erection in men

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  1. Fernando Almaguer

    Viagra or Cialis: Which gets you Harder?

    Viagra or cialas and why do gas station pills like control really get us hard?
  2. B

    Euthyroid Sick Syndrome Advice

    Hey Guys, First time poster on the forums, glad to be apart of the crew! So here's the dilemma. I've had a past history of steroid use and had my last cycle wrapped up since the beginning of 2016; I haven't been right since. I started seeking help in 2017 and in 2018 i've seen dozens of...
  3. R

    "Performance Issues" during 4-way/swinging

    Hi Guys, my wife and I had a "four-way" last night with a very nice couple... this was the first experience for both of us and I suffered from "performance issues" (getting or maintaining an erection). This was quite embarrassing and frustrating when two super hot ladies are begging to be...
  4. B

    Erectile dysfunction in men is curable through generic medicines

    There square measure several medication that promise retrieval from the damaging clutches of ED. the foremost common of those medication is sildenafil citrates, therefore this is often the primary product to be mentioned during this ED drug review. Sildenafil citrates that the complete or...
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