frequent urination

  1. Nelson Vergel

    Cialis Decreases Frequency of Urination During Sleep

    It decreases nocturia
  2. C

    [Question] Frequent Urination + Hypogonadism (crashed E2)

    Hello, to give a little info about myself, I am currently 6'1 at 200lb, 28y/o. I had blood work done back in the beginning of March and my levels were 2120.8 Test, and >50 Free test. ALT was 47 and creatine was a bit high but nothing uncommon. I ran 2 cycles back to back, with no breaks, which I...
  3. Nelson Vergel

    Do you get up to urinate a lot at night?

    Nocturia (getting up to pee frequently at night) can be caused by benign prostatic inflammation (BPH) or excessive urine production at night time. This study reviewed the pharmaceutical options to manage this issue that can impair stamina and quality of life (including erectile function) in men...