1. J

    E2 management on TRT

    Do most people on here use an AI for their protocol ? And in most cases is required eventually? How many on here have had success without an AI?
  2. T

    Anastrozole - Stabilization

    I have been struggling with estrogen problems for over a year. I just can’t seem to get dialed in. I was at .1 anastrozole every 3 days, and after 19 days I went high, so I adjusted to .1 every other day. That brought me down to normal after a few days, then a little low, and now high after 15...
  3. C

    Need help with sleep management on TRT

    Hey there - been back on trt for about 3-4 months. Currently on the following protocol: 40 mg test-c 2x weekly 360 iu hcg 3x weekly .0625 anastrazole 2x weekly - I was on .125 anastrazole 2x weekly but my e2 was at 24.5 and I was still having joint pain so I decided to cut the dose in half to...
  4. Z

    doctors on e2 (don’t worry about it)

    So after reading the TOT bible and also listening to some of Jay Campbell’s podcast. There is this belief that doctors shouldn’t be prescribed anastrolze anymore and that estrogen is something that doesn’t have to be looked at all. My doctor has me on an AI. But the way some of these doctors are...
  5. Z

    Calcium D glucarate

    So for starters I apologize if this on the wrong forum. Secondly I looked up info on this and couldn’t really find anything. So my doctor told me to add 1000mg of calcium d glucarate daily to my routine. Well 2 days after taking it my nipples got real tender. I stopped for a week and it went...
  6. A

    Who here took the Pepsi Challenge?

    If you have i think you know what im talking about, testosterone only no other medications. How is it working out for you?
  7. G

    Seeking clarification from AI opponents

    Since I do want to sign up for jay Campbell's 50$/month forum to maybe get access to Dr. Keith Nichols, Dr. Rob etc. I will post these questions here. This is not intended to invite argument for/against aromatase inhibitor usage. I simply want to understand the perspective of AI opponents...
  8. S

    Arimidex discontinuation update

    So for about the past month I had weaned off of arimidex in hopes of feeling better. I was using the 1mg adex/100mg test strategy prior to weaning off. E2 was around 21 and tt was at 1000ish. Felt awful, no sex drive, fatigue, aches and pains, hair shedding, mentally slow, brain fog, dark...
  9. T

    Exogenous Estrogen in Men

    Old study that looked at exogenous estrogen (among other things) in men targeted at reducing mortality due to cardiac events: The Coronary Drug Project: findings leading to discontinuation of the 2.5-mg/day estrogen group. The purpose of the Coronary Drug Project, a national collaborative...
  10. D

    Ditch your AI now - you don't need it!

    I'm a long time lurker and haven't posted much (perhaps even never) but I felt I should contribute something in return: I have very mild gyno that I've had most of my life. As soon as my E2 goes up it starts getting sore. That's when I USED to take an arimidex and it would go away. This time...
  11. E

    Could tiredness be a symptom of high e2?

    So Ive been listening to that jay campbell show where they tell you AI is poison and "very bad for biological systems". So I decided to try without it. 8 weeks now and Im so fucking tired I dont know what to do. Not only that, but I have ED and libido is low. Isnt AI supposed to be bad? So...
  12. J

    24 years old,0 libido for 2.5 years HELP

    Hello everyone! I just want to say that I am not on trt, or ever took some kind of steroid or drug or something like that. After starting natural bodybuilding in my teens, I felt great at 18-21 years old, I had an easy time putting on muscle and getting pumps, libido was sky high, agression and...
  13. J

    Exogenous Estrogen

    39yrs old, 260lbs Iinitial labs had estradiol at 127.4 pg/ml) Began aromasin at 12.5mg 3x wk Two weeks later labs failed to detect estradiol (<2.5 pg/ml). In other words, crashed. Empirical symptoms consistent with low estrogen. This is not the first time I’ve crashed my estrogen to...
  14. D

    The answer to high levels of aromatase?

    Hi all, Long time reader, first time poster. I've just come across some research which I don't believe has been discussed on here previously, and after posting in the TRT Australia group, thought certain members of this forum might find this interesting/useful. Background: 26 yrs old Lean...
  15. DragonBits

    Estrogen and allergies: cost benefit analysis

    IMO estrogen is one of those hormones that have a cost benefit aspect. IMO the benefits out weigh the cost, but one should know about possible side effects of estrogen. Recently, I had allegoric reactions to amoxicillin and then to the eyedrops I had been using for a year, brimonidine. I...
  16. M

    Alternative to Anastrozole?

    Hi everyone, Been following my protocol of injecting once every 4 days with a half inch insulin syringe, intramuscularly into my legs, around the quads mostly. Sometimes into my glutes. I inject 50mg each time. I also inject 500iu of HCG every time I inject testosterone, but into my stomach...
  17. B

    Estrogen and dht ?

    Any of you have a concrete answer as to how dht blocks estrogen? Also how blocking dht raises estrogen?
  18. I

    Estrogen Question

    Does anybody know if Estrogen levels are higher prior to starting TRT? Say you were at 300 TT prior to starting and an E2 of 30. Is the E2 number affected at all due to TT being lower? What I’m wondering is if the E2 at start is where the body naturally wants to be and if we should be targeting...
  19. Z

    MWF protocol

    I just started this week on my new MWF 50mg each injection. The first week has been okay. I am going to avoid an AI if I can. I was just wondering if their are any members on here who do specifically 3 days a week and how it’s been going for them??? Thanks!
  20. Vince Carter

    What if what you knew about E in the trough is all wrong...

    What if you needed to monitor E2, in your PEAK, post injection. What if your trough LC/MS/MS was 40 and you thought that number was high and have reliable elevated E symptoms, when in reality your E was...50, 60, or twice that number after your injection. What if that's where your E problems...