blood test checked?

    When is the is the best time to get your blood tested to check where TRT has your levels? Should one consider their own peaks and troughs? Currently on 2x "100mg Test C" & 2x "500IU HCG" a week for 4 months. Got my blood tested for the first time about 12hrs after my the most recent 100mg Text...
  16. H

    Stopped hCG and feel no difference?

    Hi, My current protocol is 4 pumps of androgel daily with 500iu's of hCG every other day. I've hit over 1300 total T on this protocol: My labs on 4 pumps of Androgel and 500iu's of hCG EOD With the pandemic, I couldn't get the hCG and I only had one bottle left so I stretched it out. For the...
  17. D

    HCG Dosage

    I know dose needs differ but wondering what concentration of HCG most order, 6,000 or 12,000 IU? And what syringes & needles you use. Thanks.
  18. M

    Need Help! After MANY pharmacy calls, no hCG alternative. Now what?

    Being on a protocol for MANY years that is working great for me, I have made calls to many pharmacies and inquired on many forums on the web regarding any hCG alternatives on the market. We all know that hCG will be coming off the market and supply will run out and it is not going to be...
  19. B

    Can increasing HCG take the place of TRT temporarily?

    Been on 2x "100mg Test C" & 2x "500IU HCG" for nearly 3 months and loving the results (mind, body, etc.). Due to Covid19 my lady and I are forced to move our first pregnancy forward to about 3 months from now. To prepare for this shall what protocol recommendations are recommended? Shall I cut...
  20. B

    When HCG is Added to TRT

    Hey, I have been reading threads thru out the years since I've been on TRT. I appreciate everyone's advice and stories of their own. However, I haven't seen a question like mine. I have three children and after my youngest was born, 4 years ago, I began to experience low T symptoms. After blood...
  21. B

    HCG Source

    Is anyone else having trouble sourcing hCG? I was purchasing from my Dr’s clinic. I called for a refill last week and they are unable to obtain now due to the new classification. The Dr told me to find a pharmacy that can fill the script and he’d send one over, but here in Denver I cannot find...
  22. J

    Testosterone and Anastrozole combined

    I've been using Defy for my TRT and taking 0.4 T, 0.5 HCG and 1 pill of Anastrozole 2x per week. A local place combines Anastrozole and TRT into a compound and recommends taking it only 1x per week and HCG 3 days later. They said that taking T and HCG at the same time is ineffective. Any...
  23. A

    Moderate libido on Testosterone and HCG

    Hello. I am 28 years old, I'm a bodybuilder and currently doing TRT + hcg (to preserve testicular size and functions). I am taking 60mg sustanon every day, that would be a total of 420mg a week. I take hcg monday, wendnesday, friday, 500ui, for a total of 1500 ui a week. I also take exemestane...
  24. B

    HCG best protocol: 500IU E3D or 250IU EoD?

    Whats the best protocol for HCG? My doc prescribed 500IU E3D but the study below seems to suggest 250IU EoD is better: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/15713727/
  25. H

    Hcg , Test-c , low SHBG

    Hi guys, I have been lurking here for quite a long time , I tried the many protocols : Clomid , Androgel , Test-c , Hcg and I settled on a Hcg+Test-c protocol that I think really works for me , I am very low SHBG : Test-c 25 mg eod Hcg 350 iu eod 0.1 mg mg Arimidex once a week. I am trying 25mg...
  26. B

    Best time to inject Test - Evening?

    When is the best time of day to inject Test C or HCG? Natural testosterone is highest in the morning so it seems injecting Test in the evening is the best option? Don't have any idea when the best time to inject HCG is.
  27. B

    Correct amount of HCG? 500IU every other day?

    How does one calculate the correct amount of HCG to combine with TRT to preserve sperm production? My doc prescribed 100IU a week to go with my 150mg of test C. However the study in the link below suggests 500IU every other day - that's quite a difference! How does one determine the correct...
  28. B

    Please comment on my first TRT Protocol:

    After asking if the doc could split my dose into twice a week here is the protocol he recommended: Sunday evening: 75mg Test C taken intramuscularly Monday morning: .25mg HCG taken sub-Q Tuesday: 0.5mg Anastrozole Wednesday morning: 75mg Test C taken intramuscularly Thursday morning: .25mg HCG...
  29. G

    HCG reaction that seems unique to me

    Hey guys, I’ve been on TRT for 6 months now, I am still not completely dialed in but I am feeling a lot better than before. My depression and anxiety have improved a tremendous amount. However I have one very large (to me) issue currently stopping me. I’ve noticed my testicles have shrank...
  30. Maca

    Adrenal Fatigue from no HCG?

    I have always struggled to take HCG due to it aromatisation to Estrogen even at small doses. I have 2 COMT SNP’s that significantly decrease my body ability to clear estrogen and having high estrogen levels further decreases my ability to clear estrogens. I have also had lumps form in my...
  31. V

    Will HCG side effects fade away?

    Hi. Im on TRT for a month now and I've been taking only daily testosterone(sustanon) - 20mg per day with some vitamins and minerals. I have not build up yet good levels, because of the long sustanon ester it will take another 2-3 weeks. Last Thursday my total test was 833, I hope it will go to...