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    How (I think) I was able to control my Hematocrit and High Iron

    This is my experience after studying and dealing with high hematocrit due to TRT. It worked for me maybe it might work for others. Me like many users here had the problem of high hematocrit and the need for frequent blood donations and dealing with low ferritin. I tried everything and nothing...
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    Success stories for managing TRT induced increase in hematocrit?

    I have been using testosterone cyp injections for the last 6 years to treat low T levels. I inject 0.66 ml once per week. I recently had to get a new Dr. because my regular GP retired. I live on the Big Island, where it is very hard to find good doctors. Long story short, my new Doc ordered lots...
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    Can erythrocytosis cause a stroke?

    So my understanding is that if it is TRT raising your hematocrit levels, this is erythrocytosis not Polycythemia (Poly). Poly can cause a stroke but can erytho? I should be watching platelet counts and not hematocrit/hemoglobin?.. my platelets have not gone up in the 4 years on TRT That...