1. madman

    Invited Discussion on: Gynecomastia and Chest Masculinization

    With this article [1] the authors fill a gap in the scientific landscape regarding gynecomastias and their treatment. In medicine, it is always desirable to have a complete and rigorous classification of each pathology, which should possibly be correlated precisely with the most effective...
  2. madman

    Imaging in gynecomastia

    Abstract Background. Gynecomastia (GM) is the benign proliferation of glandular tissue of the male breast. It is a common condition, which may occur physiologically and shows three age peaks during a male’s lifespan: infancy, puberty, and senescence. An underlying pathology may be revealed in...
  3. madman

    Gynecomastia and Chest Masculinization

    Abstract Background Gynecomastia is a common finding in males. Clinical aspect varies widely in world populations showing peculiar hallmarks according to different body shapes reflecting personal expectations; therefore, a surgical plan must be tailored on an individual basis to all types of...
  4. madman

    Gynecomastia: Ultrasound-Confirmed Classification Pertainent to Surgical Correction

    Abstract Background Gynecomastia is the most common form of breast alteration in men, due to the proliferation of the gland ducts and stromal components, including fat. In addition to the most obvious indications (weight loss, pharmacotherapy, and drug suspension), surgical treatment is needed...
  5. madman

    Minimally invasive treatment of gynecomastia by ultrasound-guided vacuum-assisted excision

    Introduction: Gynecomastia (GM) is a benign proliferation of glandular breast tissue in men. Some cases need surgical intervention. Traditional open surgery by the semicircular inferior periareolar incision is the most common surgical approach. In order to obtain better esthetic results, some...
  6. keithc2485

    Breast pain started from HCG. Question?

    Hey guys so it's been about nine weeks since I've added HCG to my trt regiment. I take a hundred mg of testosterone step unit weekly and have added 800 IU of HCG a week. No AI has been added yet because my levels were normal as of my last panel of blood. I don't next week for new blood work...
  7. Nelson Vergel

    Gynecomastia: Causes, Types, and Treatments.

    Gynecomastia: Causes, Types, and Treatments - Nelson Vergel - Medium
  8. G

    Gynecomastia and T dosage

    Even though I inject just 25mg EOD, I have a gyno (moderate) and I had been leaner before TRT. Does it mean that I still need to inject less? Does gyno=excess T dosage? p.s. sensitive E2 test is not available here
  9. M

    Worried about Nebido and gyno

    Hello, new member and new to trt here. I've had basically no T production of my own after a brain surgery a few months ago, so my doc started me on my first shot 10 days ago, and while some things are slightly better already such as sleeping at night and some signs of a libido, im...
  10. V

    Chest fat or Gynecomastia? Can Test correct it?

    Hello again, sorry for posting so much but I have a lot concerning me atm. To preface, ever since I was a teenager and puberty started to take its toll on me, I have had extra tissue on my chest that has caused me much embarrassment and discomfort in my social life (I hate beaches/pools) and in...
  11. Nelson Vergel

    Gynecomastia: A Multicenter Study

    Highest prevalence of gynecomastia was observed between 21 and 30 years (n = 74; 31.2%). The most common presenting complaints were aesthetic concerns (62.8%) and breast pain (51.2%). 25.3% of the subjects had a history of pubertal gynecomastia. 56.5% had bilateral gynecomastia. 39.9% were...
  12. Nelson Vergel

    Statin Medications and the Risk of Gynecomastia

    Abstract Objective Case reports have suggested an increased risk of gynecomastia with HMG‐CoA reductase inhibitors (i.e. statins). A recent meta‐analysis also found that statins decrease circulating testosterone levels in men. We investigated whether statin use was associated with an increased...
  13. I

    Question about gynecomastia

    Hi. Let's assume that i was taking too much testosterone and it was converted into estriadol and i've developed some gyno. Now, will gynecomastia continue after i cut testosterone to normal range and estriadol came back to normal levels? Will breast tissue still grow after that or will it stay...
  14. C

    E2 at 51, to anastrozole or not to anastrozole

    I’ve been on TRT for over 1 year now and things are really going is looking much better from this side it just took a while. A million thanks for the people on this site and if you are beginning TRT give it time. I have been injecting every other day 0.25 ml testosterone cypionate...
  15. W

    Gynecomastia and Estradiol levels

    At what levels does high estradiol cause Gynecomastia?
  16. Nelson Vergel

    Estradiol in Men: Interview with Urology Professor Dr Ranjith Ramasamy

    Nelson Vergel, founder of and and author of Testosterone: A Man's Guide, interviews Dr Ranjith Ramasamy. Dr Ramasamy is the Director of Male Reproductive Medicine and Surgery as well as an Assistant professor in Department of Urology at the University of Miami...
  17. Nelson Vergel

    Proscar Can Increase Risk of Gynecomastia and Breast Cancer

    I have been saying for a while that estradiol is not the only factor involved in gynecomastia. Low DHT or a blocked DHT receptor can also be a risk factor. Also, remember that finasteride has also been linked to sexual dysfunction. If you have BPH, you are better off with an alpha inhibitor or...
  18. O

    Just done a blood test, need your opinion.

