erectil dysfunction

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    Ideas for Fixing Chronic ED / Poor Sensitivity?

    Hi guys, I’m 30 years old living in Canada and I have been on TRT for approximately three years. The primary issue that got me started on TRT was lack of libido, bad ED (including total absence of morning wood), and a “numb” feeling / no sensitivity in the genitals. My initial bloodwork...
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    Help - Premature Ejaculation and lab results

    Hey all, I have been on TRT now for around 5 years and never had too many problems besides the occasional ED from my e2 levels being off that required some Cialis. I am 34y/o 6'5" 230lb male that works out frequently and has visible abs. Since December of 2020 year I have acquired premature...
  3. F

    Been a lurker...just started by Clomid Journey...wish me luck

    Been a lurker for years and thanks for the all the amazing information. Situation: Married, no kids, dead sex life, ED issue, no libido, strength and stamina issues. Tried all oral ED medications, nothing works. Got a full physical last week with an Endo and he put in injection and post that...
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    Does prop dial in faster than 8 weeks

    I couldn’t find a answer on this but I always wondered does prop dial in faster the guideline is wait 8-10 weeks before protocol would that apply to prop being a short ester I lowered my dose to 10 mg a day as my e2 was high(maybe that’s shortchanging my trt) (70mg a week) it’s been 5 weeks...
  5. L

    Two days in. ED is a problem

    Hello, all. Long story short my testosterone was low(195), and I’m 32 years old. Doctor put me on testosterone cream. 50mg/1ML once per day I rub that on my rib cage, and let it dry for 5-10 minutes before putting shirt back on. Should I do something different? Take more or less? My sex...
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    6iu of Hgh a day

    I guess god has been answering my prayers he blessed me with some good money! so I can afford to run as much Hgh as I want at this point have been dealing with low libdio morning wood for so long I hear 2iu really isn’t nothing and it takes months to notice a difference what about 6 iu a day...
  7. J

    Let's talk about sex: Cialis not working like it did, and ejaculate volume is down

    Hello everybody. I am a 40 years old male from Germany. For 2 years now, I have been on TRT - Self administered 200mg Testosteron Enanthate EW. I inject once a week and TRT have changed my life. This means i have gotten my interest in sex back and have a few questions on the topic. I have...
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    Will hcg permently raise E2?

    People over on t nation are telling to take hcg! But from what I read around here once u stop ur e2 will come back down? And another guy said on 1000 iu of hcg only brought his e2 up by 5 points? It would much more convient for me to inject more testosterone as I hate making hcg and having to...
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    Estrogen still crashed 7 weeks later!

    Just got bloods e2 is still at 12! My joints still ache my appetite is dead,mood went from female mindset to dead mono can’t feel emotions whatsoever! My test is at 1500+ Free t 408! I’m on 250 mg of test prop a week! I think all the dht conversion from test prop is keeping my e2 low! As I...
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    Adding Dhea for estrogen boost?

    My e2 still feels crashed 6 weeks later! I’m on 250 mg of prop Ed injections to control e2 I stopped ai 6 weeks ago and my low e2 symptoms haven’t changed! I was crashed for 10 weeks? And I know prop dos High e2 made me a woman low e2 made me a zombie! Should I add 25 mg of Dhea until I feel...
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    Permanent crash of estrogen?

    I’m still having low e2 symptoms 5 weeks off ai I’m really nervous It’s gonna be perment? I lost my emotions and dopamine appetite energy
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    Stopped ai how long to feel better?

    Switched to ed injections and stopped ai as I felt I didn’t need it! Been two weeks still not feeling better but definitely not having high e2 symptoms! My appetite is slowly coming back and my severe stomach pain and dizziness from adex is disappearing! how long until I feel better,morning...
  13. Robotics

    10 days in - Libido and Erections kicking in - Honeymoon?

    My biggest concern is maintaining Libido. I have been on TRT in the past. I was off for several months. I was also low shbg, so TRT did not feel so effective for me at the time (libido was the biggest problem). My shbg is now closer to normal, closer to mid 20's and injecting 10mg a day, no ai...
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    E2 crashed on higher dose?

    My e2 was at 72 on a sensitive test I was on 62.5 mg twice a week! So to bring it in range I switched to ed injections and raised dose to .5 mg Ed! My e2 came back at 11 so I raised the dose to 25 mg Ed and lowered ai to .25 mg Ed and my e2 is still low it’s at 11 still ! My sex drive is...
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    Dht cream on trt for libido

    I found a 3rd party selling pure dht cream! I know t gels can help with libido due to dht conversation but what about pure dht cream? would adding it to my trt regimen hurt me? I’ve been loosing hair this last year(armpits,legs,stomach) I haven’t found much info on it! As I hear it been...
  16. N

    Need help with potential causes of ED (labs included)

    Would love some help trying to sort out potential causes for my ED on TRT now that I actually have old and new labs to post. I should note that the most recent labs in Jan were while I was on AI. I have been on 100mg/wk, no AI previously, as well as 150mg/no AI, and I'm currently 4 weeks into...
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    Feeling emotionally flat?

