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  1. C

    My recent labs… high Free T and E

    48 year old, 5’8, 207ish, TRT since 42. Pretty muscular no clue on body fat. Pretty vascular and slight visible abs. I eat like 50/50 good vs crap. Currently on 120 test and 60 nandrolone per week split m,w,f. No AI. My last 2 lab results from March and August. Free T is super high and E is...
  2. A

    Started low dose accutane and my skin is clearer than ever/ I feel great. But my doctor wants to double my dose?…

    I'm 29 years old and 190 lbs and have dealt with cystic acne on my back for the past 10 years. Its hormonal acne from when I took pro hormones a decade ago and never recovered. I tried everything, and nothing has successfully cleared me up. I finally decided to pull the trigger and start...
  3. J

    high testosterone and estrogen first week

    Hey I have been doing subcutaneous injections daily of .33ml (66mg) and I am on day 10 of trt Around the 3rd day I started to become very foggy mid-to late afternoon in which I made my self go get some blood work to see my level. It has been up and down for me. Workouts have been good and...
  4. O

    Please help me read my first post-TRT test results

    Hi everyone. So, my urologist ordered the first follow-up blood tests four weeks into TRT. I took those tests yesterday, prior to my weekly injection of 100mg. I have a follow-up appointment with him at the end of this week where I intend to tell him that the only changes I've felt after four...
  5. M

    Supplemental estradiol?

    I know there are some men on here whose E2 crashed and they're trying to increase their estradiol with tablets. Nelson, I recall, was using estradiol tablets at one time. Dr. Neal Rouzier will prescribe if a patient's lipids are still elevated on T or no weight loss or erectile function. Their...
  6. J

    Completely lost and deflated.

    First off I want to thank everyone who has helped me over the years with my protoco. But it seems to be like I am beating my head against the wall. I have hypogandis, 52, 5’8 155lbs and fit. I’m an epileptic who gets crushed by insomnia, which in turn causes seizures. Recently I have been...
  7. Nocalves

    SHBG vs estrogen

    If there is some ideal T/E2 ratio, what role does SHBG have there? I have extremely low SHBG, so should I reduce or increase ratio, because of different binding affinity.
  8. H

    High E2?

    Here's my current protocol: Test Cyp 200 mg/ml – 0.45 ml IM/SQ 2 times weekly HCG 400 iu SQ 2 times weekly Anastrozole 0.5 mg 2 times weekly I've been on TRT for a little over two years, and it's been good. I got dialed in pretty early. My most recent labs were 733 T, 20.3 Free T, 28.4...
  9. L

    Testosterone Estradiol Ratio

    I've been on anastrozole for 11 years. I believe since I started, science has evolved and lowering estradiol down into the 25 pg/mL range is no longer desirable as I have been told to do by my doctor all these years. Recently I've read more and more that estradiol should not be that low in men...
  10. L

    Ratio of Testosterone and Estradiol

    I attempted to post this earlier but it isn't appearing so I'm trying again. I've been on anastrozole for 11 years. I believe since I started, science has evolved and lowering estradiol down into the 25 pg/mL range is no longer desirable as I have been told to do by my doctor all these years...
  11. L

    Testosterone/Estradiol Ratio

    I've been on anastrozole for 11 years. I believe since I started, science has evolved and lowering estradiol down into the 25 pg/mL range is no longer desirable as I have been told to do by my doctor all these years. Recently I've read more and more that estradiol should not be that low in...
  12. Z

    Letting e2 run wild

    My old dr was a dr who was all about not treating E2. He said let it go as high as you want and it won’t be a problem. Well I am seeing a new dr now and my e2 sensitive was 45. My libido has been super low, my anxiety kind of high, also my junk shrivels up to nothing along with my scrotum...
  13. U

    I found a TRT protocol that works

    So after trying injections for 2.5 years I went back to testosterone pellets. I'm one week in and my libido is already coming back strong. I started on pellets 6 years ago and stayed on them for 3 years and they always worked great. I stopped them because every now and then I'd have one that...
  14. Z

    High Testosterone and anxiety

    So I got some Of my labs back and the basics are my T was 1477 Free T-47 SHGB was 30 Hemocrit was 51 Hemoglobin was 17 IGF-1 was 180 PSA-0.6 this was done 24 hours after my last injection. I do 25mg everyday. But my question is, my anxiety has been a little on the higher side lately. I know...
  15. Z

    Injection locations

    Hello, so I just went back on injections. It’s been over a year and a half since I was on them and sort of forgot the good spots for injecting. I am doing my upper thigh for sub Q. But I remember hearing the stomach was pretty good for sub Q. What was the benefits of sub q over IM? Also my e2...
  16. S

    First Ultra Sensitive E2 Test

    Good Afternoon, Today I received my lab results that I took last week. My blood pressure was spiking (thanks for all of your help) so wanted to look at my hematocrit level and my overall testosterone. I was taking 90 mg with Clomid. I was splitting my injections 50mg/ 40mg, and taking daily...
  17. R

    Estradiol levels survey

    Just wondering where the majority of TRT guys are as far their estradiol without an Ai. My estradiol level without an Ai is 49 with the E2 sensitive test [range 8-35] and was 57 with the basic assay test. My doctor was un phased by these numbers. Seems different labs have different upper values...
  18. D

    Reputable research chem sites?

