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  1. M

    E2 Crash Recovery

    I seem to have crashed my E2 earlier this month after anastrozole overuse. My E2 was <5.0 on 11/8, but has since bounced back to 30.7 on 11/16. However, I'm still not feeling much relief, specifically from the ed and low libido. I have been taking clomid and HCG since the crashed however (for...
  2. D

    Lower E2 = Higher Memory Recall?

    Here is an interesting in vivo study with findings suggesting that lower levels of estrogen in the brain correlate to higher performance in varying forms of memory recall in men. @Cataceous @readalot @Nelson Vergel If a man were to experience brain fog and reduced memory recall while on TRT...
  3. A

    I need help with Low E2. I’m at my wits end.

    I’ve been struggling with low E2 for the longest time. Started off my TRT 36 mg daily test CYP, 200 IU HCG daily, and 0.0625 mg anastrozole twice per week. Dropped the AI due to low E2 symptoms (mostly achy knees, lethargy, difficulty maintaining/getting erection). Bloodwork showed T = 3100...
  4. A

    Melatonin Preventing Estrogen-Mediated Gene Transcription In Vitro

    This study (Melatonin blocks the activation of estrogen receptor for DNA binding - PubMed) seems to show that melatonin hinders the action of estrogen-bound estrogen receptors. "The present study shows that melatonin prevents, within the first cell cycle, the estradiol-induced growth of...
  5. 6

    High Estradiol (81pg/ml) on TRT

    Hello guys, I'm doing trt for 6 weeks now. 125mg Testosterone enanthate every 5 days. Before trt i was at testosterone levels ~300 (age 23). 185cm, 85kg, %BF ~20-25. Working out hard 3 x week. My diet is very healty, ~2800 kcal. I started trt, because my mood was shit. I was always sleepy...
  6. J

    Labs: what would cause my E2 to be so low?

    I’ve come off of TRT, and been off since February. Total t: 534 ng/dl Free t: 62.5 pg/ml Estradiol: less than 15 Does my free T look bad? My whole reason for starting TRT years ago was because of my low free t and very high SHBG. But my estradiol is very low. I have very very low libido. No...
  7. M

    Opinions on E2 management.

    On TRT for just over 4 years. Lately I've been part of a facebook group that also has a youtube channel: They are all things TRT, however a very strong theme of the group is that NOBODY needs an AI. EVER. So for the past 6 months or so I have not...
  8. C

    TRT Dosage

    Hei guys I am new here and done my first labtest on 150mg Test propionat per week (42mg Test prop e2d) with hcg 500iu e3d. I think i will higher the dose to 210mg per week with daily administration. So i think my shbg will go up and free and total T also. Because of high aromatase activity i...
  9. A

    Latest Bloods. Appreciate Advice.

    Hi guys, I followed the advice of some of the members on here after I was put on 250mg a week and them that shall not be named and dropped my dose down to 118mg a week broken into daily doses on 16mg a day. After 7 weeks my bloods are as follows; SHBG - 25nmol/L Free T - 506 pmol/L (range -...
  10. R

    Sustanon EoD injections - experiences?

    Hey everyone, I've just made the switch from 125mg Sustanon E5D to 50mg EoD in an effort to decrease E2 and eliminate my need for an AI (I tend to aromatize heavily regardless of my bf%). For those on this protocol or having been on it in the past, how have you felt on it and what have your...
  11. R

    Issues with estradiol makes no sense. High estradiol but I feel well.

    So my labs come in, total T is fairly high at 1150, and free T is also up there at 335. Also taking 100mg of DHEA a day. Estradiol comes in at 245. Bottom line at the moment, I feel really good, other than still having some ED issues, that have admittedly greatly improved with the HRT therapy...
  12. S

    need help E2

    35 year old male started on TRT almost 3 months ago. initial total T 200. prescribed 100 cyp weekly. Initial e2 less than 6. Irritability, brain fog, anxiety for 5 years. Trying to figure out why E2 is so low. 3 Month repeat of E2 after 100 mg test cyp weekly was less than 5.
  13. T

    How quickly does Aromatization occur?

    How quickly does aromatization occur? The reason I ask is, lately I've been feeling worse sexually (low libido, ed, dick turtling, etc) the day after my injection. Can aromatization occur this quickly? Or is that I'm throwing off my test/E2 ratio? I've been told by my clinic that estrogen...
  14. RP McMurphy

    First Lab Post! “Should I stay or should I go?”...would appreciate some guidance. Thank you!

    I’m a 45 yo male, 150 lbs. Prior to starting any testosterone therapy my labs in January 2018 were in range (Total T 601 280-1100ng/dl, Free T 10.43 1.9-27ng/dl), but I wanted to see if increasing testosterone levels would help to improve fatigue. I always had a high sex drive, with decent...
  15. bennettjc

    New Study - SubQ Alledgedly Leads To Lower HCT/E2/PSA Than IM Just Published

    This data was first discussed here a year or so ago when it was released as a poster. It was now just published in a major urology journal. Bascially it suggested that 75 or 100mg of "Xyosted" (SubQ enanthate) each week leads to lower HCT/E2/PSA than does 100mg of IM cypionate. This is a poor...
  16. R

    Free T is important, what about Free DHT and Free Estradiol?