    Taking my e2 from 72 to 11 and switching to Ed injections has done wonders for my anxiety panic attacks, I no longer feel anxious or emotional! I still have a dead sex drive? should I keep increasing my dose to see where I feel best at(been on this protocol for almost 6 weeks) I wanna see how...
  18. A

    Starting to feel better on higher dose?

    I feel so calm and at peace when increasing my dose from 105 mg(15mg Ed) to 175 mg a week my anxiety is fading away! When my e2 was at 72(sensitive) I had panic attacks Ed! Now my e2 was at 11 and I feel less emotional I also lowered my ai dose from .5mg Ed to .25 mg Ed since I hear Ed dosing...
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    E2 in range no drive!

    The doctor put me on .5 mg of armidex Ed and my e2 went from 72 to 11 on a sensitive test! Range (8-28) my sex drive is still zero! I’m on daily prop injections of 15 mg Ed! someone recommended raising the dose to 175 mg should I?
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    taking caber when prolactin is in range?

    I just got my prolactin checked and it’s ranged I’ve been struggling with Ed for a year now what could it be?
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    Adding ai to test prop?

    I have been working with a doctor online! And he recommended I try test prop injections Ed! So I did I also kept my ai dose the same 2 mg a week(I felt fine no signs of crashed e2) he recommended I let my body restart since I’ve been throwing it off with all these protocols he said let my...
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    Thinking about taking my life because of ED!

    I am really fed up with life! I haven’t masturbated in almost 12 months! My libido is non existence my brain is foggy my dick is numb!my anxiety is that of a womanI keep reading about how some people never get there sex drive back on trt! It’s over for me! I’ve taking three doses of .5 armidex...
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    When should ai start working?

    Took two doses of .5 Adex day after t shot and not feeling much! On 62.5 e3d, I did a tren test cycle before someone told me my prolactin can still be elevated have the opportunity to get some caber should I add it?
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    Extremely high e2?

    Just got my bloodwork had Ed for months! My e2 sensitive came back at 72! What would a good ai dose be? Have Arimidex on deck! On 125 mg of test!
  25. A

    Dhea and trt?

    Added 50 mg of Dhea on Sunday! And I have been sleeping like crazy,I feel a lot more aggressive in the gym,and improved mood! But my dick still feels numb and dosent stay hard for long, my sex drive is non existent! Should I lower or up Dhea dose heard of people getting better results with 100...
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    Erectile dysfunction trt not working?

    i started testosterone 5 months ago i started at 500mgs because I powerlift and didn’t see the reason not to go full blast when I had low t my levels were at 47! I could not get my Ai dialed in I started at 12.5(aromasin) eod first injection Ed not fixed! Someone said I crashed e2 so I stopped...
  27. N

    What can I add to daily Cialis?

    Hi all. I am on daily cialis 5mg. TRT EOD 40mg. Labs look good - I’m 36, 185 , 15% bf. Daily cialis worked fine for me with last gf, we broke up a few months back and just started dating someone new. I tend to get a bit nervous before 1st time which may be tomorrow. Anything I can...
  28. K

    Sexual Dysfunction on TRT

    Trt has been very beneficial to my life but also very negative in some ways, notably in the bedroom. I have suffered from severe ED and lack of libido on TRT. I have been on for many years with a variety of protocols. My main issue is having absolutely no sexual desire. If I am able to get...
  29. J

    Major Low T symptoms but normal Blood work?

    40 Year old male. Suffering from close to zero libido, erectile dysfunction, and fatigue. I decided to get my blood tested for potential low t. My bloodwork seems to be in the fairly normal range but it doesn't match the way I feel. I can definitely use some extra eyes if anyone wants to help...
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    Cooper Pharma purity

    Hi all, First off I want to say that I have loved this forum, Nelson and the mods have been very friendly and helpful with my questions so far. In this post I am inquiring about Alldaychemist and the purity of their products. I have seen studies online stating that tadalafil laced with diabetes...
  31. Robotics

    Only Get Libido During a Protocol Change?

    I only seem to get libido and good/random erections during a protocol change, I have reduced my dosage several times and each time I get good libido in week 2 or 3 and then it dissapears. I am a daily low shbg injector. Has anyone dealt with this and how did you rectify it? Theory #1. it was...