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  1. G

    TRT labs

    Just got my labs back, and I'm surprised. I was expecting my numbers to be off. I have been feeling just off, not seeing any progress in my body, and I lift 3–5 times a week. Struggling with weight loss, and I inject only once a week because injecting more than once has always made me fatigue...
  2. T

    Exogenous growth hormone and IGF-1

    Do any of you know.. if one takes exogenous GH, how soon IGF-1 levels drop to baseline after stopping? @Cataceous
  3. T

    IGF-1 and Growth hormone

    Has any one of you guys been on growth hormone and know your pre- and post IGF-1 labs? What source did you go through and did you notice a difference? I found out my IGF-1 is well on the lower end, consistently. But not enough for treatment. @Nelson Vergel @Cataceous
  4. R

    TRT with insomnia

    I have been on TRT for two years now. !00mg/week. Low SHBG 18-22. I am on low dose of Anastrozole .25mg/week say day I take Test cypionate. But I suffer from insomnia, never measured my growth hormone other than IGF-1 which was in normal range. I am not diabetic. I have great energy but I get...
  5. Hormetheus

    I replace all my hormones. Here is what I learned.

    I am new to this group. Thanks for having me. I want to share my journey with hormone replacement because I believe it might be useful to others. My story: I am a medical student in my last year. I replace all of my hormones. In early twenties my life was starting to go down the gutter. My...
  6. M

    Growth hormone affecting sleep apnea and heart rhythm?

    Has anyone else experienced premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) or other ectopic beats once GH is commenced? I've been prone to PVCs over the last couple years in varying frequencies. I take more than enough magnesium as a mainstay and many other supps to support cardio health. I am also...
  7. D

    Hypopituitarism and muscle gains

    Hello everyone, I am a 32 year-old man. I have suffered from hypopituitarism since birth. At the age of 5 I started taking GH and Hydrocortisone. The pediatrician monitored my bone development until I was 17 years old, when she decided that I should stop the GH replacement therapy and start...
  8. C

    Any reason to use hgh as a under 30

    Hello Is there any reason to use growth hormone as under 30 years old? I would like to see what effect it have on my skin , sleep and wellness. Mainly my skin. I ve used pramipexole in a past for high prolactin and thats is known to increase hgh levels temporaly, i got awesome skin results from...
  9. madman


    OFF-LABEL USE AND MISUSE OF TESTOSTERONE, GROWTH HORMONE, THYROID HORMONE, AND ADRENAL SUPPLEMENTS: RISKS AND COSTS OF A GROWING PROBLEM ABSTRACT Over the past few decades, there has been an unprecedented rise in off-label use and misuse of testosterone, growth hormone, thyroid hormone...
  10. G

    How Much Are You Paying for MK-677 - Ibutamoren?

    Anyone using MK-677? If so, how much is it costing you, and what’s your experience with it? Thanks.
  11. G

    Anyone use peptides?

    Interested in Tesamoreli and Ipamorelin. Does anyone use either of those? If so, how much is it costing you? Thanks.
  12. B

    For those that do not benefit from TRT alone: Is growth hormone an option?

    Just read an article about a guy who was a bit low in testosterone. Thyroid was fine and was in ok shape but had low T. Doc prescribed T injections which helped libido but still had low energy despite his T levels now being 785 opposed to his natural level of 326. His free T was also in a good...
  13. J

    Treatment of Micropenis with Combined GH and Testosterone

    The experiment induced micropenis in rats and then treated the rats with a combination of growth hormone (GH) and testosterone. The researchers noted that treatment of micropenis with testosterone alone leaves the penis at less than normal size, but combining treatment with GH more successful...
  14. Nelson Vergel

    Long-term Use of Growth Hormone Does Not Increase Cancer Risks Long‐term safety of growth hormone—A combined registry analysis Objectives Preliminary data from the French cohort of the Safety and Appropriateness of Growth hormone treatments in Europe (SAGhE) study raised concerns...
  15. M

    Tesamorelin vs. Ipamorelin?

    Anyone have personal experience w/ Tesamorelin vs. Ipamorelin? Which one do you prefer? Based on my research these seem to be the top two choices currently, aside from growth hormone obviously.
  16. Nelson Vergel

    Video: Growth Hormone Releasing Hormones and Peptides: Research History

    Nelson Vergel, the founder of, and, interviews Dr. Richard Walker about the history of research on GHRH and GHRPs. Richard F. Walker, Ph.D., R.Ph is well known for having popularized Sermorelin, a growth hormone-releasing hormone. He...
  17. Nelson Vergel

    Growth Hormone Releasing Hormones and Peptides: Research History

    Nelson Vergel, the founder of, and, interviews Dr. Richard Walker about the history of research on GHRH and GHRPs. Richard F. Walker, Ph.D., R.Ph is well known for having popularized Sermorelin, a growth hormone-releasing hormone. He...
  18. Nelson Vergel

    Oral growth hormone enhancer MK-677 (ibutamoren)

    J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 1998 Feb;83(2):362-9. Two-month treatment of obese subjects with the oral growth hormone (GH) secretagogue MK-677 increases GH secretion, fat-free mass, and energy expenditure. Svensson J1, Lönn L, Jansson JO, Murphy G, Wyss D, Krupa D, Cerchio K, Polvino W, Gertz B...
  19. Nelson Vergel

    Nutrients That Can Increase GH by Jerry Brainum

    Let’s face it: Using drug forms of insulin and GH, as well as anabolic steroids, is not without risk. One obvious effect of this drug triumvirate is an enlarged, or bloated, abdomen. In recent years the odd appearance of some professional bodybuilders, who display both deep abdominal muscle...
  20. Nelson Vergel

    Growth Hormone Product Review

    Very good review of growth hormone products (attached. Register and Log in to view)
  21. Nelson Vergel

    Effect of growth hormone on aging connective tissue in muscle and tendon

    Boesen AP, Dideriksen K, Couppe C, et al. Effect of growth hormone on aging connective tissue in muscle and tendon: gene expression, morphology, and function following immobilization and rehabilitation. J Appl Physiol (1985) 2014;116(2):192-203. It is unknown whether loss in...
  22. Nelson Vergel

    Growth Hormone versus GHRH Peptides- Legalities and other considerations

    In this video, Dr Mark Gordon speaks about secretalogs (hormone releasing hormones or peptides) at the 2013 Age Management Medicine Conference in Las Vegas.
  23. Nelson Vergel

    How Much Muscle Does Human Growth Hormone (hGH) Really Build?

    Great summary from Michael Mooney, co-author of my first book:
  24. Nelson Vergel

    Long-term testosterone supplementation augments overnight growth hormone secretion

    Even though this study used a low dose of testosterone (100 mg every two weeks of testosterone enanthate injections) in older men with low T, it showed that T supplementation can increase night time growth hormone output. Long-term testosterone supplementation augments overnight growth...
  25. Nelson Vergel

    Effects of growth hormone and testosterone therapy on aerobic and anaerobic fitness

    Ann Agric Environ Med 2014;21(1):156-60. Introduction. Andropause and aging are associated with neuroendocrine dysfunctions. Growth hormone and testosterone play a significant role in several processes affecting adaptation and thereby also everyday functioning. The aim of this research...
  26. Nelson Vergel

    Aerobic Exercise Increases Growth Hormone More than Resistance Exercise

    Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2014 Feb 26. [Epub ahead of print] 20-Hour Growth Hormone Secretory Profiles Following Aerobic and Resistance Exercise. Abstract INTRODUCTION: The pulsatile secretion pattern of growth hormone (GH) is an important parameter of GH action at peripheral tissues and more...
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