free estradiol

  1. S

    Spreadsheet for Calculating Free T & E2

    There's been a lot discussion recently in Excelmale on wanting to test for Free E2 and the relatively high cost of this test. There are online calculators which calculate an estimate of Free T based on Total T, SHBG and Albumin. However there doesn't appear to be an online calculator for...
  2. G

    Should Men on Testosterone Test Their Free Estradiol ?

    We really only care about free T levels, and don’t really even need the total level. So why is E2 different? Shouldn’t we only care about the free E2 level?
  3. C

    e2 vs free e2

    On another thread i posted, Vince Carter mentioned about also testing free e2. I've never heard about testing that so I'm really curious and trying to educate myself about it. Can one have normal levels of sensitive e2 yet have high free e2? If so, how would one address that problem?
  4. Nelson Vergel

    Should we monitor free estradiol ?

    Free Estradiol, Percent Reference Ranges (%) Age Range Adult Males 1.7 - 5.4 Adult Females 1.6 - 3.6 Free Estradiol, Serum Reference Ranges (pg/mL) Age Range Adult Males 0.2 - 1.5 Adult...