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  1. C

    Low dose HCG + low dose Enclomphipene for sperm banking

    Hi all, Long time reader, first time poster. I am 27yo, been on replacement for about 2.5 yrs @ 120 mg/wk due to secondary hypo from pituitary damage (resulting from multiple concussions requiring hospitalization). As a natural, I could never produce more than 300ng/dl. Lowest test was 140 and...
  2. D

    Trying to conceive. Hmg AND clomid?

    Little background on me. I’m 38. Been on trt for almost 10 years. Many of those at very high levels of “trt” (200-250mg)… history of a few heavy steroid cycles. We have an 18 month old baby that took about 6 months to conceive while staying in trt and hcg/FSH (75iu 3x/week and 1000iu hcg 100...
  3. A

    Has anyone here been on TRT long term (years) with no HCG and Regained fertility?

    Ive read many anecdotes of people on TRT with HHCG long term or people who run cycles regainging fertility, but what about people who have run TRT only (no HCG, clomid, etc..) and regained fertility after years?
  4. M

    HCG Not Boosting LH?

    Hi everyone, I've been on a weekly protocol of 80mg test E (40 mg 2x per week) + 1,000 IU HCG (500 IU 2x per week) for about 12 months. I've done bloodwork twice in the last few months and surprised to still see my LH/FSH levels at basically 0. The key blood levels were as follows (generally...
  5. S

    HCG for fertility

    Started my TRT journey a little less than 3 months ago with 160mg Test C per week. Since beginning the protocol, I've decided that fertility is important to me, but live in a state where HCG cannot be shipped by my telehormones provider. I've used alternate methods to obtain a supply of HCG...
  6. H

    Feared unintended results of using Testosterone when I was younger

    Hi all, This is my first time posting on this site and I'm looking for some advice, success stories so let me just get to my story. When I was around 35 some friends and I used Testosterone for enhanced work outs etc. We used it for about 3 months. Fast forward to today I'm having issues...
  7. T

    Fertility and low shbg protocols

    hello, I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere, Could those guys who have successfully had children with low shbg please discuss their fertility protocols. HCG was a double edge knife, with a shbg of 7 Am considering enclo..
  8. A

    Struggling to get pregnant

    Hey Folks, I'll try to keep this short and to the point. I've been on TRT for about 5 years now. About a year and half ago, we were able to get pregnant once my doctor added FSH to my current regimen of Test. However, we had a miscarriage. Unfortunately, FSH is no longer able to be compounded...
  9. T

    Doctor recommended Natesto because of fertility concerns...other options?

    My doctor is very open to different treatment plans, but initially recommended Natesto because I brought up I would like to potentially have children in the next few years. I don't remember my actual numbers, but I believe my total T levels were around 400 (which my doctor noted was in the...
  10. K

    Quitting clomid, taking AI for a short time?

    I was on trt for few years and got switched to clomid mono therapy because me and my gf wanted kids. I was on clomid for almost a year and we are having our first baby on January. After being so long on clomid I wanted to see if I could be completely without trt. I stopped taking clomid and...
  11. D

    Fertility PCT for 41 yr old on TRT for 6 years

    hi guys, hope you're well, and advanced gratitude for any guidance here. I'm 41, and have been on 150mg Test E per week for 6 years, some variances in the past - but for the most part this is my protocol. I've been shooting once a week, and taking 12.5mg Exemestane EOD. I live in the...
  12. A

    low LH and FSH after getting off TRT and clomid for 6 weeks. any suggestion?

    1 year on TRT, got off for fertility reasons. ran enclomiphene 25 mg daily for 6 weeks and got bloodwork back. FSH and LH are remarkably low. feeling discouraged. Any advice?
  13. K

    Fertility Question - Recent Low count

    Hello everyone, I haven't been on AAS in over year since trying to conceive with my S/O and I recently got a S.A done to find out my numbers are pretty bad: Sperm Count, Semen Your value <2.0 M/ml I had some additional blood work done since I'm trying to pinpoint whether my pct failed...
  14. Robotics

    Testosterone users conceive more girls?

    I noticed in one of the popular threads that close to every user I saw who mentioned their childs gender ended up conceiving a girl ((4) How to Improve Sperm Quality, LH, FSH and Testosterone in Infertile Men | Page 6 | Excel Male TRT Forum). There have also been some theories floating around...
  15. R

    Increasing T Dose - Does it affect fertility?

    Hello everyone, Im going to keep this post short. I've been on TRT for two years now on 100mg T enanthate / week. I'm also taking HCG ( 300IU 3x / week) and HMG ( 75IU 3x / week ). This brought my fertility back to normal. I'm planning to become a father so decided to keep both the HCG and...
  16. D

    Primary hypogonadism induced by steroids

    Hi guys, i am new here. I am a young man in his 20's and i have primary hypogonadism induced by a long steroids cycle without the use of HCG. In fact, 5 years ago, i did a Blast and Cruise for 1 year straight. I only used testosterone cypionate at 700mg/week during blast and 200mg/week during...
  17. L

    Fertility - go off or stay on TRT?

