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  1. D

    How Accurate Is The Online Tru-T Free Test. Calculator?

    After putting in my Total T(633 ng/dL measured at trough), SHBG(39.10 nmol/L), and Albumin(4.73 gr/dL) numbers from blood tests into the Tru-T Free Test Calculator, are my Free T numbers normal?: 0.93 nMol/L or, 26.95 ng/dL. I am currently dosing daily of 5mg test. Cyp. mixed with 4mg. test...
  2. J

    Labs: what would cause my E2 to be so low?

    I’ve come off of TRT, and been off since February. Total t: 534 ng/dl Free t: 62.5 pg/ml Estradiol: less than 15 Does my free T look bad? My whole reason for starting TRT years ago was because of my low free t and very high SHBG. But my estradiol is very low. I have very very low libido. No...
  3. N

    High shbg 55 and Low FT 0.16

    Hi . My shbg is high 57 nmol and my free T is low 0.16 nmol..I was pinning three times a week . 75mg a week as I'm a super responder. I've decided to try and increase it to 150mg a week .. if I pin twice a week could this bring down my shbg and may be increase my free T Also going to use...
  4. R

    What is hormonal balance exactly?

    I understand the basics, appropriate testing for Total T, free T, E2, and more along with appropriate tests to watch out for important side effects like elevated hematocrit, or hemoglobin. I often however see members refer to the need for "hormonal balance". Looking thru the site, perhaps I...
  5. R

    Does TRT reverse/improve sexual symptoms for most men with High Range SHBG / Lower Free T?

    The more I read about the situation of the healthy active person with normal labs and normal Total T, but higher range SHBG and lower Free T, it seems the only real solution that fixes the numbers is TRT. For all the other solutions that supposedly help (boron, nettle, more carbs, etc), the...
  6. W

    Total T matter if Free is high?

    Like the title says. I know this is kind of a person specific and subjective question: For a sense of wellbeing, does Total Testosterone need to be high alongside a high Free T? Or would a normal Total T and high Free T yield similar results? Basically, I'm wondering if Total testosterone...
  7. R

    Free T is important, what about Free DHT and Free Estradiol?

    Wikipedia says, "The relative binding affinity of various sex steroids for SHBG is dihydrotestosterone (DHT) > testosterone > androstenediol > estradiol > estrone. DHT binds to SHBG with about 5 times the affinity of testosterone and about 20 times the affinity of estradiol." Why aren't there...
  8. D

    how much will daily usage of alcohol increase SHBG?

    so due to low T for a long time i sadly got into drinking alcohol for like 5 months now, daily (except a week and some days off here and there) around 12 beers a day. obviously that needs to stop and im already trying to reduce and then stop alcohol completely. so, ive heard that alcohols...
  9. M

    Advice/help for high shbg guy

    Any guys here with normal total t and high shbg (pre trt) that could give me some advice please? Had blood tests done 4 time over the last year. Each time everything was right where it needed to be axcpet for my shbg. Total t has been 620-743. Shbg has been 56-75. Putting my free t between 9.1...
  10. N

    New results are making me angry

    Hi all After being too high with free t I dropped it down to 100 mg a week. 3 shots a week. . I also started HCG 0.25 iu x 3 a week. I couldn't hack the feeling on HCG anymore and went on to estridol of 1 mg a day. This is because I have never been able to aromatize much from my test...
  11. J

    High Free T. but Regular T levels?

    Quick question. I just restarted TRT after an approximate 5 month break for fertility reason. Im on HCG (250 twice per week,) and 120ml weekly shots of test E (divided in two subq weekly shots.) I just received my blood work and my resultare as follows: Testosterone 20nmolL Testosterone 576...
  12. T

    Total T or Free T?

    I have been playing around a bit with difference dosages and frequency of enclomiphene to see where I can the minimum dose and get a decent result on testosterone levels while keeping estrogen levels in check. I also got tired of losing my hair, so after a year and half stoppage, I'm back on...
  13. S

    Does variation in peak/trough equate to libido?

    I have been on TRT for about three years. In January I switched to daily injections in an effort to control hematocrit, acne and sleep issues. I began at 20 mg per day and have slowly decreased my dose down to what is now 14 mg per day under the theory that the lowest possible dose is best. I...
  14. R

    free testosterone increase with 100ml cypionate/week?

    how much increase in free testosterone can one expect with 100 ml of cypionate per week? just started trt, my doctor said 100 ml per week for 4 weeks,then blood tests. My free t is 300. I read it can increase 400 percent of dosage, does this mean i will probably be at 700 free t in 4 weeks?
  15. B

    I think neglected Total Testosterone focusing too much on free T...

    I think I might have found out why I wasn't feeling so good on TRT all these past years... I wasn't optimizing my Total T.. I was focusing too much on my free T which was always in the top 90% or higher of the free range which is great but my Total T was in the bottom Labcorp range (mid...
  16. M

    scrotal cream for high SHBG guys?

