fish oil

  1. S

    Fish Oil Recommendation ?

    Can someone recommend a good quality fish oil for me and my wife. I am going to try it again, last time it upset my stomach but maybe this time I can stick with it.
  2. S

    Fish oil and prostate cancer

    Anyone concerned about taking fish oil and getting prostate cancer. Came across a few studies that show high omega 3 levels are linked to prostate cancer.
  3. J

    Fish oil... testosterone...aromatization

    I read a claim that fish oil aromatization testosterone. I did some Googling, but found nothing. Any truth to this claim?
  4. S

    Looking for recommend on fish oil brand

    Can someone recommend a fish oil brand that has noticeable affect on increasing their hdl levels.
  5. I

    How Much Fish Oil is Enough?

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for some help with a blog post I've written. I realised quite quickly that I'd taken on quite an ambitious project, but... I have tried to collate all the scientific studies I could find to try and find out what dosage of omega 3 is really beneficial for different health...
  6. Vince

    Krill Oil Compared to Fish Oil

    By Dr. Mercola For many years now, my favorite source of omega-3 fats — if you are not regularly eating safe sources of seafood like wild Alaskan salmon, sardines or anchovies — has been krill oil. In fact, I was one of the first to promote krill as an exceptional source of animal-based...
  7. Vince

    Studies on fish oil

    CME: Omega-3 Fatty Acids in the Management of Hypertriglyceridemia: New Findings and Formulations - Continuing Medical Education (CME):Princeton Media Associates, exp. 10/29/06 - "To lower TG levels, the dose of omega-3 therapy is ~4 g of EPA + DHA per day" Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Recommendations...