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  1. G

    Use my wife's scream cream - where?

    My wife was prescribed scream cream from Defy and after several tests at different dosages we can't tell a difference. Her clincian at Defy said she had the same response. The version she has is without testosterone. Rather than let the rest go to waste, is there any reason I couldn't use it...
  2. R

    Has anyone tried the Eddie by Giddy ring?

    Thinking of purchasing the Eddie by Giddy. Just wondering if any members have tried it, and the results. Many softer rings don't stay in place well. Eddie is "sized" and designed with materials to supposedly stay in place. Anyone actually used it? results?
  3. T

    Why does proviron stop working after a week even on trt?

    Hey guys, Recently I added proviron to my protocol and it was the first time ever since starting trt that I felt dialed in (libido wise), except maybe for the honeymoon period but even then not as good. It only lasted like 4-5 days and now I am back to square one even though I keep taking...
  4. T

    Persisting ED and depression post Boldenone/Primo use

    I’ve spent the better part of the last 2 years struggling with persisting ED, Depression, Anhedonia following the use of Boldenone and then Primobolan. My symptoms align mostly with what a lot of people with PFS have but given I’ve never had PFS I’m reluctant to post on the propeciahelp forums...
  5. B

    BP has u-shape curve to ED

    Abstract Background Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the most common male sexual disorder that affects all age groups and has a close association with essential hypertension. Aim To characterize the relation of blood pressure and ED in detail. Methods A cross-sectional population-based study of 45-...
  6. M

    Need Help ASAP and how to pick the right doctor?

    So I'm 46 years old and sexual drive is down significantly along with ability to stay hard. I've taken tests in the pasts and then self-diagnose (with help on here as well), but think it's best to find a good doctor that can evaluate and put me on the true path to solve my issue to regular to my...
  7. S

    Is it possible to become reliant on Citrulline if you take it to improve erection strength?

    Is there ever any chance of PERMANENT physical reliance after taking L citrulline or L Arginine? I worry about PHYSICAL reliance, I know that phycological reliance is a thing but what about the physical? I hear people state that they had to keep taking higher and higher doses for it to work...
  8. W

    High T and ED...and too much AI?

    I'm having a bizarre issue...My libido is somewhat strong, but I can't get an erection with a woman unless I take 5mg of Cialis. I get erections while I sleep (needing to urinate) and in the morning before I get out of bed. I'm injecting 10mcg every day of Cypionate and was taking 1mg of...
  9. rafapark

    I can't ejeculate all the sudden

    I have been on TRT for over 4 years. I take 160 mgs of Cypionate per week divided on 2 shots. 50 units of HCG. Same protocol since the begining. I test every six months. All labs have been really good since I started. Morning wood, strong erections and libido. No issues. All the sudden out of...
  10. M

    Ideas for Fixing Chronic ED / Poor Sensitivity?

    Hi guys, I’m 30 years old living in Canada and I have been on TRT for approximately three years. The primary issue that got me started on TRT was lack of libido, bad ED (including total absence of morning wood), and a “numb” feeling / no sensitivity in the genitals. My initial bloodwork...
  11. C

    My regular ED regimen not working + anxiety - advice welcome

    Hi everyone. I’m 45 and been on TRT for 6 or 7 years now (Excelmale has been a fantastic resource!!). For the past 5 years I’ve had things dialed in pretty well. But the last few months I’ve been having anxiety and ED problems even though I have increased my daily Cialis to 15 mg!! (I’m not...
  12. D

    Bacteriostatic Water for Trimix

    Just got some trimix from Empower and see they sent 30ml bottle of bacteriostatic static water with the 5ml bottle of powder but noticed also it contains 0.9% benzyl alcohol. I seemed to recall on the forum here somoned indicated that it was a problem with that ingredient. Can't find the post...
  13. T

    Trintellix for situational/performance anxiety?

    I've seen a few posts here from members — most recently Nelson himself — who have started taking Trintellix for anxiety or depression and seen an improvement in libido and erections. One poster called it a "wonder drug" that cured his "erection-killing anxiety." Was wondering how many posters...
  14. D

    TRT after treatment for prostate cancer

    In the spring of 2020 after being on TRT for 5 years, I stopped suddenly last year when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer with 9 of 12 biopsy cores were cancerous and Gleason score of 6. There was no abnormality detected in rectal exams. My PSA had gradually increased to 11 over a period of...
  15. W

    Anyone supplementing estrogen?

