1. G

    only happy when estradiol is VERY low

    Hi All, I've been on TRT for a few years. I've never felt AWESOME more like a little better than before. I started experimenting with my dosage and I noticed my energy went up the more AI inhibitor I took. When I got to .5g/day of anastrazol, I felt AWESOME!!! full of energy, not waking up 2-3...
  2. Melissa

    Breakthrough bleeding since April

    I need advice. My case is not straightforward. I am not expecting black and white answers but I would greatly appreciate any educated thoughts and suggestions. I have been trying to figure this out since April 2021. Background: 8 plus years postmenopausal intact female. Started HRT in December...
  3. M

    Chart showing rise in E2 with T injection?

    Howdy - wondering if someone could point me towards a chart or resource that shows an approximation of the rate at which T gets metabolized into E2. For example: If I inject 80mg T Cyp at 8am Monday, what does my E2 look like at 4 hours post-injection, 12 hours, 1 day, 2 days, etc. Forgive me...
  4. M

    Estradiol and Social Anxiety

    Hi, I hope all is well. I know that testosterone plays a significant role in the production and regulation of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, GABA etcetera. If testosterone levels are low for an individuals physiological state then this can ofcourse cause social anxiety...
  5. J

    Anyone used topical estrogen?

    Anybody used topical estradiol? What were effects? Interested in sense of well being and libido that may have been effected
  6. G

    Bloodwork comparison after 10 weeks of TRT

    Hello, friends. This is my first post here. I really appreciate there is a forum to talk about it, so I thank you all in advance. So, I started TRT 10 weeks ago. This is my pre-TRT and 10-week in bloodwork. Most recent on the right side. My protocol is 120mg/wk test cyp along with 250ui EOD of...
  7. E

    Switch to IM from SQ? Lower E2? Sleep, digestion, maybe lower Free T...

    Long-term TRT patient, current protocol is 154mg/week in EOD SubQ shots (into thigh, belly, hip, etc). I've struggled on and off with digestion issues (constipation) and lack of deep sleep. A few months ago I started intermittent fasting and it's been good for dropping some weight. That combined...
  8. J

    Anastrazole and other ai’s may activate the estrogen receptor in place of estradiol
  9. D

    Serious Low E2 Symptoms. Could Progesterone be the cause? How to lower it?

    Hello, has anyone ever used Pregnenolone with a too high dose and had side effects which could stem from high progesterone? If yes, and you stopped using it, how long till you felt better? Is there a way to lower Progesterone,. as I believe it either lowers my e2 or blocks it from binding to...
  10. J

    High Free T. but Regular T levels?

    Quick question. I just restarted TRT after an approximate 5 month break for fertility reason. Im on HCG (250 twice per week,) and 120ml weekly shots of test E (divided in two subq weekly shots.) I just received my blood work and my resultare as follows: Testosterone 20nmolL Testosterone 576...
  11. J

    Metformin as an Aromatase Inhibitor?

    Getting right to the point, study upon study has shown that Metformin appears to be an efficacious aromatase inhibitor. For those of you taking it with TRT, have you noticed any low E2 related symptoms associated with its use? On a side note, this might just solve the myriad of E2 related...
  12. J

    High estradiol even on anastrazole

    I'm on a morphine pump for chronic back pain and my testosterone dropped to 190. For two years I've been on 1 mg of testosterone cypionate weekly (ships from Empower Pharmacy) and donate blood regularly to keep my hematocrit/hemoglobin levels in check. Last year my estradiol levels were...
  13. R

    Raise Testosterone with Anastrozole

    Is it possible to increase testosterone level with only Anastrozole? If a person is not on TRT.
  14. S

    Once anastrozole reaches stead state, does E2 stay relatively constant all else equal?

    Assuming one is on anastrozole for a a few weeks, would the E2 levels stay relatively constantly all else equal or does it continue to drive E2 down over time? Basically what I'm asking is how long does one need to be on anastrozole to know if they are on the right dose?
  15. N

    How to raise estridol when HCG won't do it.

    Hi. I have been on testosterone therapy since September 2019.during this time I have gone from injections to cream back to injections as nothing seems to get my estridol up... constantly fatigued suffering brain fog no libido and very dry skin. I current protocol is testosterone E at 200mg a...
  16. A

    Estrogen cream add or not?

    Someone mentioned on my last post add estrogen cream if I’m still having problems Ordered some on amazon How should I go about just rub a dose a day until I feel better and then drop it?
  17. J

    Commence TRT before/after Gyno Surgery?

