hcg + trt

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  1. K.pietera

    how to get my wife pregnant

    Hi friends , I am on TRT for 4+years now. Transcrotal cream 100MG testosterone a day.` ( 30 years old right now ) 2years ago my wife and I wanted to get pregnant so I did a sperm test and it came out I was azospermic .. Now I started a protocol of HCG 6500iu split in 2x 3250iu. The doc told me...
  2. M

    Will HCG work after 10 years of TRT?

    I think my title pretty much says it all. I've been on TRT for about 10 years for secondary hypogonadism. I don't take any other hormones or substances, just T (50 mg injected 2X week). My testicles are miniscule, as would be expected. Is it too late to add HCG to my regimen?
  3. S

    Ever decrease test and increase hcg?

    My thought was to decrease my test dose while increasing hcg from say 1000 weekly to 2000 weekly to see if I could have more of my natural production of test going (Ie bigger testicles etc) while relying on less exogenous test? I’m doing 100 mg test a week and 1000 hcg and my TT is 700 and free...
  4. Drug350

    Dr prescribed 25 IU's HCG twice weekly - Will this do ANYTHING ???

    So my Urologist has me on TRT, testosterone cypionate. I'm still adjusting weekly dose, between 100 - 200 MG's. My Urologist won't prescrib HCG so I went to TRT Nation. Had appointment today and doctor prescribed me "25 IU's twice weekly / 50 IU's total per week". Virtually every study, and most...
  5. B

    HCG or . . .No HCG?

    I am planning to begin a full TRT regimen after 4 years of clomid. Based on my labs and history, defy is recommending T cyp mwf and 250iu hcg t/th/s. I am lower end SHBG when off clomid and usually lower end E2. I'm 37 and have 4 kids and my wife and I have agreed 4 is enough so I'm not super...
  6. M

    HCG Not Boosting LH?

    Hi everyone, I've been on a weekly protocol of 80mg test E (40 mg 2x per week) + 1,000 IU HCG (500 IU 2x per week) for about 12 months. I've done bloodwork twice in the last few months and surprised to still see my LH/FSH levels at basically 0. The key blood levels were as follows (generally...
  7. I

    HCG Alternatives due to cost

    I am 30 years old and have been on TRT for 7 years, HCG for the last 3 years. My main concern is maintaining fertility. A 5ml, 50,000UI vial used to cost $150 and is now $300. Has anyone found a safe, effective, and cheap replacement? I've been looking at: Overseas pharmacies for HCG...
  8. R

    TRT Since 2013 - Feeling Worse Than Ever

    Hey guys, I'll be brief, just looking for some feedback. Been on TRT since 2013 due to a testicular injury suffered in the gym. T never recovered past 300 total after surgery, so here I am. First doc was the urologist, 200mg IM every 2 weeks. Felt amazing for like 3 months and then the...
  9. A

    Help! Insomnia, Irritability, and Libido Issues on TRT

    Here's my most recent bloodwork with an SHBG of 38 I was on 250 mg test C split into daily injections as well as 150 IU HCG ED. I was also taking 100 mg pregnenolone before bed because my pre-TRT progesterone was 0.1 I have been waking up too early (after 6 hours in bed) and unable to go back...
  10. J

    Twice Weekly HCG Timing with TRT

    Hi Everyone, I take two test Cypionate injections per week. 60mg each shot. Monday morning and Thursday morning. When in relation to these should I take HCG. I’ll be taking 500iu twice a week. My gut says it should be in the middle of these test shots as to not spike E2 too high. I’ve heard...
  11. J

    TRT, Clomid and HCG

    Can I use Clomid and HCG while staying on TRT to recover fertility? I would HMG later on as we get closer to IVF. About a year from now. If so, at what dosage should I use the Clomid and HCG? Thank you in advance. I’ve been on TRT since the George W Bush Administration with no HCG.
  12. M

    Dropped HCG. Ride it out or re-add?

    Long story short. I have been a long time viewer of this forum and need some advice. I have been on TRT for over 3 years. 40mg of Testosterone EOD with 100iu of HCG daily. I've been having anxiety and constant sore/clicking joints and decided to try dropping the HCG as I have zero need for...
  13. P

    No FSH for 3 weeks. Can I just start taking again or do I need to go off T?

    Hi all, I've been getting really good sperm results using a combination of HCG (1000 IU EOD) HGH (2IU every day) and FSH (100IU EOD). I also take 20mg of T daily and .25mg of anastrozole 1-3x a week. I've had some trouble sourcing FSH since Empower stopped carrying it. I have been able to...
  14. J

    HCG Cold Turkey

    I’ve been diagnosed with a cardiomyopathy and I’m thinking I’m going to stop the HCG. I’ll need to stay on TRT though. 1) Is HCG dangerous for the heart? 2) Can I quit cold turkey or do I need to tirate down?
  15. R

    Increasing T Dose - Does it affect fertility?

