gene's stack

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  1. C

    How much of this supplement do I take?

    I am going to take Gene's Nitric Oxide supplement stack that has been frequently discussed in this forum. I tried posting this question on the Facebook page, and the moderator shut down my post for some inexplicable reason. This is a bottle of Horny Goat Weed, a component of Gene's supplement...
  2. P

    Doxazosin for NO Stack

    Hello! I am currently on 80mg TCyp every 3.5d (12 months now), as well as 5mg Tadalafil daily (3 months now). I have to say that it has really increased my quality of life in just about every way. Libido, muscle gain, fat loss, energy, etc. I am interested in trying Gene' NO stack, but do not...
  3. ReillyJ

    Nitric Oxide (ED and beyond)

    My husband (THANKS TO THIS FORUM and the gentlemen on it) has his TRT dialed in nicely, his libido is good, he's being treated for severe sleep apnea going on 2 months now which i think is probably the most important thing to happen to him..he had around 65 episodes an hour and he's now down to...
  4. J

    Gene Stack - Long Term Use?

    Hello, I’ve had a lot of erection success using the “Gene Stack” referenced many times on this site. My question is this: Is this the sort of protocol that can be used long term or indefinitely, or only as needed for scheduled or likely sexual occurrences? I’ve used it for months and hope...
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