erectile dysfunction

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  1. G

    Seeking help with investigating symptoms. Zero sex drive, ED, High Prolactin, Low F.S.H, High Estrogen,

    Hello all I would really appreciate if anyone could provide some advice or point me in the right direction as to what could be going on. I have not managed to get anywhere with the health professionals where I live in the UK, so I thought to seek advice on here since their is plenty of people...
  2. phalloguy100

    Twice daily cialis?

    I was recently prescribed cialis 2.5mg daily for E.D. I also have a recent diabetes diagnosis and I’m working on weight loss to try to reverse it. Although I feel like an old grandpa taking ED meds, truthfully I need it (especially after my endo’s failed experiment with clomid and stopping TRT…...
  3. R

    Before I am hooked to the needle for the rest of my life, im going 2 go 2 the gym for extreme workouts, has anyone tried this before switching 2 TRT?

    36 years of age -138 pounds.My penis is essentially dead. Also my libido and sexual desire. It happened to me overnight when I was 25 after taking a research chemical from china called Pramiracetam. The next morning I remember waking up and not having an erection for the first time. That was the...
  4. C

    Can Methylene Blue cause erectile dysfunction?

    I have been doing some research on Methylene Blue and it seems that it blocks the release of nitric oxide. Since nitric oxide is necessary for an erection could Methylene Blue cause erectile dysfunction?
  5. Systemlord

    Beta-blocker responsible for significant ED, searching for BP meds that don’t cause ED.

    The beta-blocker, Bisoprolol I found is responsible for the majority of my erectile dysfunction after reducing my dose by half. I have tried Cialis and Viagra, the moment they start working, something happens and they cease to do anything. If I reduce my Bisprolol by half, erectile function and...
  6. K

    "Comfort-in" Needle-Free Jet Injection System for penis ED medication (Trimix , Quad mix, Bimix etc)

    Hi. i Just read about this "comfort-in" needle free "injector", that can be used to "inject": (taken from CF-DV-01. Comfort-In Needle Free Injection System ) "TRIMIX, QUAD-MIX, BIMIX injections for erectile dysfunction. Hormones including Oxytocin and HCG Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin)...
  7. T

    Need libido/dysautonomia help please read entirely!

    Was on trt and a super low dose of proviron 12.5 mg a day sometimes 2 x a day. About 120mg test. Felt great for 5 years. Then all of a sudden I got heart racing headaches ect. Symptoms of autonomic dysfunction. So they tried taking me off the test but the lowest I can get to is 20mg a week in a...
  8. T

    Depressed: My Wife Does Not Accept if I Use Trimix or PT-141

    Today, for whatever reason, women of all ages were smiling at me as I was shopping. At the opthalomologist the beautiful young woman at the front desk was friendlier than usual and overjoyed that I remembered her name. My wife suddenly was in an amorous mood. And there I stand with a penis...
  9. T

    Bystolic nebivolol giving me ED or Numb feeling at only 1.25mg

    Anyone else have this issue? Already had some ED issues but alot worse basicly impossible to get erections or climax since starting Bystolic. I have only been on it a few days but man it's definitely having an effect. What are other choices for heart rate management or does this get better with...
  10. B

    Consistent ED & Low Libido

    Long-time lurker, I usually just enjoy reading the forums but I've been having a problem that I can't seem to resolve. I'm 37 and have been on TRT since I turned 31 after repeatedly testing in the low 200's and having no libido/ED. Those issues have been hit or miss the whole time though, there...
  11. M

    Supplemental estradiol?

    I know there are some men on here whose E2 crashed and they're trying to increase their estradiol with tablets. Nelson, I recall, was using estradiol tablets at one time. Dr. Neal Rouzier will prescribe if a patient's lipids are still elevated on T or no weight loss or erectile function. Their...
  12. B

    BP has u-shape curve to ED

    Abstract Background Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the most common male sexual disorder that affects all age groups and has a close association with essential hypertension. Aim To characterize the relation of blood pressure and ED in detail. Methods A cross-sectional population-based study of 45-...
  13. L

    Trimix Users...How Often Do You Use?

    Hello everyone, been a lurker on the forums and finally registered. I wanted to reach out to all the Trimix users out there to see how often everyone uses it? Also what age you are, if you also use other ED meds for recreational sex? Have you found that once you went down the Trimix route...
  14. RP McMurphy

    First Lab Post! “Should I stay or should I go?”...would appreciate some guidance. Thank you!