    Wikipedia says, "The relative binding affinity of various sex steroids for SHBG is dihydrotestosterone (DHT) > testosterone > androstenediol > estradiol > estrone. DHT binds to SHBG with about 5 times the affinity of testosterone and about 20 times the affinity of estradiol." Why aren't there...
  17. E

    Good e2, high estrone!

    Heard of someone with good estradiol levels but very high estrone and they have high e2 symptoms. No one even checks estrone here?
  18. H

    Repeat Bout of Low Estradiol

    Hey guys-- Back in June, I posted this -- suspecting I had high E2 but it turned out (as many of you who replied had suggested) that it was in fact low Estradiol. Once I got my hormones back in a good spot, the symptoms went way. Fast forward to now. Out of nowhere, I started having some ED...
  19. R

    Low e2 symptoms for a long time

    Hey everyone I have a huge problem with estradiol. I am constantly tormented by symptoms of low estradiol. I have not taken any IA since December. I am currently taking 100 mg test prop e2d. My mood came back for a while, but continued poping joints and being flat. I decided to hit 2500iu hcg...
  20. andrewBwinter

    Higher Estradiol May Help With Aging

    I found this brief clip interesting related to biological aging. I have been embracing E2 by taking boron (6 mg once per day) for a longer period of time than the suggested 2 weeks on, one week off protocol. (120 mg / wk Test-E) Since then I've had excellent results with my hip OA and a nagging...
  21. E

    High Estradiol Levels

    I just recently had bloodwork done and my test is at 560 ng/dl and estradiol at 49 pg/dl which is about 7 pg/dl above the reference range. I do have some body fat probably around 20-25%. I want to experiment with some HCG and try to get my test into the upper of that range. Should I be worried...
  22. D

    New bloods in, very high prolactin and somewhat high e2. Would a small dose ai help? Or should I look to cabergoline

    High prolactin, e2 somewhat high, would an ai help? Or should I look into caber. On 100mg test E split everyday injections and added calcium d glucarate for e2 and P5P for prolactin, since starting P5P prolactin has increased from 19-27.8. Also looking to maybe increase T dose to get it into the...
  23. A

    Progesterone as Anti-Estrogen

    Hi All, this is my second post here and it is going to be a long one so please bear with me. I am amazed at the quality and depth of information available here, and grateful for the advice and help that experienced men on TRT provide here. Bloodwork : (After 3 months on TRT) Total...
  24. J

    Labs 10/21

    Have not posted here in awhile but here are my current labs. 30 year old male and not on TRT but I do have some low t symptoms still. How do these numbers look? -Total Testosterone- 613 (250-1100 ng/dl) -Free Testosterone- 62.3 (46-224 pg/ml) -Bioavailable Testosterone- 128 (110-575 ng/dl)...
  25. G

    High estradiol after the gel

    Hi. After a month of being on the gel (a sachet a I did not feel any better. I checked my hormones and testosterone jumped to the upper third but estradiol has reached the maximum. Sensitive estradiol is not available here. It's a regular one. I am a primary T deficiency case. What does it...
  26. M

    Help Low E on TRT

    Hi there, I am on Androgel now for nearly 6 months. It had upped my T levels, so far so good. But my E is extremely low. Prior TRT my E was also low and now still is. Even when i was above the range with T, my E was below the range. My SHBG is low normal. I have low E issues like low Libido...
  27. G

    only happy when estradiol is VERY low

    Hi All, I've been on TRT for a few years. I've never felt AWESOME more like a little better than before. I started experimenting with my dosage and I noticed my energy went up the more AI inhibitor I took. When I got to .5g/day of anastrazol, I felt AWESOME!!! full of energy, not waking up 2-3...
  28. Melissa

    Breakthrough bleeding since April

    I need advice. My case is not straightforward. I am not expecting black and white answers but I would greatly appreciate any educated thoughts and suggestions. I have been trying to figure this out since April 2021. Background: 8 plus years postmenopausal intact female. Started HRT in December...
  29. M

    Chart showing rise in E2 with T injection?

    Howdy - wondering if someone could point me towards a chart or resource that shows an approximation of the rate at which T gets metabolized into E2. For example: If I inject 80mg T Cyp at 8am Monday, what does my E2 look like at 4 hours post-injection, 12 hours, 1 day, 2 days, etc. Forgive me...
  30. M

    Estradiol and Social Anxiety

    Hi, I hope all is well. I know that testosterone plays a significant role in the production and regulation of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, GABA etcetera. If testosterone levels are low for an individuals physiological state then this can ofcourse cause social anxiety...
  31. J

    Anyone used topical estrogen?

    Anybody used topical estradiol? What were effects? Interested in sense of well being and libido that may have been effected
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