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  1. B

    Trimix Topical Gel? Anyone heard of this yet?

    https://trimixgel.com/ Recently stumbled on this... Anyone know anything about it? Shockingly almost 0 info about it on google. EDIT: Looks like its not topical - but still a much better method of use...
  2. B

    Xeomin, Botox, Dysport or other toxins

    Botox for Erectile Dysfunction I've done this twice and quite like it - however its damn expensive at the clinics. Are there any reliable and safe places to get Botox, or similar online for self injection?
  3. B

    Cialis side effect management

    So when I take ANY PE5s I get really bad nasal congestion. So bad to the point where I would have to breathe out of my mouth and nose breathing is basically impossible. Any afrin-based nasal sprays work great! But the issue here is that Afrin-based sprays should not be used for more than 3 days...
  4. S

    Does Anyone Lose Sensitivity While Taking An ED Drug?

    Been on TRT 4.5 years. I have tried numerous protocols to get EVERYTHING working properly... Sexual function and also an ambitious mind. It seems like when I have a lively mind... I don't desire sex.... when I lose ambition and focus... I want sex more... but the electricity and plumbing never...
  5. L

    Erectile Disfunction on TRT / Please Read

    There are some topics here and in other forums (please Google "TRT and ED" on Reddit or other forums) of men complaining about having ED on TRT after being good and dialed for months or even years and suddently developing impotence out of nowhere. Suspects are: estrogen imbalances, low SHBG...
  6. K

    Permanent ED from tamoxifen?

    Hello. So my doctor gave me tamoxifen for low t and I only took 5 pills (20mg) eod. Didn’t help with the symptoms only gave me severe loss of libido, ed and anhedonia. Then we changed to sustanon 250mg every 10 days. My doctor said symptoms of tamoxifen will go away in “couple of weeks” And I...
  7. L

    Why TRT are ruining my libido? Need help

    Hi, my name is Juan 35yo (M). I don't know if anybody can relate to me and my problem but everything started around 8 months ago when suddently, after three years on testosterone replacement, I lost my libido. It did never happened for three years till it happened. So for 8 months I've been...
  8. 39andPrime

    39 & New To HCG Mono-therapy

    Hi all! It’s refreshing to find a place to talk about these things with guys who have been there or are there currently. To start off I have average T and nothing really to complain about. However I have felt that I could use a boost if some kind. I have had intermittent bouts with ED and lack...
  9. D

    Side Effect Should Prompt New Research

    https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/supermarket-evacuated-over-fears-highly-30673037.amp Spider venom may be the new Trimix.
  10. S

    Pramipexole instead of Cabergoline

    I've been using cabergoline with some success as my prolactin is always high normal and not optimal. It works well, and allow me to cum quicker, and in a some cases multiple times. However I'm very risk adverse and don't like the effects caber can have on the heart value, so I wanted to give...
  11. S

    Can proviron suppress your normal dht?

    Hi, Apologies if this is a silly question, but I think my theory is sound. I added 50mg of proviron to my current 120mg per week trt (35mg every 2 days) to increase libido, well being etc. I sourced some proviron through underground labs, can't know for sure its legit. However, it did work as...
  12. phalloguy100

    My experience with PRP, P-Shot, P-Long, Pumping, RestoreX and penis hang size

    Hi everyone. I’ve been receiving questions about my posts on the P-Long thread posted by Dr. Brandeis on PhalloBoards, so I thought I would share my experience here for the benefit of all. A few months ago, I decided to try a P-Shot (penis PRP injection) to help with E.D. I went to a clinic in...
  13. phalloguy100

    Twice daily cialis?

    I was recently prescribed cialis 2.5mg daily for E.D. I also have a recent diabetes diagnosis and I’m working on weight loss to try to reverse it. Although I feel like an old grandpa taking ED meds, truthfully I need it (especially after my endo’s failed experiment with clomid and stopping TRT…...
  14. phalloguy100

    Are Clomid side effects worth it?

    Hey there! I've been on TRT for a while due to secondary hypogonadism. Due to moving / no job, I was off TRT for 2-3 years and my levels dropped to "normal" which for me is <200 total T. Started seeing a new PCP last year who ran 2 morning T tests, both came back low, so he started me on...
  15. D

    HCG one week per month?

