erection issues

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  1. N

    TRT newbie

    Hi all. For one year ago i had my Testosterone levels tested and they were within normal levels, but in the very bottom. That meant that the free (tax payed) danish healthcare would not treat me even though i had several low-T symptoms. I am in my 40's and otherwise healthy and have been...
  2. D

    High Hematocrit and sexual function

    I've been on TRT for about 2 years now, with Defy most of that time. Here's how things looked from my last labs in September: Total T: 655 Free T: 21 Hematocrit: 52.1 E2 Sensitive: 32.9 SHBG (from previous lab): 23.4 DHEA (previous labs): 353 Protocol: 50MG Cyp 2x/week 400iu HCG at the same...
  3. A

    TRT erection issues

    I'm 30 years old, 6'1' 220 pounds, lift quite frequently and cardio occasionally. So i've been debating coming off TRT for a few months now. I'm kind of at the final stages of my decision. I've posted and showed my lab results multiple times including SHBG, E2 sensitive, Test free and total...
  4. I

    This has worked for me!

    For those who are still seeing issues with ED here is something you can try that has worked for me. Try it and Let me know how it works for you! Morning- 5mg cialis 750mg l arginine 500mg l carnitine Noon Take the arginine and carnitine again That’s it! Takes about 2-3 days to see an...
  5. F

    Need help dialing in protocol

    History: 1 year on TRT SHBG: 20-23 post TRT, 35 pre TRT Protocol: was initially on 150 mg per week, 500 IU HCG. I could never dial it in with an AI, so in the past 3 months I tried to lower my dose in order to find a protocol that works without an AI. Starting August, I went down to 100 mg...
  6. T

    6 weeks on TRT, weak erections

    Hi there, I am currently on the following TRT regime: 150 mg testosterone cypionate once/week 0.5 mg, increased this week to 1 mg, Arimidex, once/week 500 iu HCG once/week Labs were checked twice before starting, and are being checked every five weeks, and so far my labs have been as follows...
  7. Y

    35 with high SHBG, libido and erection issues. Labs inside, should I call defy?

    Hello, I've had libido and erection issues off and on for at least five years. During the same time frame I've also experienced periods of melancholy mood. I have a bit of anxiety but I've not needed medication. My sex drive and erection quality have both taken a huge dive over the past 12...
  8. Nelson Vergel

    WARNING: Propecia (finasteride) or Proscar can cause erection issues.

    Questions and Answers: Finasteride Label Changes On April 11, 2012, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced changes to the professional labels for Propecia (finasteride 1 mg) and Proscar (finasteride 5 mg) to expand the list of sexual adverse events reported to FDA as some of...
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