    Hi everyone, I’m thinking of giving the scrotal cream a try after almost a year of injections and limited success with varying protocols. I’m wondering if there are any high shbg guys like myself that have tried the cream and what has been your experience? My shbg pre-trt was between 55-70. On...
  17. T

    Protocol change? Need advice

    I have many of the same issues that I see here everyday, not great energy, low libido but its better than before trt. I've been on injectables for 2 years. My current weekly protocol is 100mg T, split SubQ twice per week and 500 iu HCG twice a week. I just got my labs back and have a consult...
  18. L

    low T symptoms & free T of 54 pg/ml

    Hello! I am 25 years old and it's been 2 years since I experience low T symptoms: low libido, inability to build muscle, difficulties with memory & focus, hair loss and so on. After a period of high stress and for the first time no morning wood for a month!! I decided to do something about it...
  19. G

    Optimal Free Testosterone

    What are people aiming for in Free T? I've seen people with troughs well over 1.5-2x the normal range which would place them even higher on peaks. I've had the below labs with no symptoms of high E2 and no AI and no difference really in the way I feel. Is there any benefit to the higher or lower...
  20. S

    Spreadsheet for Calculating Free T & E2

    There's been a lot discussion recently in Excelmale on wanting to test for Free E2 and the relatively high cost of this test. There are online calculators which calculate an estimate of Free T based on Total T, SHBG and Albumin. However there doesn't appear to be an online calculator for...
  21. DragonBits

    What blood tests have reference ranges that depend on age?

    We know some reference ranges on blood test are adjusted for age, but I don’t know which ones are and which aren’t. This is important because it tells us if we are over or under range, creates flags on blood tests, may concern patients or doctors. Recently Dr. X contributed the fact that...
  22. G

    Calculated Free Testosterone?

    Here are my last two endocrine lab reports. A dozen years ago they did direct tests of my Free Testosterone. Now they only do a calculated equation. I did bring this up with my doctor a couple years ago, but he seemed to feel this is a perfectly fine way to measure Free T. As you can see, there...
  23. A

    lower SBHG with Proviron

    The all knowing FDA does not approve of human use. You cannot have it prescribed. I have crazy high SHBG that was stealing most of my free T even on heavy handed TRT. You'll have to do your own homework to find a source that is reliable.
  24. T

    Question about recent labs and free T

    Greetings, 41 YOA male. Very good health, highly active. Recent bloodwork showed the following: Total T 631 ng/dl Free T 69.1 pg/ml SHBG 47 nmol/L No major low T symptoms I guess. Nothing sexual, no major mood issues. Simply put, I don't recover anywhere like I used to and have...
  25. O

    Low SHBG high Free T Injection Protocol

    Hello, Long time reader of this forum. First time actually posting. I’ve been on TRT for 2 years due to steroidal induced hypogonadism. I’m 25. Total T was low 200’s and never came back. After two years of TRT i’ve finally come to the conclusion and realization that I have low SHBG and thus...
  26. A

    Testosterone injections vs Clomid for secondary sexual characteristics, need help!

    Hi everyone, I'm 32 years old and have secondary hypogonadism (was diagnosed at 25 years old). I've been on clomid for around 7 years now that was prescribed by my urologist. My main question is whether testosterone injections are more effective than clomid for secondary sexual characteristics...
  27. Reason

    Guidance with Initial Labs (very low Free-T)

    Help Reading Initial Labs? Hey all, New here, first post! I just got my initial labs en route to a Defy consultation (2-3 weeks out). I'm somewhat new to this so I would really appreciate some guidance reading the results. Background: 37 / 5'11" / 190lbs / ~18-20% body fat Gyno as a...
  28. R

    Up to 2% of cancers may be caused by medical imaging

    ["A National Institute of Cancer study estimated that up to 2% of cancers are caused by medical imaging"] A story published by USAToday, which lacks citations, cautions us...
  29. N

    Primary Hypo, TRT for 7 years, Good T, Low Free T

    Hi all, Please bear with me as I have a story to share and a number of questions. I'm 29 years old, about 6'1 215 20-22% BF, and been on TRT for over 7 years. I was diagnosed as primary with low testosterone (270 ng/dl), very high LH and FSH, small testicle volume (< kidney bean size), and...
  30. T

    High SHBG low Free T, Help

    Please advise. Just finished first round of Bio T pellets and about to switch to T gel (20%) next week to get a steady consistent dose. My dilemma is my high SHBG levels. Total T: 646 SHBG: 77.4 Free T: 7.6 Two part question. Will lowering SHBG level increase Free T, and is there a...
  31. J

    Which Testosterone Test is the Most Accurate

    I see discountlabs offer two different tests for Testosterone. A $29 version and $79 version. Historically, I have gotten my labs done at Quest. Wondering which of the two tests offered by discountlabs would give the most accurate reading.
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