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  1. R

    How can I raise my SHBG fast?

    I need help. I am on TRT for two years. Since last year my experience was being extreme bad. Anxious and started to have ED. My SHGB is 7 now. Yes, 7. I need to raise it really fast. I am not diabetic nor have metabolic sindrome. I am very atletic and slim. It because of TRT and for some reason...
  2. D

    Blood Work opinion. Estrogen and Total T - Anxiety

    Lab TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL, MS 1174 High range - 250-1100 ng/dL TESTOSTERONE, FREE 284.1 High range - 35.0-155.0 pg/mL ESTRADIOL,ULTRASENSITIVE, LC/MS 69 High range - < OR = 29 pg/mL EZ Current symptoms. Cant lose belly fat High Anxiety that I haven't felt...
  3. S

    Hot flashes are unlikely to be a symptom of increasing or increased E2, and more likely to be a symptom of decreases in E2 levels or low E2.

    After reading up a ton of literature on Estrogen effects on males, there's really a whole bunch of realisations about how extremely useful it is in male function and consequently how misunderstood and mishandled it is by men or TRT clinics. I'm glad Nelson seems to have a much better...
  4. K

    D-chiro-inositol raises testosterone significantly

    This study confirms that D-chiro-inositol raises Testosterone significantly and lowers E2 and Estrone : Why is this not talked about anywhere ? Is there something wrong with the study ? Am I missing something ?
  5. F

    Tetracyclines and Estrogen

    More and more, I believe I fall into the camp of those that feels better with E2 in the normal (non trt) range. Supposedly tetracyclines can raise estrogen levels. I know nothing about the mechanism. But, on two occasions, I have developed symptoms I believe to be E2 related while on Sarecycline...
  6. S

    Accidentally took a megadose of Estradiol in place of Testosterone

    I've been very foggy after dealing with a thiamine paradox reaction that won't go away (long story - I have CFS, so used thiamine to treat it). Hence this morning, instead of TRT I pinned Estradiol Valerate without realising. The dose was 20mg - which is roughly equivalent to 40 oral 2mg...
  7. Z

    FSH level on transdermal estrogen

    HRT regime Transdermal estrogen, Oestrogel, 2 pumps each morning, a total of 1500 micrograms Half the month also take Utrogestan (progesterone) 2 per night, a total of 200mg 50-year-old female, a few months on HRT, still having periods. Test Results Test was in the morning, during the...
  8. T

    I seem to disproportionately aromatize from alcohol - any suggestions?

    On TRT I'm not able to drink alcohol with what I would describe as an estrogen hangover. I haven't blood tested, but I have been on clomid before so feel like I can tell my E2 gets too high. My levels on TRT around 600 trough with EOD injections, with a good free T for that level. I also have a...
  9. T

    Experimenting with Arimidex when drinking alcohol

    I have been on TRT for 9 months (age 28), but have found that it doesn't mix with alcohol well. I've only drunk 3 times, but each time I get what feels like an estrogen hangover that lasts for a couple of days. I don't have blood tests to prove this, but when I drink I get acute bloating, acne...
  10. D

    Do I really have to take an AI like Arimidex during TRT? I think it makes me miserable.

    Given my estrogen levels below - what would happen if I stopped taking my Arimidex 2mg / week (taken for about like 10 months)?? I only ask this because many people on this forum say very nasty things about Arimidex... Is the only real possible side effect really just gynecomastia? P.S. - This...
  11. S

    Headaches TRT

    Just wondering if anyone gets headaches on there protocol. I have mild sinus disease , and I'm guessing estrogen may be causing it to flare up worse. I am on 150mg of enthenate a week and 0.5 of armidex. Any advice on how to tackle this would be much appreciated
  12. P

    Are E2 Tests Useless??

    I’m sure many here have seen a lot of the videos from the TRT Optimization guys, and I will say they put out a lot of good information. One thing I’ve wondered about lately is the claim that it’s pointless to check E2 due it being a paracrine hormone. I understand the desire to to move away from...
  13. D


    Funny, one website says things like cruciferous vegetables, soy, herbs etc lower estrogens, the next website assures one that these same things raise estrogens. One says lowers cancer risks, Next says raises cancer risks. Surely there's a way to basically test this sort of thing?
  14. J

    Anastrozole effects in the brain

    (Moving this to a new thread since it is a different topic) I am harping on this as I was doing pretty well on TRT with less than 100mg Testosterone Cypionate once a week plus 250IU HCG twice a week. Strong libido, good erections, etc. At that time, if I took 5mg cialis I could feel the effect...
  15. nodoctor

    High: Lipids, CO2, PH, E, creatine kinase, hct, low:Vit D and more!

    First of all--thanks for the amazing and science/data driven advice I've received from you guys! I totally agree with treating symptoms not labs, but I've got some results that I think warrant action. Latest labs attached. Any help or questions much appreciated! General background: strict...
  16. C

    Skin issues while on testosterone?

