1. A

    How long should I expect fertility to return after PCT?

    been on TRT for about a year, got off for TRT purposes and now on Enclomiphene 25 mg a day, 5 weeks so far, wondering ig anyone has personal experiences on getting off TRT for fertility, how long did it take for you to succeed and get your partner pregnant?
  2. P

    Regaining fertility after 3 years of TRT, no hCG

    Hello, I am long time lurker on this forum but finally decided to make an account because despite excessive searching on the web, I am not sure what to do next. I am a male, 31 years old and have been on trt for the last 3 years now (125mg/week test-E everyday injections, no arimidex and no...
  3. L

    Getting off TRT for fertility

    Hello, I am stopping TRT because we would like to have another child. I have been on T cyp and HCG for almost 2 years. My DR said to just stop both cold turkey and start Clomid 12.5mg every other day. I was on 500iu 3X per week of HCG. Does this protocol seem legit? I have some HCG left over. I...
  4. A

    Need advice 28 years old. On trt for over a year and trying to regain fertility

    Me and my partner are trying to get pregnenant. Im 28 years old on trt for over a year now. (30mg test cyp eod. No hcg no ai) I have hcg and 25mg enclomiphene citrate on hand but im unsure if i should get off trt to try or just take the hcg and try without getting off trt. Has anyone been in...
  5. B

    Sperm Bank made an error - HCG and fertility question.

    Hello. I was just informed by my sperm bank that there was a technical issue and my sperm sample may or may not still be viable.The suggested I re-submit and retest/bank a sample. I sent my sample prior to starting TRT approximately 7 1/2 - 8 weeks ago. I've been on hCG 350 IU twice a week...
  6. A

    How long for fertility to return after 9 months on TRT? (HCG and Enclomiphene)

    Im 28 Years old, have been on TRT for 9 months and attempting a restart for fertility purposes. so far Im 2 weeks in. I used HCG towards the last few week of Me running Test Cypionate. Then I started Clomid and Im 1 week in. How long should I expect it to take for me to regain fertility? could...
  7. C

    Possible malpractice lawsuit? (bad protocol and surgery)

    Hey, guys. Firstly, I’m not the kind of person whose first instinct is to sue a doctor if the results aren’t satisfactory because they are human after all, and I also don’t need the money. However, I’ll provide you a timeline of doctor visits, semen analysis results, medications, surgery, etc...
  8. S

    How loong until sperm production is impacted?

    Hi all, After almost a year of clomid I've finally been prescribed 120 mg of testosterone a week by my urologist. I am 29 years old and he suggested I freeze sperm since my fiance and I want kids in the next few years. I will be "depositing" twice next week to a local cryo facility here in...
  9. A

    Perfect PCT, no hurry (from Germany)

    Hello together, About me: I am 30y old and used AAS for 6 years (cold on/off, PCT, blast and cruise). I already thought I knew what I am doing, but the more I read the more I unterstand you can never know enough. My first cycle was dumb because of a friend, 8 weeks Epistane, no PCT. I think at...
  10. G

    Icariin Improves Age-Related Testicular Dysfunction by Alleviating Sertoli Cell Injury via Upregulation of the ERα/Nrf2-Signaling Pathway

    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7247842/ Hey guys I have been following these forums for quite some time and I have learned a lot from the information provided here. I recently came across this really interesting article and I was wondering what you guys think about this natural...
  11. A

    Anyone Gotten Their Partner Pregnant on TRT with No HCG?

    Curious to hear anecdotes on the contraceptive abilities of TRT alone. Anyone have a sperm analysis done? or get their significant other pregnant on TRT without HCG?
  12. A

    Anyone here gotten their partner pregnant on TRT with no HCG?

    Curious to hear anecdotes on the contraceptive abilities of TRT alone. Anyone have a sperm analysis done? or get their significant other pregnant on TRT without HCG?
  13. A

    Low fertility the cause of low libido? Some studies.

    I recently came across these studies: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/27733531/ https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29532805/ https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28843867/ https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31669052/ These men are not on trt, but could it be possible that fertility and libido are...
  14. P

    HCG and Fertility post TRT

    I am a 40 year old male with no health issues. I was on TRT for about 18 months at a dosage of ~150mg split into 2x weekly sub Q injections- near the end I went to 7 daily even divided injections. My lady and I want to have a kid so my doc introduced 1000iu HCG EOD. Waited a few months did a...
  15. G


    Has anyone had any luck with combo(HCG,FSH,TEST,Anastrozole) and being able to stay fertile ? Any feedback would be much appreciated.
  16. N

    When to start hCG

    I am about to start my journey with TRT and am concerned about fertility. I am also concerned about trying to dial in my numbers with test and hCG at the same time. Should I start both at the same time or should I start hCG after getting dialed in? I am also reading many different things...
  17. J