    I've had problems with ED and anorgasmia since I began TRT 5 years ago. It took me almost four years to figure it out, but HCG gives me anorgasmia in doses above 250iu/2x week. Once I decreased from 2x 500iu to 2x 250iu, and then to 2x 200iu, the situation resolved. I just spent the past two...
  16. G

    ED with Enclomiphene and HCG

    Hi all, I've recently come off TRT in an efort to concieve, but am experiencing something I never have before either whiel on TRT or even before that - ED. Currently I'm taking Enclomiphene 25mg daily, HCG 500IU EOD, and Anastrozole 0.5mg EOD. I tend to be a high aromatizer. My recent bloodwork...
  17. C

    Trimix Potency

    Hi guys. I'm new here. I have a question for anyone who has experiencewithTrimix. I have been using Trimix for about a year. I don't use it that often. It took me about 5 uses to finally find a suffecient affect. About 3/4 erect at 18 units. But by that time, the bottle was about a year old. I...
  18. L

    Eroxon UK OTC nitric oxide inducing erection gel launching in the US Q2 2023

    FYI, I found this in UK main stream media today (take with one grain of salt): Ingredients Aqua, ethanol (35%), propylene glycol, glycerine, carbomer, potassium hydroxide What is Eroxon and how does it work? “Eroxon is made by Futura Medical, a pharmaceutical company based in the UK. Eroxon...
  19. K

    "Comfort-in" Needle-Free Jet Injection System for penis ED medication (Trimix , Quad mix, Bimix etc)

    Hi. i Just read about this "comfort-in" needle free "injector", that can be used to "inject": (taken from CF-DV-01. Comfort-In Needle Free Injection System ) "TRIMIX, QUAD-MIX, BIMIX injections for erectile dysfunction. Hormones including Oxytocin and HCG Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin)...
  20. W

    High progesterone levels from blood work

    Hi guys, Looking for some advice following some recent blood work I’ve had. I’ve been suffering with erecitle dysfunction for a very long time now. Pretty much since I was sexually active in my early 20s which makes me believe I have some fairly major hypogonadism. I never could really...
  21. S

    Can doxazosin be taken as needed for ED issues?

    Can doxazosin be taken as needed for ED issues, like tadalafil or vardenafil or is it something that needs to be taken daily to have any ability to help ED? Is there a downside to taking it this way? Note, I have searched through the many doxazosin topics here but this particular point I did...
  22. H

    Looking for help

    Hello First of all, if this is wrong section, apologies. For the past three years I have been experiencing low energy, low motivation, brain fog, memory shortness, super low libido and as of last year, ED. The libido is almost at the bottom now. I am not on TRT and I have never used hormones...
  23. Drug350

    6 weeks on TRT - Is there a Honeymoon Phase or Too high a Dose Perhaps ???

    I don't want to make this post too long, so I'll condense as much as possible. 54 yrs old, been feeling shitty for several years. My testosterone came back as follow: Testosterone = 169 NGDL Free Testosterone = 3.1 NGDL Bioavailable Testosterone = 72.6 NGDL SHBG = 34 nmol/L TSH = 2.64 uiU/ml...
  24. G

    Use my wife's scream cream - where?

    My wife was prescribed scream cream from Defy and after several tests at different dosages we can't tell a difference. Her clincian at Defy said she had the same response. The version she has is without testosterone. Rather than let the rest go to waste, is there any reason I couldn't use it...
  25. R

    Has anyone tried the Eddie by Giddy ring?

    Thinking of purchasing the Eddie by Giddy. Just wondering if any members have tried it, and the results. Many softer rings don't stay in place well. Eddie is "sized" and designed with materials to supposedly stay in place. Anyone actually used it? results?
  26. T

    Why does proviron stop working after a week even on trt?

    Hey guys, Recently I added proviron to my protocol and it was the first time ever since starting trt that I felt dialed in (libido wise), except maybe for the honeymoon period but even then not as good. It only lasted like 4-5 days and now I am back to square one even though I keep taking...
  27. T

    Persisting ED and depression post Boldenone/Primo use

    I’ve spent the better part of the last 2 years struggling with persisting ED, Depression, Anhedonia following the use of Boldenone and then Primobolan. My symptoms align mostly with what a lot of people with PFS have but given I’ve never had PFS I’m reluctant to post on the propeciahelp forums...
  28. B

    BP has u-shape curve to ED

    Abstract Background Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the most common male sexual disorder that affects all age groups and has a close association with essential hypertension. Aim To characterize the relation of blood pressure and ED in detail. Methods A cross-sectional population-based study of 45-...
  29. M

    Need Help ASAP and how to pick the right doctor?

    So I'm 46 years old and sexual drive is down significantly along with ability to stay hard. I've taken tests in the pasts and then self-diagnose (with help on here as well), but think it's best to find a good doctor that can evaluate and put me on the true path to solve my issue to regular to my...
  30. S

    Is it possible to become reliant on Citrulline if you take it to improve erection strength?

    Is there ever any chance of PERMANENT physical reliance after taking L citrulline or L Arginine? I worry about PHYSICAL reliance, I know that phycological reliance is a thing but what about the physical? I hear people state that they had to keep taking higher and higher doses for it to work...
  31. W

    High T and ED...and too much AI?

    I'm having a bizarre issue...My libido is somewhat strong, but I can't get an erection with a woman unless I take 5mg of Cialis. I get erections while I sleep (needing to urinate) and in the morning before I get out of bed. I'm injecting 10mcg every day of Cypionate and was taking 1mg of...
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