    Hello everyone, Im going to keep this post short. I've been on TRT for two years now on 100mg T enanthate / week. I'm also taking HCG ( 300IU 3x / week) and HMG ( 75IU 3x / week ). This brought my fertility back to normal. I'm planning to become a father so decided to keep both the HCG and...
  16. N

    How much HCG on TRT?

    How many units of HCG per week (injecting 2x week) needed to maintain testicular function on TRT?
  17. D

    HCG Along With TRT??

    Good morning. I'm new to the site as of yesterday and need some feedback seeing that I am brand new to this space. I'm a 49-year-old male 6'1 195lbs and starting TRT for the first time. The doctor has suggested 160mg of Testosterone Cypionate along with HCG 500iu SubQ twice weekly. I'm seeing...
  18. J

    Testopel vs Injections and HCG: Very confused

    Hello friends, Romans, countrymen: I've been on TRT since forever (Never went through puberty). Idiopathic Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism. Over the years I've only been on TRT and nothing else. For years, I did injections every 2 weeks subq on my thigh but found the cycles and mood swings to be...
  19. Nelson Vergel

    Nelson Vergel Talks About Nandrolone, hCG, Hormone Ratios, AI’s, and More

  20. B

    Adding hcg back to my trt protocol

    Hello, I’m currently on test cypionate .25mg twice a week and have recently added hcg 1500iu 3x a week ( hcg was out of stock for a while so I had to run test cypionate alone). I’ve been taking hcg for 3 weeks now but still have significant testicular atrophy.( I was on testosterone alone for...
  21. L

    Fertility - go off or stay on TRT?

    I'm 35, been on TRT for 2 years 50mg T e3.5d. I want to have a baby (I already conceived 2 prior to TRT). We have tried the last 4-5 months and no luck. What is the best way to go about this? Should I go off T completely and use HCG? Use clomid? Or stay on TRT and use a smaller dose of HCG...
  22. S

    Added HCG -- what should I expect?

    So a few questions for the group. Months ago, I split my weekly T injection into 2 per week, and I stopped taking my AI. My balls got so small that I decided to add HCG into my protocol, and I'm now into my third week taking it (I've been told to do 3 weeks on, 1 week off). I'm not sure when I...
  23. S

    Adding HCG: What will I notice?

    I'm tired of balls the size of raisins, so I am adding in HCG starting with my next box. I've been doing TRT for a year now -- what will I notice with the HCG as it starts to become part of my program?
  24. Sergel

    Understanding HCG and Total T ...

    Got tested for my yearly and my T was too high ackording to my doc. My protocol was 50mg Enanthate every 3.5d ... (100mg/week total) Got me to reduce the T to 80mg per week (I did actually 84mg per week) ... but added HCG at 500iu twice a week on top of the 84mg... After 6 weeks, my total...
  25. F

    TRT Dosage while regaining fertility / Fertility Protocol

    Hi All- Long time lurker, first time poster. My wife and I have a healthy 9 year old who was conceived 4 months after a contest cycle (my count was over 200M). I've been on 100-250mgs of test a week, no more competing, but no HCG. Out of the blue, we decided to try for a 2nd kid. I got off...
  26. jacb

    All HCG is NOT the same. Your balls care. Part 2

    It seems that all brands of HCG are not the same, your balls care. Many people in this forum have stated that brand x is better than y etc at reducing testicular atrophy and increasing penile sensitivity etc. Now that two of the favourites brands of HCG, Corion and Pregnyl are becoming...
  27. C

    Optimal dose BUT... Need urgent help

    Hi team Excelmale! Long story short (I have done several post before); I have eventually found my dose where my severe symptoms are gone., I am so FU..ING happy. More time is needed but the effect have lastet for a long period now. 100mg Enanthate on Monday and Thursday with 200 iu HCG. (side...
  28. J

    My HcG trials

    Sorry this is so long but wondering if anyone else has had similar side effects and what you've done? I've been on TRT for 7 years but have tapered down over the past 2. I went to clinics for several years where I was started at 200 mg and I received HcG as well (no idea how much.) Just like...
  29. M

    Ideas for Fixing Chronic ED / Poor Sensitivity?

    Hi guys, I’m 30 years old living in Canada and I have been on TRT for approximately three years. The primary issue that got me started on TRT was lack of libido, bad ED (including total absence of morning wood), and a “numb” feeling / no sensitivity in the genitals. My initial bloodwork...
  30. R

    Help!! Mixing HCG

    I Received my HCG from my doctor by mail. I have questions on mixing, It's 5000IU bottle with inst to mix 5ml of b-water with 3ml 23g needle. Question do fill 3ml needle and fill HCG and then fill needle with additional 2ml? My injection will be 25 units a week.
  31. S

    Going for semen analysis Tuesday. First one since starting TRT 1.5 years ago. Anyone want to take a bet?

    Started TRT/HRT 1.5 years ago. Have been on either 250iu/300iu HCG once or twice per week nearly the whole time outside of a few weeks in the beginning. Seem to feel best on 250iu HCG once per week on Wednesday mng and that's what I'm doing now. Monday mng 80mg test cyp/80mg Thur evening...
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