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  1. J

    Worse ED after weight lifting or intense exercise

    Is ED that gets worse later in the day especially after weight lifting or strenuous exercise a sign that something is not right with testosterone or is it adrenal related? Did anybody on here with low T feel like it was harder to an erection after a weight lifting session or intense exercise?
  2. Nelson Vergel

    Erectile Dysfunction 101 – Facts, Causes, and Management Options

    Erectile dysfunction (also known more commonly as impotence or sexual dysfunction) is the inability to maintain a sufficiently rigid erection for a satisfying sexual experience. According to the Global Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors, erectile dysfunction affects approximately 5-28% of...
  3. Nelson Vergel

    Erectile Dysfunction Risk Linked To How Many Medications You Take

    A study found that as the number of medications men took increased, so did the prevalence of ED, the authors reported - across all age groups: Medications taken: 0 to 2. Number of participants 16,126. Proportion with moderate ED - 15.9% Medications taken: 3 to 5. Number of participants...