1. T

    Against AIs but willing to try

    I'd like to run a little experiment and try Arimidex. Total Test 926 Free Test 23 E2 non sensitive 72 SHBG 31 Based on those labs, what amount can I get away with using without crashing my E2? Being at 72 I have some room to work with. Here are my questions: - how many times a week should it be...
  2. T

    Upper limit for estrogen?

    Guys, is there an upper limit for estrogen aromatization? Do receptors get saturated at some point and level off with testosterone still climbing? What I'm asking is can we beat high estrogen by supraphysiological levels of testosterone and maintaining a good ratio? If my E2 is 72 with test...
  3. D

    Daily Anastrozole

    Hi, is there any benefit in trying to have a steady daily anastrozole dose vs twice a week?
  4. E

    Arimidex and e2/dht?

    Since arimidex blocks the conversion of T to E2, would that mean that it drives dht higher since that's the other hormone T coverts to? If not, where does the t go? Does it get expelled or converted into something else? Also, it seems like high prolactin reduces dht by 58 percent in a study I...
  5. T

    High E2 levels with no symptoms or emotions?

    Guys, is it possible to have a very high level of E2, but experience no moodiness or water retention? My E2 is over 72 but I feel fairly emotionless if that makes any sense. Almost like the symptom low E2 guys suffer. Any ideas why?
  6. T

    Finally feeling good

    Just wanted to post about my journey to this point with TRT. Started replacement about 18 months ago. Moved to Defy about 12 months ago. Started with 72mg twice a week. .125 AI twice a week and 500 hcg twice a week While I felt generally better and had a pretty fast body recomp, I was tired...
  7. keithc2485


    SOOO, I added HCG to my TRT the end of may 2019;.. the first 4 weeks was 500iu a week .....i wasnst sure how my body was going to react .... so i jumped it up to 800iu the last 2 weeks of the first 6 weeks of it before my first Labs to check E2 and hema it was fine... so I jumped it up to...
  8. S

    Lowering E2 and HCT - Reduce dose or increase frequency?

    A bit of a hypothetical question here, but something I've been curious about. Supposing someone with relatively normal SHBG (mid 20s-mid 30s) is on a T. Cyp. E3.5D injection protocol and has slightly elevated E2 and HCT. TT/FT slightly above range at trough. For this example, let's say they use...
  9. A

    Lowest dose you have heard to achieve 1000 ng?

    I have decreased my dose on 3 occasions and I still keep hitting over 1000ng each time with a corresponding high aromatise to E2. it seems when I decrease my dose my body just seems to metabolise these substances differently. I have titrated down from 100mg of Test E and 1000iu of HCG a week to...
  10. J

    Clomid worked for test numbers but there is a twist to the story

    Hello all, My testosterone levels were 150, I was feeling like crap. Low mood, low energy, brain fog, low libido that has become non-existentant. I began on testosterone cyp low dose injections 3 times a week and was put on Anastrozole 1 mg per day.... My test went through the roof over 1500...
  11. D

    Ditch your AI now - you don't need it!

    I'm a long time lurker and haven't posted much (perhaps even never) but I felt I should contribute something in return: I have very mild gyno that I've had most of my life. As soon as my E2 goes up it starts getting sore. That's when I USED to take an arimidex and it would go away. This time...
  12. M

    Sex steroids in serum and prostatic tissue of human cancerous prostate (STERKPROSER trial)

    Gentlemen, I thought that this was interesting Currently, there is no consensus regarding the expected concentration levels of intra-prostatic sex steroids in patients with Prostate Cancer (PCa). Our objective was to assess the concentration levels of sex steroids in prostatic tissue and...
  13. S

    What drives E2 and HCT - Peaks vs Troughs?

    I've seen it mentioned from time to time that that T level peaks have the strongest affect on E2 and that T level troughs have the strongest affect on HCT. For example, if you want to lower E2, reduce the spikes in your T levels, which is often accomplished by more frequent injections. If you...
  14. S

    Injection Frequency vs Dosage

    A discussion on another thread - and lots of other anecdotes - raises the question of injection frequency vs dosage. It is not uncommon to read about guys who lowered their E2 by switching to more frequent injections. It is also not uncommon to read that whenever a guy switches to more frequent...
  15. G

    Thoughts on E2

    So I just had an interesting thought about E2 levels in men. So the gold standard in regards to where we want our hormones, is to get them to the levels that they were when we were in our prime, correct? So probably around 18-22, I would assume for most men, hormone wise at least. Take total and...
  16. DragonBits

    E2, effect of LC-MS/MS test, effect of BMI on TT not on E2

    Low Estradiol Concentrations in Men With Subnormal Testosterone Concentrations and Type 2 Diabetes This is an interesting study of men with T2 diabetes. It's interesting for several reasons outside of diabetes. 1) It directly compares the cheaper immunoassay Vs LC-MS/MS sensitive test for E2...
  17. L

    high estradiol side effects for you personally

    I am curious how other men feel with high e2 levels... What symptoms and/or negative effects you feel when your estradiol is elevated? I used to be able to run 200+mg doses of testosterone with no AI and be ok when I was like 18-20 year old.. situation changed as I got older I need to be in very...
  18. joshmaximus

    What E2 symptoms are these??

    Hello, I need to pull labs but am waiting because i have tweaked my protocol a bit. I am having no morning wood, my erections are hard but they seem not as full and my balls are tight to my body and seem smaller....wont hang. Also achy joints. To me is all high e2 sysmptoms except for achy...
  19. K

    Needing help raising estrogen

    Im seeking advice on how I can raise my estrogen. Its been low for over 6 months. I do my test shots twice per week(150mg total). I have tried raising my dose and also just doing one shot per week but I feel even worse if my testosterone gets to high.. So my question is- Can clomid help raise my...