    It's pretty much the only hormone that I haven't tried. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4854098/
  16. J

    HELP - Heat Rashes, ED, and Cracking Joints - A journey Riddle with Side Effects

    To preface this, I am a post-drug patient with lasting sexual side effects (yes, PFS, PSSD, and PAS exist and I will not argue this). I have had enduring sexual dysfunction (dead libido, loss of morning wood, weak erections, etc.) for about 5 years since discontinuing psychiatric drugs. Most...
  17. Z

    The Phoenix Acoustic Wave .....reviews

    Has anyone here tried this? I thought Nelson was sent one awhile back. I was just curious on it.
  18. L

    Help - I think I have an ED problem - Dr says No.

    I'm 62 and have had ED for about 30 years. Looking back, I can see roughly when it gradually began and continued to slowly get worse over time. When Viagra and Cialis came out, they were miracle drugs for me - I couldn't have been happier with their performance. However, their effectiveness...
  19. N

    Thinking of lowering T dose closer to my natural levels.

    So this is just me spot balling here but I've been on trt since late 2016. I'm 45 now.I mainly went on trt so that it would be easier to run a higher dose once or twice a year without having to pct. I also figured the added ability to hold muscle, extra energy, well being, etc, of trt would be...
  20. DixieWrecked

    Does BPH cause ED?

    I have been reading conflicting information. Does BPH cause ED or are they separate issues?
  21. K

    Please give me your advice fellas

    Gents, Long time viewer, first time poster. I've been on TRT for years without any issues...recently went in for my bloodwork and got some add results based upon my doses. I was on 200 mg of Test cyp a week (divided into 2 doses), 300 mgs of masteron prop (50 mgs daily for 6 days a week) hcg...
  22. T

    At wits end with ED problems

    Hi...So i have been having an endless amount of ED problems for a very long time. Here is the stats on me: I am 39 (40 in August) I was a smoker until 6 weeks ago when I quit. I cheated for a few days and had 2-3 per day for about a week over a week ago because of a huge business loss but i...
  23. S

    New User, Looking for advice, Questions about HCG, Thyroid, DHEA, etc.

    At age 33, After years of depression, anxiety, fatigue, weight gain, sleep problems, ed, etc. I convinced my doctor to test my hormones. I was specifically interested in my Cortisol levels due to prolonged profound amounts of physical anxiety. The results of what he tested were; Total...
  24. F

    Balance Acne TRT Side Effects and Symptom Relief

    Hello, I am a 31 y.o male who has been on and off TRT for around 5+ years. I've recently had a problem finding a balance in receiving the benefits of TRT without side effects. When I dose TRT at 2x60mg per week (120mg total), I have complete symptom resolution. However, I have noticed at the...
  25. J

    Recurring bouts of weak erections on TRT

    I've been on TRT for almost a year. I've seen mostly positive effects. I never had a weak libido or erection difficulties before TRT. I've had one recurring issue of weak erections. It seems to happen after my acclimates to a particular protocol. In the beginning I started at 100mg/week...
  26. N

    Need help with potential causes of ED (labs included)

    Would love some help trying to sort out potential causes for my ED on TRT now that I actually have old and new labs to post. I should note that the most recent labs in Jan were while I was on AI. I have been on 100mg/wk, no AI previously, as well as 150mg/no AI, and I'm currently 4 weeks into...
  27. R

    Does cabergoline improve ED? Why do body builders take it?

    Saw some info on it searching the net. Anyone taking it on the forum? Has it helped you in anyway?
  28. Rock H. Johnson

    My 15 weeks experiment with Nandrolone.

    As with anything in life, one size does not fit all. So the following is anecdotal as in my subjective experience with Nandrolone Decanoate. When in last December chatter on the forum started to become louder on people adding Nandrolone to their protocol, I decided to go to my local friendly...
  29. N

    I'd like to hear some success stories about finding the right TRT protocol that solved your ED issues.

    I've been at this for 3 years on various doses and combinations of test, AI, and HCG, with ED issues being my last remaining unresolved side effect. Im unable to get bloods with the current state of the world so I'd just like to hear some encouraging stories from those were able to get things...
  30. B

    ED issues - 2 years & counting trying to get to root cause

    Hey guys, First, love this forum and all the great content on here. My wife and I have been dealing with a very personal issue (like a lot of men) of trying to tackle ED/mental impotence and we are really trying to get to the root cause and work through it. Symptoms pre-TRT were initially low...
  31. 5

    New guy, 10 mos. TRT, dosage/ED/libido questions

    Hey all - I've been on TRT for 10 months and just found this forum today - what a MASSIVE wealth of information! I've been relying on a single thread on another forum that's totally unrelated to health, and it's been a huge help, but nothing like this. I could really use your help today; TRT...
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