eod injections

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    Atypical Side Effects

    I've been experimenting with varying doses of 16-22mg EOD, after trying varying twice per week doses of 40mg-80mg. The things I've noticed with the lower doses (verified low-normal to mid range testosterone levels) are feeling more wound up (actually stimulated), OCD, health anxiety, extremely...
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    12Mg of Cypionate causing so many side effects?

    Is it possible that just 12 mg of E3D cypionate cause so many side effects? After 01 year of Nebido, I started a new protocol 20 days ago (January 4th). I started with 20Mg Cypionate EOD. I had symptoms of increased E2, bad sleep, a little restlessness ... and increased blood pressure. Even...
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    Help with new EOD protocol

    Hi guys, new here from the UK after a long time lurker, I have been on TRT for around 13 months now and was on 37.5mg Test E every 3.5 days, after a lot of ups and downs I decided about a week and half ago to switch to EOD as I am low SHBG of 13nmol/L. I have noticed a massive difference in sex...
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    Not Understanding ED/EOD Protocols

    Hello all, I’ve seen how some of you dose every day to every other day protocols, and I don’t understand where the calculation comes from. It looks like some people only use 10mg per day of test cyp, whereas others are using 30-40mg EOD. But, from what I understand, 10mg ED > 70mg once per...
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    Anyone on an EOD protocol?

    Anyone who's injecting eod, what is your protocol and how do you feel? I want to try eod with prop. It seems 30-40mg eod is the standard, but I question if that would put you over range.
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    Low SHBG, Strength, EOD, etc

    Gents, I’d love to get some input on this. I’ve started TRT 3 months ago. 43, fairly healthy, lifting 4 times a week. Baseline: BP 120/72 TT 275 (264-916) FT 12.5 (6.8-21.5) E2, SENSITIVE 10.6 (8-35) SHBG 25.7 (16.5-55.9) HCT 45.1 (37.5-51) TRIGLYCERIDES 117 (0-149) HDL 35 (39- ?) LDL...
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    Blood Work results Thyroid questions and slightly elevated estrogen and prolactin also low shbg

    So I'm a long time lurker on the forum first off I wanna say that thanks to this forum. I have been able to recover from the damage. I have done to my body with steroid abuse during my competition days. My situation is a typical low SHBG case but I have managed to find a protocol that works 90%...
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    Hematocrit increased on EOD protocol

    Hey there, My HCT was 35 pre TRT. On a 2x per week schedule of T-doses ranging from 80 mg per week to 160 mg per week, my HCT never went above 46 despite total t being upwards of 1400-1500 at times. Also about 1000-1200 hcg per week. Now, I recently went to an EOD schedule keeping my weekly...
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    Injections per week

    When i started TRT I was injecting twice a week 70mg 2x a week. Was starting to feel good, strong, and had better clarity. Now, Im just fatigue, down, and feeling weak. Dont know if this is cause I crashed my E2(but its been over a month now since that happened), or is it because I lowered my...
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    Twice/Week to EOD

    I’m at 50mg twice per week and curious to see how EOD injections would effect hematocrit and TT/free T. What would be an equal switch? Would 30mg EOD be appropriate or less?
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    ED vs EOD - Any difference?

    For those of you who have tried both EOD and ED injections, was there any significant difference, either in how you felt or in your lab results? I ask because it appears that assuming the same weekly dose, average levels on ED and EOD would be exactly the same (using cypionate).
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    E3.5D vs EOD - Lab Results - UPDATED

    I have been running pretty steady on 60mg T. Cyp. E3.5D (120mg/week) for a while now - no AI or HCG. I like that protocol, it seems to keep my levels at or above the top of the range near trough, and that seems to be where I feel the subjective benefits of TRT. However, I kept reading stories...
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    Low SHBG. EOD vs daily shots. Is their a big difference?

    I have a low SHBG (14.4 last lab). Since measuring my SHBG (even before i started trt) it has always been between 14 and 18. I have used a lot of protocols the past 3 years with sustanon: once a week 125 mg, 150 mg 250 mg (no effect, no weightgain, no nothing. Even on 250 mg for 6 weeks what...
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    Help with Injection protocol

    Hello, I know this is probably a stupid question but I was hoping someone could help me out. I was doing 30mg on an E3D schedule so 60 mg every 6 days and wanted to go to an EOD schedule, how much would I Inject on an EOD schedule to equal the same test amount?
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    EOD injection dosing

    Hello all, I am about to move to EOD (every other day) injections and have a question about how to properly split up the amount of testosterone for each injection. I currently take 120mg of cypionate per week. I am on test only (no hcg, ai, etc). Is anyone else currently running a true EOD...
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    Switching from anastrozole to aromasin

    Hey guys I just got recent blood work done and I’ve decided to switch from anastrozole over to aromasin. One reason is I’ve heard there is no rebound and even on a daily dose of arimidex I experienced rebounds in estrogen and very quickly. My protocol for these bloods were - 40mg test cyp eod...
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    EOD Injections - Blood Draw Timing

    For those of you doing/that have done EOD T. Cyp. injections: I know that there is little variation between days on an EOD protocol, but I would imagine for lower SHBG guys there would still be some variation. Can any of you on an EOD protocol who have done blood draws both on injection day...
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    EOD Injection Dose Advice Needed

    Hey fellas, If you were instructed to take 100mg a week, utilizing EOD injection schedule, how would you do it? For what its worth, I am still dialing things in, so its not like I know that 100mg is the absolute dose I must hit every 7 days or I will dip under some number of total T. Just want...
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