1. S

    HPV cancers and HCG

    Would using HCG as part of a TRT protocol be potentially dangerous after being treated for HPV (oropharynx) related cancer? I was reading a study (link below) that showed that Hcg was correlated to HPV cancers in women. While I wasn’t able to fully decipher the medical jargon of the report it...
  2. U

    HCG para aumentar mi fertilidad? No uso TRT aun

    Hola !!! Que opinan? Mi esposa no logra quedar embarazada, y estaba pensando en usar hcg para aumentar mi fertilidad. Tengo un temor, he leído que puede convertir en estrógeno mi testosterona natural. Es correcto? No utilizo TRT aun, pero más adelante lo voy a hacer.
  3. D

    What caused my T levels to drop, decreased energy and libido ... AGAIN

    I started testosterone 20.25 mg/1.25 gram (1.62 %) gel 1 pump on each arm in April and increased to 2 pumps or arm in May with increased T Levels up to 707 in October. T gel caused atrophy so started 20 units of HCG and gradually increased to 40. Now "again" experiencing reduced energy and...
  4. J

    E2 Rise w/ TRT + HCG + Avodart

    I’m on my 140mg of TC per week (split into 70/70 SQ on Monday and Thursday) I also take Dutasteride 0.5mg per day and want to add HCG at 500mg twice a week. What do you recommend as far as AI dosage to cover my bases. I have Exemestane. I figure the combo above will raise my E2 levels...
  5. J


    I’ve been shut down and on TRT 10+ years. I desire to impregnate my wife. Is there any way to do this without coming off TRT. If I’m 6-8 months off from when I want to start trying, can I add in 500iu of HCG three times per week and take 25mg Clomid a day and he good by then?
  6. D

    Androgel increased / T levels improved / Extreme Tiredness

    I've been on Androgel for less than 4 months. T level was 249/189 so prescribed 1 pump per shoulder ... rechecked labs and T level was 347 so increased to 2 pumps per the doctor but now have noticed that the increased energy that I originally experienced seemed to be diminishing and now is...
  7. W

    HCG soon to become unavailable by March 2020? What to do?

    Compounded HCG may soon become unavailable through U.S. compounding pharmacies due to federal restrictions as early as March 2020. Are there alternatives to using HCG for testicular function, LH/FSH ? Or is HCG just not that important within a TRT maintenance protocol?
  8. stevep

    PCP Finally Agreed to HCG and Lab Result Changes

    I haven't been on here in a while, but I recently had my 6 month blood work and have the results for that, but the big thing that changed is my PCP finally agreed to prescribe my HCG after taking it for 2+ years through Defy. As usual I asked him to prescribe and he asked me how it works (even...
  9. T

    is HCG screwing me up?!

    Hey fellas, So decided to go on HCG in hope of getting more seminal volume, better sex etc and feel the benefits of downstream hormones esp pregnanelone as mine is low. Test dose stayed the same 20mg EOD shallow IM...I started with 50iu EOD HCG was great so tried 75 still good last 3 weeks been...