    Hey Guys! I had gyno 10 years ago due to shady nutritional supplements. I'm having the surgery February 2021. As I understand, one of the main risk factors of the surgery is permanent loss of sensation/sensitivity of the nipples and chest area. Nipple sensitivity is one of the primary...
  18. T

    Those taking AI, what is your dose? Is there such a thing as anastrozole resistance?

    I've been taking testosterone cypionate for 4 weeks. 40mg EOD, along with 1.5mg anastrozole weekly. I was afraid that with this anastrozole dose I might be driving my estradiol down too low, but recently I measured it at 81 pg/ml. Maybe this is due to the testosterone dosage being way too...
  19. T

    Feeling emotional - Estradiol at 81pg/ml with 1.5mg anastrozole per week

    I was feeling borderline tearful again yesterday and decided to test some markers, prolactin, thyroid, estradiol and cortisol. Cortisol came back slightly below medium, FT4 on the low end, FT3 right in the middle. Prolactin was fine at 3.9 ug/l. Even kinda low. Estradiol on the other hand...
  20. Z

    Cream question

    So I posted a couple days ago about cream issues. Basically I use to do injections felt good but switched over to the cream because I heard it was the cats meow. Well early on it was great, my libido was sky high. And well actually that’s about it. Everything else felt normal. Fast foward 1 year...
  21. Z

    Cream levels super low

    So I got my labs done becuaase I was feeling very tired and fatigued. Felt just like not good at all- basically how I felt pre test. Anyways my protocol is 2 clicks twice (200mg) a day once in the morning once at night. I did my 2 clicks in the morning and got my labs done 26 hrs later (no dose...
  22. S

    Does variation in peak/trough equate to libido?

    I have been on TRT for about three years. In January I switched to daily injections in an effort to control hematocrit, acne and sleep issues. I began at 20 mg per day and have slowly decreased my dose down to what is now 14 mg per day under the theory that the lowest possible dose is best. I...
  23. T

    Sleep apnea - events per hour higher on days without AI

    Has anybody noticed this? In general I'm seeing 0.8 - 1.3 events per hour (with CPAP) and then on the third night after no AI it reliably creeps up to 2.2 - 2.4.
  24. K

    Adding hcg, can someone explain e2 conversion?

    So I’ve ordered some hcg among other things (doc won’t rx) in preparation of ceasing trt. I’m going to give it one more shot with the addition of hcg first. Can’t hurt as waking my nuts is gonna be necessary either way. im gonna start at 500mg twice a week when I do my test injections but I’ve...
  25. A

    How bad is this T:E ratio?

    So I inject 100mg weekly and I’m about to split my dose but until then I got my bloods back and e2 was high. I’m curious about how off this ratio is though? 2 days after injection T is 1066. 4 days post injection T is 865 and E2 ultrasensitive is 59pg/ml. I’m waiting on trough results.
  26. A

    Anybody have blood work from before and after splitting dose?

    I’m gonna be splitting my dose of 100mg to 50mg e3.5 days because of high sensitive e2 (865 T 59E2). I was wondering what anyone’s experience is before and after splitting
  27. A

    High e2 on 100mg

    I take 100mg once a week just got my sensitive e2 back 4 days after my shot and it was 59 range is less than 29. My Test level hasn’t come back yet but I’m freaking out because it explains why I’ve been breaking out. I could only imagine what my e2 is at the day after my shot. Should I split my...
  28. G

    How do I calculate “free estradiol”?

    Do I need to just purchase the lab? If there is one? I feel good but I’m trying to determine where I fall within these ranges. My SHBG is 15.6 My Estradiol Sensitive is 16.5 Thanks Gents!
  29. N

    Lowish estradiol and over weight

    I recently had some blood work done and my ultrasensitive e came back at 19. I'm at least 50lbs over weight. Shouldn't my estradiol be higher? Tt 413 Ft 57.9 pg/ml Shbg 34
  30. C

    Brain estrogen creation 'critical to maintain full sexual activity or desire in males'

    A tip of the hat to "PakMan" at PeakT for the reference to this article. The underlying work is on mice, but may have implications for humans. Summary: Researchers have uncovered specific regions of brain tissue where aromatase is present, that drives male sexual desire. Aromatase converts...
  31. E

    Complete apathy/depression from too high E2?

    I started TRT 5 weeks ago on 24mg/day subcutaneous injections of Test C (168mg/week). My doc put me on a relatively high dose because my SHBG is very high (maybe 2-3 standard deviations out of range), so much so that despite having naturally high TT levels, my FT was in the dumpster all the way...