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  1. M

    Free T low, total t high.

    Free T... My total test came back at 900 on a scale of 250-850. But my free came back low, 11, on a scale of 9-22. shbg is 45, Inj frequency is 2x a week. (80 mg total for week) What else should I be looking at as to why my free T is lower?? THX
  2. M

    Whats my next move?

    Hey guys! So ive been on 85mg 2x per week for 10 weeks now. Before i was on 80mg 2x per week and had no night or morning wood. Also no libido. I feel pretty good now on the 85mg x2. And occasionally i have some strong night and morning wood. But my libido is still completely dead! I have...
  3. B

    Inj Frequency

    I know everyone is different, but I would like to hear what you have found best for inj frequency, My SHBG is mid range at 45, E2 runs a bit high at 60, HCT and HGB has been a problem for me, last blood work it was 57 and 19 so I did go donate, in the past I have had issues when i donated 3...
  4. E


    My Test and HCG are arriving Thursday. My physician recommends I inject test twice a week 50 to 60 mg each injection. I’m ok with this. I would like to inject Monday’s and Thursdays. does it make a difference if I start on a Monday or a Thursday? Can I start Thursday...then Monday, etc? or...
  5. D

    Anyone feels better on less frequent injections? for ex.: e7d vs e3.5d

    So I have a lot of trouble dialing in my TRT. Started gel with low T of 260 ng/dl and <5 E2 (non sensitive) , undetectable. SHBG of 23. Felt like HELL. started androgel, felt the best i have ever felt in life after 4 days, this lasted for 1.5 weeks then I lost all my benefits and slowly became...
  6. L

    HCG and frequency

    Hello everyone, I’m creating this thread to see what the members who use HCG have found to be the most optimal frequency for injections as well as dosing. I know that there is a lot of variation between individuals but I wanted to see if there is a common trend. 1. If you are currently using...
  7. N

    Advice on Protocol Adjustment

    I've been on TRT for a couple of years and don't feel much relief. I was at 40mg e3d. My bloodwork at trough was: Total T: 673 Estradiol Sensitive: 21 SHBG: 35 Free T Calculated: 13.5 I have used HCG on and off and noticed some benefits. I am thinking I need slightly higher doses of T and some...
  8. DixieWrecked

    Questions about HCG, Arimidex, and Their Effects

    I have been reading this forum obsessively for the last few weeks. What an incredible group of guys you all are. I have only been on TRT for about 3 months so I am figuring things out. At 2 months my bloodwork looked good and I decided to add HCG because the doc recommended it. So I have...
  9. T

    Cypionate Dose Reduction

    I have posted a few times about my challenges with e2 management. Well, I gave up trying to dial in with Arimidex, and decided to reduce my dose. My first reduction was from 140 to around 120. It wasn’t fun, but I managed. After 6 weeks my e2 was still running hot, so I went down to about 100 a...
  10. Z

    EOD question

    Was wondering with EOD injections what your dose per week equals. Say someone was doing 30mg EOD would that equal 120mg a week? And if you go up by 10mg does that just add 30mg per week. So say it was 40mg EOD would that equal 150mg per week? And so on. Because some weeks it’s 3 days a week...
  11. K

    Upper range SHBG - IM injection frequency?

    Hi guys my SHBG is consistently in the upper part of the range (e.g. last test: 45.8 nmol/l with a range of 14.5-48.4). What would be a recommended injection frequency? Thx
  12. K

    How many times per week do I take my AI?

    Hi guys, I'm going to be starting on an AI after talking to my doctor at Defy. When I spoke to him I was doing 100mg per week, 50mg 2x per week. He upped my dose to 140mg per week, 70mg 2x per week. For fertility purposes he added HCG 500iu 3x per week. When we spoke he did mention that perhaps...
  13. H

    Trough serum testosterone predicts the development of polycythemia “Abstract Objectives Testosterone formulations that have more steady-state pharmacokinetics, such as subcutaneously implanted testosterone pellets, may cause less erythrocytosis than i.m. injections of shorter acting androgen esters. We...
  14. H

    Frequency of HCG *MONOTHERAPY* doses

    Hi all, I realize there's another active thread with a similar question - but this is slightly different, so bear with me. After 9 years of Clomid monotherapy, and then 6 months of Clomid/anastrozole, I'm currently on HCG monotherapy - not taking anything else - and the benefits are amazing...
  15. J

    Poll: How often do you inject T?

    Once per Week Twice Per Week EOD Daily Please vote by clicking one of the above options.
  16. P

    HCG Frequency, Half-life, etc

    I am a converter, there I said it. Whenever testosterone is introduced into my system, my E2 jacks up. Never used an AI, never had symptoms. Never used HCG. My test/E2 ratio is usually in check. Typically when my Test levels are about 1000+, my E2 can be in the 60's (sensitive assay). (by the...
  17. A

    Phlebotomy Frequency

    My doctor has ordered me to go for a phlebotomy on a weekly basis until my hemoglobin is at 15.5. He is requesting this based on a high normal hematocrit level on my last lab work which is a result of testosterone replacement therapy. Saturday is my next scheduled phlebotomy which would be my...
  18. Vince Carter

    Increasing my HcG dosing/frequency

    I've yet to really enjoy the sexual side of my TRT therapy. I'm experiencing ED; tough to get and maintain an erection. I can't say that my libido is great, I think it's good, I certainly see attractive females and have the thoughts but the physical response is nil. I have been recently...
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