    Not sure if this is allowed or where to post but, I’d like to go the liquid arimidex to easily measure small amounts. What are some of the trustworthy ones out there?
  19. T

    Daily dosage and blood work irregularities

    Hi everyone, first post but have greatly appreciated everyone’s comments on the forum that I have been reading through. I am having some frustration getting my protocol dialed in. Started TRT 1.5 years ago and have been using Testosterone Cypionate and all injections SubQ. Blood work and dosage...
  20. S

    New Labs After Adding 750 Units HCG

    I was on 250 units HCG 2x weekly. I added a third injection bringing it to 750 units weekly. I feel better as far as improved orgasms and sensitivity. I also inject 14mg Test CYP EOD sub-q. Just got my labs back. Please have a look
  21. A

    Help increasing Estradiol

    Hi all, After a bit of advice how to increase my e2 levels. Currently taking Primoteston e6d and my T levels are great; T - 29.3 nmol/L (10-35) SHBG - 30 nmol/L (10-50) Free T - 705 pmol/L (225-725) E2 20.97 pg/ml Ive found that when my E2 is low like this, I experience some pretty heavy...
  22. Z

    Lowering estrogen

    Hey ya’ll, wanted to ask, is there a way to lower estrogen without the use of an AI or vitamins and zinc?? Like can it be lowered by just stopping your hormone does for a couple days? Thanks! P.S I’ve tried the search bar and didn’t really understand what I was looking at: as in was I searching...
  23. Z

    Estrone serum

    I had labs done the other day everything looked good. One thing I noticed that was high was my estrone serum—it was at a 70. My libido the last couple weeks has been really hit or miss. No morning wood at all. Good this be because of high estroserum?? My e2 though was 25.
  24. T

    Upper limit for estrogen?

    Guys, is there an upper limit for estrogen aromatization? Do receptors get saturated at some point and level off with testosterone still climbing? What I'm asking is can we beat high estrogen by supraphysiological levels of testosterone and maintaining a good ratio? If my E2 is 72 with test...
  25. B

    AI monotherapy

    Has anyone tried, or can advise on AI monotherapy. My test levels are good but my free test is low, SHBG and est are high (bloods below). I was prescribed 125mg enanthate weekly and HCG 500iu 3 times a week yesterday, however I am extremely concerned about fertility and have decided to think...
  26. W

    Red rash:bag under eye

    Guys and gals. Right under neath my eyes on top of my check bones are inflamed areas with a reddish tint. They look a little swollen. I’ve never had this issue. I recently started dhea and cialis. I am only taking cialis 20mg as needed and used it twice. One thursday and another yesterday...
  27. Z

    doctors on e2 (don’t worry about it)

    So after reading the TOT bible and also listening to some of Jay Campbell’s podcast. There is this belief that doctors shouldn’t be prescribed anastrolze anymore and that estrogen is something that doesn’t have to be looked at all. My doctor has me on an AI. But the way some of these doctors are...
  28. T

    How long for E2 to steady?

    How long after making a switch in AI does it take for E2 to steady? I was on .125mg EOD and now switched to .25mg EOD. Just curious how long I should wait to test E2 again.
  29. F

    6 Week Labs: E2 105 HCT 57

    I just received my 6 week bloodwork after starting an EOD protocol, 34mg T Cyp EOD, no arimidex. I'm very concerned about my hematocrit and E2 levels. I originally started this protocol to see if more frequent injections would help lower my hematocrit. Please review my labs and help me get on...
  30. Z

    Alcohol - Depressed and Weak Following Binge

    So yes, there are post on this forum about alcohol and TRT. But nothing I could find in this forum and nothing specific to mine. Anyways I have been pretty dialed in the last 3 weeks, it took almost 2 months to get there. The other day I went out with my buddy and got pretty drunk. Had like 5...
  31. A

    A change in morning erections - high E2

    I have been on TRT for 18 months initially on Sustanon and now on 100mg Test E a week and 200iu HCG every 2 days Blood work was all over the place on Sustanon. I had thought I had achieved some stability from November through to January on my new Test E/HCG protocol. Latest bloods now indicate...
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