    I’m a 45 yo male, 150 lbs. Prior to starting any testosterone therapy my labs in January 2018 were in range (Total T 601 280-1100ng/dl, Free T 10.43 1.9-27ng/dl), but I wanted to see if increasing testosterone levels would help to improve fatigue. I always had a high sex drive, with decent...
  15. madman

    What to expect during your visit for ED

    This video is for health care providers who treat erectile dysfunction and for patients seeking care for erectile dysfunction. Both parties need to know what questions should be asked and which treatments are available. Knowledge is Life! 18:45-19:02 *for the pills like viagra and Cialis to...
  16. T

    Endless ED Issues... Need new direction

    Hey guys... Might have posted in the wrong category before. Happy 2022! Hoping to maybe get some more help or direction. Actually have a call scheduled with Dr. Saya who i see from time to time but was hoping maybe people can provide a direction for a conversation with him or suggestions for...
  17. T

    Endless ED Issues

    Hey guys... Happy 2022! Hoping to maybe get some more help or direction. Actually have a call scheduled with Dr. Saya who i see from time to time but was hoping maybe people can provide a direction for a conversation with him or suggestions for me. I am relatively healthy at 41. I was tested...
  18. madman

    Guidelines Based Medical Management and Effective Treatment of ED In this session from the 2020 Urologic Care for the Advanced Practice Provider Program, Kenneth Mitchell, MPAS, PA-C, provides an in-depth overview of the AUA’s Erectile Dysfunction (ED)...
  19. madman


  20. Nelson Vergel

    Erectile Dysfunction and Low Libido- Causes and Treatments: Lecture by Nelson Vergel

    Nelson Vergel , author of "Testosterone: A Man's Guide" & founder of and, gives a lecture on the causes and treatments of erectile dysfunction and low libido including ED drugs, Trimix, and other FDA approved products in the United States.
  21. madman

    ED - Evidence Based Causes and Treatments

    Arthur L. Burnett II, MD, MBA, FACS Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Baltimore, Maryland Arthur L. Burnett II, MD, MBA, FACS, is a Professor in the Department of Urology and Director of the Basic Science Laboratory in Neuro-Urology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. His...
  22. A

    To anyone taking Cialis daily — did you develop a dependence on it?

    Anyone been on Cialis for extended periods of time to comment on whether they became dependent on it? Granted if you had ED before taking it and it fixed it for you then I can see that being some form of dependence, but I’m mainly interested in people or anecdotes of others that have taken it...
  23. H

    Testosterone cream applied on genitals

  24. G

    Basic erection questions

    I wanted to crowdsource some thoughts on erection issues I'm having. Background I am 33 years old, generally healthy Started TRT at age 28 - after symptoms, discovered a pituitary tumor and T levels in the 100s. Ruled out primary hypogonadism. TRT has done wonders for my physical appearance...
  25. L

    Help - I think I have an ED problem - Dr says No.

    I'm 62 and have had ED for about 30 years. Looking back, I can see roughly when it gradually began and continued to slowly get worse over time. When Viagra and Cialis came out, they were miracle drugs for me - I couldn't have been happier with their performance. However, their effectiveness...
  26. A

    Low fertility the cause of low libido? Some studies.

    I recently came across these studies: These men are not on trt, but could it be possible that fertility and libido are...
  27. Hormetheus

    Med student here. I have been on TRT since 21. Here is what I have learned about ED, libido and hormones.

    What I take for TRT. I am a med student in my last year. For years I have been on TRT. Because there is just so much misinformation around, I wrote some stuff about what I have learned along the way. What I found works best for me: 2x 50mg Test cyp per week (s.c. with 30G insulin syringe) 2x...
  28. Nelson Vergel

    Addressing male sexual and reproductive health in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak

    J Endocrinol Invest. 2020 Jul 13 : 1–9. Addressing male sexual and reproductive health in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak A. Sansone,1 D. Mollaioli,1 G. Ciocca,2 E. Limoncin,1 E. Colonnello,1 W. Vena,3,4 and E. A. Janninicorresponding author1 Abstract Purpose The COVID-19 pandemic, caused by...
  29. Bentiger07

    Unconventional Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

    Friends, Hope all's well. I'd be happy to hear people's experiences with unconventional treatments for ED, such as: Pelvic Floor Therapy for Men/ED (most curious about this due to some pelvic pain) Shockwave Therapy (somewhat curious due to reasonable prices if done at home, such as the phoenix...
  30. C

    Pregnenolone kills libido

    Hello, anyone else here whos libido goes down with pregnenolone? I use 50mg day and its totally kills my libido and erection, it took a while to figure it out. Same thing happened with even smallest dosage 500iu/wk hcg in a past. Probably im sensitive to increased progesterone from pregnenolone...
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