    I'm 35, been on TRT for 2 years 50mg T e3.5d. I want to have a baby (I already conceived 2 prior to TRT). We have tried the last 4-5 months and no luck. What is the best way to go about this? Should I go off T completely and use HCG? Use clomid? Or stay on TRT and use a smaller dose of HCG...
  18. T

    Adding HCG to TRT protocol

    Hello everyone. Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me. I have been on trt for 3 years and am looking to add HCG for fertility reasons and any possible additional benefits. Current protocol is 105mg testosterone cypionate split between daily injections. I do daily injections do to...
  19. J

    Fertility: Semen analysis and freezing Sperm prior to TRT

    Hi, I'm 26 and will be starting TRT soon (with or without HCG initially - not sure yet). Would you recommend having a Semen analysis prior to starting TRT and would you recommend getting Sperm frozen for fertility concerns if you have the opportunity...
  20. G

    Progesterone and fertility in males

    Does anyone know whether exogenous progesterone increases or decreases fertility in males?
  21. F

    TRT Dosage while regaining fertility / Fertility Protocol

    Hi All- Long time lurker, first time poster. My wife and I have a healthy 9 year old who was conceived 4 months after a contest cycle (my count was over 200M). I've been on 100-250mgs of test a week, no more competing, but no HCG. Out of the blue, we decided to try for a 2nd kid. I got off...
  22. G

    Progesterone and fertility

    Does taking exogenous bio-identical progesterone hurt or help fertility? As far as I know, exogenous progesterone improves fertility in women. Can anyone confirm or deny this? If this is true in women, I would assume it would improve fertility in men as well. On the other hand, progestins...
  23. H

    Post-TRT restart not going well - how long to wait for fertility to recover before going back on T shots?

    I was diagnosed with secondary hypogonadism in my early 30s (I'm 40 now), and went on TRT around the age of 32. Pre-TRT T level was 220 (although I probably crashed it lower than it should have been by cutting all fat out my diet, but even at age 27 I think it was only 300 or so). After some...
  24. D

    Exogenous r-FSH & HPTA

    Would adding exogenous r-FSH shut down the HPTA? I have searched for this question in the forums and online. Have not found much, but I do not think that it would. My understanding is that hcg does. My LH is in a good spot and I was thinking of perhaps adding some FSH alone.
  25. A

    How long should I expect fertility to return after PCT?

    been on TRT for about a year, got off for TRT purposes and now on Enclomiphene 25 mg a day, 5 weeks so far, wondering ig anyone has personal experiences on getting off TRT for fertility, how long did it take for you to succeed and get your partner pregnant?
  26. P

    Regaining fertility after 3 years of TRT, no hCG

    Hello, I am long time lurker on this forum but finally decided to make an account because despite excessive searching on the web, I am not sure what to do next. I am a male, 31 years old and have been on trt for the last 3 years now (125mg/week test-E everyday injections, no arimidex and no...
  27. L

    Getting off TRT for fertility

    Hello, I am stopping TRT because we would like to have another child. I have been on T cyp and HCG for almost 2 years. My DR said to just stop both cold turkey and start Clomid 12.5mg every other day. I was on 500iu 3X per week of HCG. Does this protocol seem legit? I have some HCG left over. I...
  28. A

    Need advice 28 years old. On trt for over a year and trying to regain fertility

    Me and my partner are trying to get pregnenant. Im 28 years old on trt for over a year now. (30mg test cyp eod. No hcg no ai) I have hcg and 25mg enclomiphene citrate on hand but im unsure if i should get off trt to try or just take the hcg and try without getting off trt. Has anyone been in...
  29. B

    Sperm Bank made an error - HCG and fertility question.

    Hello. I was just informed by my sperm bank that there was a technical issue and my sperm sample may or may not still be viable.The suggested I re-submit and retest/bank a sample. I sent my sample prior to starting TRT approximately 7 1/2 - 8 weeks ago. I've been on hCG 350 IU twice a week...
  30. A

    How long for fertility to return after 9 months on TRT? (HCG and Enclomiphene)

    Im 28 Years old, have been on TRT for 9 months and attempting a restart for fertility purposes. so far Im 2 weeks in. I used HCG towards the last few week of Me running Test Cypionate. Then I started Clomid and Im 1 week in. How long should I expect it to take for me to regain fertility? could...
  31. C

    Possible malpractice lawsuit? (bad protocol and surgery)

    Hey, guys. Firstly, I’m not the kind of person whose first instinct is to sue a doctor if the results aren’t satisfactory because they are human after all, and I also don’t need the money. However, I’ll provide you a timeline of doctor visits, semen analysis results, medications, surgery, etc...
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