    HPTA Restart while continuing Propecia

    Does anyone have any experience with doing an HPTA restart while staying on Propecia? I Plan on using HCG, CLOMID, Nolvadex, HMG and was wondering if anyone was successful at achieving fertility while not discontinuing Propecia. Please no comments about dropping the Propecia. I haven’t come this...
  18. Mrs. Robinson

    Fertility treatment and sperm analysis kits

    My husband (26) and I have been trying to conceive for about 8 months now. I'm not overly concerned yet, but just getting curious about trying an at home sperm analysis kit. Any recommendations what to look for? He has been on Clomid for nearly a year now, and while his lab results have greatly...
  19. R

    Restarting TRT + HCG - My Protocol

    Hey everyone, if you have checked my past threads you will see that I was on TRT for 6 months but decided to stop in order to have my sperm frozen. I stopped TRT on March 1st 2020 and yesterday I managed to freeze a decent sperm sample ( 21M/ml ) and now am ready to get back on TRT. I couldn't...
  20. E

    HCG and Testosterone Cypionate and wife is pregnant!!!!

    Attached is my recent sperm analysis (July 1st, 2020) and my HCG & T protocol. For the past 2.5 years I’ve been taking 300 IU’s .1 2x week HCG and 80mg .4 2x week T Cyp. My testes have mild atrophy, but decent sperm load and I notice a difference the longer I go without HCG. I decided to get...
  21. J

    Clomid with an AI

    Been lurking for a few months here, and finally have spoken with a doc and have had some labs done. Due to my interest in remaining fertile for one more kid, and my current inability to do so, the doc has suggested I start out with Clomid. The basic treatment is: Clomid 12.5 mg po q day X 6...
  22. J

    Is HCG needed while on TRT?

    “It depends if you want to stay fertile/have kids soon and prevent testicular shrinkage” seems to be the most common answer. However, I have read so many experiences of guys on TRT (without HCG) Who have no issues making their partner pregnant, or with maintaining ball size, or it being much...
  23. S

    Blood work HCG Monotherapy low DHT

    Good morning everbody, Im 27 y. old, 80kg, 12% bf. I´m hypothyroid and and have hypogonadism. I´m on a HCG-Monotherapy. (750 I.E. Hcg eod, 125 mcg L-Thyroxin) I think that my thyroid gland is not yet functioning properly and therefore my testosterone synthesis is also limited. Hopefully when my...
  24. H

    Fertility help...again

    I wrote about my husband being on T and HCG about a year ago and you guys were very helpful, so I am seeking your advice again. When we finally found a urologist that would prescribe fsh, I got pregnant 5 weeks after he started the fsh injections along with T and hcg (previously had 0 count)...
  25. B

    When HCG is Added to TRT

    Hey, I have been reading threads thru out the years since I've been on TRT. I appreciate everyone's advice and stories of their own. However, I haven't seen a question like mine. I have three children and after my youngest was born, 4 years ago, I began to experience low T symptoms. After blood...
  26. C

    Pituitary restart while on TRT: promising initial results with GnRH plus enclomiphene

    TL;DR: Over a period of seven weeks, treatment with GnRH and enclomiphene raised LH and FSH from around 0.1 mIU/mL to about 1.0 mIU/mL, even though TRT and hCG dosing were continued. Subjective results have been encouraging. I had written previously on the subject of GnRH suppression on TRT...
  27. R

    Failed PCT - Getting Off TRT for Fertility Purposes

    Hey guys, I’ll try to keep this short not to overwhelm with a lot of info. I can add more if anyone asks otherwise it would be a wall of text. I started TRT in July 2019 because of low T ( varying from lowest 2.1 to 4.1 ng / ml the highest tested during the course of 3 years ) and low libido /...
  28. D

    Fsh compared to hmg???

    Currently using 75iu fsh 3x a week from empower. Considering going black market for budget reasons. All I can find is hmg. Would I continue 75iu? I know hmg is basically fsh and hcg together so to speak. Is 75iu hmg the same effectiveness as fsh?
  29. A

    Semen analysis results 125 daily HCG 4 months while on Test

    Not impossible to get someone pregnant , but very low concentration. 1.45 mil , with minimum recommendation 15 mil. I would probably need to try a more aggressive approach say 500iu EOD. What do you guys think here?
  30. D

    Can clomid and fsh be ran together?

    Currently on 100 test/week, 75iu fsh 3x week, 3000mg hcg a week in hopes to get my wife pregnant. We are kinda in a hurry so I’ve decided to drop the test until pregnancy’s conceived. I have clomid as well. Can I run it with fsh to aid in fertility as well as get my test levels up for the meantime?
  31. D

    Currently on TRT, hcg, fsh. Contemplating dropping test

    Hi there. I’m 34 and been on trt for several years now. We have recently been trying for a baby. Before I started fsh I did a YO at home SA. As you probably guess, I came up low and there were hardly any swimmers in the video. Started 2000 hcg a week as well as 40iu fsh 3x a week. After being on...