    Symptoms: Fatigue (sometimes severe), overweight, Gynecomastia, loss of memory and concentration, depression, acne, Age: 36 Male Height 5 11 , weight 222 , activity level:extremely low, very stressful life :( ..i take nexuim, addarel, fish oil, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, melatonin, OTC...
  19. F

    Exhaustion / Poor Sleep with High E2 and Gyno

    Current State: Hi, I am new here, a 30 year-old male with gyno (surgically removed) struggling with severe mental exhaustion / reduced brain cognition. No matter how much I sleep, I almost never wake up feeling rested. I wake up feeling like I haven't slept at all, or like I haven't slept in 2...
  20. Nelson Vergel

    Gynecomastia Surgery : Interview with Dr Joseph Cruise

    From Jay Campbell: I am very excited to present this interview I did with Dr Joseph Cruise. First a little backstory about gynecomastia. Gynecomastia, also known as ‘gyno’ is the over development of the male breast. Gynecomastia is a medical affliction estimated to affect more than 60% of men...
  21. H

    Lab results gyno symptoms

    After 10 weeks of 70mg testoterone cypionate 2x a week, 400iu hcg 2x a week and 0.25mg anastrozole 2x a week my lab results are: Total Testosterone 1331 ng/dl Free Testosterone 35.6 pg/ml Estradio sensitive 37.5 pg/ml So both T and estradiol a bit too high. Before starting this protocol i was...
  22. Nelson Vergel

    Not Higher Estradiol but Lower FSH , Sexual Function and Free T3 in Men with Gynecomastia

    They did not test IGF-1, one of the main factors involved in gynecomastia. Sexual function and hormone profile in young adult men with idiopathic gynecomastia: Comparison with healthy controls. Sir E, et al. Breast Dis. 2016. Abstract OBJECTIVES: To compare sexual function and hormone...
  23. Nelson Vergel

    Gynecomastia and Hormones

    Gynecomastia, commonly described as the enlargement of the male breast tissue, is clinically characterized by the presence of a mass extending concentrically from the nipple (e.g., bilateral or rarely unilateral). Gynecomastia is the most common breast alteration in males [1], occurring...
  24. Nelson Vergel

    DHT Gel Effectively Treats Gynecomastia in HIV + Men

    Successful Percutaneous Dihydrotestosterone Treatment of Gynecomastia Occurring during Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy: Four Cases and a Review of the Literature Abstract Fourteen cases of gynecomastia occurring during highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) have been reported in...
  25. R

    The endocrinologist's guide to managing self-treating patients

    Male Central Hypogonadism Secondary to Exogenous Androgens Clin Endocrinol. 2015;82(5):624-632. In this paper a group of clinicians acknowledges that practitioners are encountering an increasing number of patients seeking help with recovery from self-administered anabolic steroids. [...
  26. Nelson Vergel

    Gynecomastia Associated with a Combination of High IGF-1 and Estradiol In Adolescents

    A Longitudinal Study of Growth, Sex Steroids and Insulin-like Growth Factor I in boys with Physiological Gynecomastia Physiological gynecomastia is common in pubertal boys and appears to be associated with increased levels of insulin like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) and pubertal growth, but not...
  27. R

    proposed tests and timing: ruling out thyroid 16 weeks in to hCG mono

    Hi, Anything missing from this proposed test lineup (below last labs)? 62 y.o. d hypoG >20 yrs, no recent TRT, past gel hCG mono beginning April 2015. baseline TotT 200-300 went to 700 in 6 weeks Arimidex added in July, 1/4 2xWeek diagnoses: hyperestrogenism, gyno, hypogonadism,metabolic...
  28. Nelson Vergel

    Man Boobs : Treatments for Gynecomastia

    If a specific cause of gynecomastia can be identified and treated during the painful proliferative phase, there may be regression of the breast enlargement. This regression most often occurs with discontinuation of an offending drug or after initiation of testosterone treatment for primary...
  29. R

    62 y.o. with new dedication to hypoG control. Past TRT - current hCG monotherapy - many labs

    mods: please move this if it's in the wrong place. summary: I used hCG monotherapy successfully to raise T in less than a month from a starting point of 298 total / 88 free to 693. I am 62 y.o.and had been diagnosed with secondary hypogonadism more than 20 years ago. Although...
  30. Nelson Vergel

    Role of Estradiol (Estrogen) in Men and Its Management

    Check your estradiol (sensitive) blood levels cheaply: REGISTERED MEMBERS: DOWNLOAD ATTACHED ESTRADIOL LECTURE HANDOUT AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST Click here for a comprehensive article about the 18 things you should know about estradiol in men By Nelson Vergel, BsChE...
  31. Nelson Vergel

    Gynecomastia: Clinical evaluation and management

    Click here for more information: Gynecomastia: How to Diagnose and Treat it | Discounted Labs As it is explained on the attached clinical nomograph, the diagnosis of the cause of a certain cases of gynecomastia (breast tissue growth in men) is complex and not necessarily explained by high...