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  1. G

    Total T increased on nandrolone?

    Just wondering if anyone has added nandrolone to their protocol and seen their total T go up a considerable amount
  2. keithc2485

    How different is compounded HCG vs Pregnyl?

    Hey guys, so I have been on HCG for the past 6 months and it's been through as a brand-name pregnyl which has been working wonderfully but... It's quite pricey $127 from the pharmacy I get it at . Also the amount I use which is only 500 IU a week broken into two injections isn't a lot and I end...
  3. D

    Empower question

    I’ve been self medicating for a while now. Been doing well but now we are trying to get pregnant. I’ve tried 500hcg EOD for months. Currently been completely off test for 3 weeks and taking 12.5 cloned everyday. I feel “ok” through the day but I have zero motivation for sex and I’ve been kind of...
  4. D

    Testosterone Compound Cream Absorption / Labs / Ect

    Morning Gents, So I have been running Empower RX Compound cream for I guess a little over a year now Id say. Mine is 200mg/ml and I just do one click. From my understanding absorption was only around 10%, but pharmacist today said you absorb most of it? Thoughts? All the time I thought I'd be...
  5. G

    T3 prices

    Just wondering if anyone knew how much Empower's T3 costs for 5mcg capsules. Also, does anyone know if they make tablets of T3 as well? Last question, does anyone know if they even make quick release T3? Their website only shows that they have sustained release T3 capsules. Here is how much...
  6. K

    New Testosterone...Different Response

    Hello ya'll, Long story short, I've been using testosterone cypionate for the past year using the brand I pick up from CVS which is from Sun Pharmacy. I recently ran out and went one week without a shot so I called Defy and received a new batch from Empower. This is the first time I've ever used...
  7. H

    HCG out of stock

    Just ordered some HCG from empower through Defy. They only had 6000 IU vial available and only from empower. Another HCG shortage coming?
  8. Nelson Vergel

    Fast video of Empower Pharmacy's new facility build out

    My good friend and fellow engineer, Shaun Noorian, decided to start a brand new facility from scratch for Empower Pharmacy to comply with the upcoming tsunami of FDA regulations that threaten the compounding pharmacy industry. Empower will be one of the few compounding pharmacies left operating...