    Has anyone experienced eczema like skin issues while on TRT? I don't mean injection site issues like redness and inflammation but systemic hive like, extremely itchy raised lesions on the back, chest, right and left flank. I have been off TRT for a few months now and the issue has increased. The...
  17. T

    Estrogen Symptoms PLEASE HELP

    Here we go - I’m off on an estrogen trip again. I am getting labs tomorrow, but results have been taking 10-14 days. I don‘t think I can remain this miserable for that long. I am on .1 Enanthate daily, and .125 Anastrozole every other day. I was taking .125 every 3 days, and my e2 was at 31, so...
  18. T

    4 weeks off TRT - still needing AI to combat E2 anxiety

    Hey guys, Looking to get some input. I am 34 years old, low SHBG (17-19), 160lb, athletic build. I've spent the last year experimenting different protocols to find one where I feel good/normal. Surprisingly, the closest I can get to feeling fine is on a single injection frequency, with AI every...
  19. M

    Could progesterone use crash estrogen or cause joint pain?

    Hello, for the past 2 weeks I’ve been using progesterone cream, one pump scrotal application per day. Over this weekend I started to notice my joints were achy, felt sort of dry, popping a bit. I’ve actually been feeling pretty good (libido and mentally) but thinking I may have overdone it with...
  20. C

    Question about crashing e2 on trt

    Say in theory somebody is on exogenous testosterone and crashes their e2 with arimidex. Would this result in the production of LH even though they are on testosterone due to negative feedback (low estrogen)? Not that I would ever do that but just curious how the feedback loop would play into this
  21. U

    question on daily injections

    After utilizing a 24 mg EOD protocol, my estrodial is still high. I'm thinking this may be why I am having some ed issues still. Lab results right before next injection: Testosterone total (MS): 587 ng/dl (250-1100) Testosterone free (dialysis): 139.5 pg/ml (35-155) Estrodial ultrasensitive...
  22. M

    Anyone used/using calcium d glucarate for estrogen control?

    I've been reading a lot of good things lately about calcium d glucarate particularly in it's effectiveness of estrogen control. Just wondering if anyone on here has used it and can share their thoughts on it?
  23. P

    Enclomiphene: Did you use anastrozole with it?

    Hi all, I'm about to start enclomiphene (in 9 days) and I'm still trying to figure out if I should start anastrozole at the same time. I am confused because in various posts and studies there seems to be conflicting information about whether EN raises or lower E. In some studies it says it...
  24. R

    Controlling estrogen

    What is a good way to control estrogen when anastrazole is too powerful? I was taking 80 mgs of testosterone 2 x a week when my estrogen went through the roof. I started taking .125 mgs of anastrazole 2 x a week and it brought my estradiol down to an 8 and total test was at 854. Can anastrazole...
  25. A

    Anyone ever had T3 raise their E2 and free T and cause erectile dysfunction?

    Been on HRT for a few years and still ironing out some lingering issues. Historically I can get my total T to 1300ish with a 200-215 free T and 50-57 E2 without an AI or anything with daily small injections of testosterone and HCG. My free T3 on labs is usually a little low (3.0-3.2), my rT3’s...
  26. J

    High Free T. but Regular T levels?

    Quick question. I just restarted TRT after an approximate 5 month break for fertility reason. Im on HCG (250 twice per week,) and 120ml weekly shots of test E (divided in two subq weekly shots.) I just received my blood work and my resultare as follows: Testosterone 20nmolL Testosterone 576...
  27. W

    Anyone supplementing estrogen?

    It's pretty much the only hormone that I haven't tried.
  28. R

    Raise Testosterone with Anastrozole

    Is it possible to increase testosterone level with only Anastrozole? If a person is not on TRT.
  29. Fernando Almaguer

    Hard only at the end

    Anyone know what it means or what it is indicative of when the penis is semi hard through sex or masturbation and then ends up getting erect right before climaxing and during. Low E? high E? This happens sometimes while other times it works fine..
  30. J

    Best zinc to lower estrogen levels? Zinc picolinate?

    Hi everyone, In the past, I used to supplement with zinc nitrate. However, I recently heard that zinc picolinate may be better while being on TRT. Would you guys recommend zinc picolinate over zinc nitrate to lower estrogen levels? My estrogen is not too high at the moment, but my dr recently...
  31. C

    High E2 on latest labs

    Looking for some advice please. Current Protocol 100mg 2x weekly 500iu HCG 2x weekly No AI (Discontinued. It was 1mg 2x weekly and I felt it gave me mood swings) Latest Labs Total Testosterone >1500 E2 69pg/mL Notes: I'm not sure if the E2 test was sensitive or not, the labs don't show...
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