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  1. michaelser88

    Something went really wrong...need some help

    Hi Guys! I hope somebody can help in my situation because i really dont understand what happened and what i have to do.. :/ So my story: I made a big mistake last year november i did 2 month hcg monotherapy, that means eod 200iu hcg... I noticed pain in my breast... It develoled gyno.. I tried...
  2. zandor

    Gyno Lump management, help? nolva or not

    i have started using test enan once a week. 250mg (180mg actually) for the last month doing it for athletic purpose and well being. already feeling great but... i had small gyno lumps under nipples ( examined by doctor - verified ) from poor pct cycle 2 years before from my last cycle. before i...
  3. C

    Is This Gyno? How Should I Eliminate It?

    I think I have gyno type 1. I was extremely fat and I ve never taken roids. I ve attached some pics with my progress.. Do you think Arimidex 1mg/day for 30 days is better than Tamoxifen 40mg/day for 30 days? I saw on the internet that after using taxomifen, fat is deposited on the hips and on...
Buy Lab Tests Online