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  1. D

    Subq/IM differences and issues. Has anyone experienced this?

    Having trouble dialing in due to one issue. I feel great on Subq injections and my dose is 70mgs a week split into EOD injections. This brings my total T - 729, free t - 156.7 and E2 - 38. My problem is that my constipation returns exactly after 4 weeks of doing subq. I had constipation before...
  2. K

    Permanent ED from tamoxifen?

    Hello. So my doctor gave me tamoxifen for low t and I only took 5 pills (20mg) eod. Didn’t help with the symptoms only gave me severe loss of libido, ed and anhedonia. Then we changed to sustanon 250mg every 10 days. My doctor said symptoms of tamoxifen will go away in “couple of weeks” And I...
  3. S

    The best method of dialling in Aromasin dosage

    Dialling in your AI dosage can feel a bit like walking a tight rope, especially with Aromasin as crashing your E2 with it is more unforgiving than with Arimidex due to Aromasin's suicidal nature. A study Pharmacokinetics and Dose Finding of a Potent Aromatase Inhibitor, Aromasin (Exemestane)...
  4. N

    Do i need to use ai on trt/cruise?

    Hey guys, i am on a cruise test cypionate 250mg e8d, on the advice of my friend who has been taking steroids for over 5 years, he recommended me to use 0.5mg of arimidex mon/thursday at a dosage of testosterone dosage of 250mg, i was on this protocol for about 4 months, I felt pretty good, BUT I...
  5. J

    Questions about T/E2 ratio.

    It seems that there is a lot of emphasis on T/E2 ratio. Why do you suppose that labs like Quest, LabCorp, etc. don't report E2 results as a T/E2 ratio if that is what is more important than just the E2 results? And, why do you suppose they don't adjust the "range" to take into consideration...
  6. J

    Standard E2 test vs. Sensitive E2 test

    I had both the standard E2 and the Sensitive E2 lab tests done on the same day to use for comparison. My Sensitive E2 test was 4 points higher (58 pg/mL (range: < or = 29 pg/mL)) than the Standard E2 test (54 pg/mL (range: < or = 39 pg/mL)). I had expected the Sensitive E2 results to be lower...
  7. S

    Hot flashes are unlikely to be a symptom of increasing or increased E2, and more likely to be a symptom of decreases in E2 levels or low E2.

    After reading up a ton of literature on Estrogen effects on males, there's really a whole bunch of realisations about how extremely useful it is in male function and consequently how misunderstood and mishandled it is by men or TRT clinics. I'm glad Nelson seems to have a much better...
  8. S

    New to anastrazole (confusion)

    Struggling to understand this general situation… New doc has started me on enanthate 60mg SQ twice a week. Started monday (today is wed). Also prescribed anastasole 1mg “sometime in between the two doses”. It seems relevant that im 80-90 pounds overweight, carrying it all in belly. Ive read...
  9. F

    Erections gone, PDE5i's stopped working, E2 related?

    Greetings, I've been trying to sort this out on my own for a while, but I'm at my wits end. Really hoping someone can help me solve this dilemma. Over the past few months erectile function has gone from being able to get really hard with the help of 12.5-25mg viagra to completely dead dick...
  10. K

    D-chiro-inositol raises testosterone significantly

    This study confirms that D-chiro-inositol raises Testosterone significantly and lowers E2 and Estrone : https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34078260/ Why is this not talked about anywhere ? Is there something wrong with the study ? Am I missing something ?
  11. N

    Dianabol with TRT?

    I started trt due to having low testosterone 3 years ago. From the first day of starting trt I have never felt good. Always felt snappy and moody. I have tried testosterone E. P. C. Nebido and cream. It seems I do not aromatize from the testosterone and I am a hyper responder to the...
  12. R

    AI's and joint pain

    Everything I've found online for forever regarding AI's and joint pain basically says that it is most likely due to low E2. I've been using Exemestane for a while now, and have basically been keeping my E2 at 40 and above, and I am having joint pain in a couple of areas. Being that my E2 is...
  13. T

    E2 went a little low from one Arimidex dosing

    Yesterday I took a very small amount of arimidex 0 (0.125mg) when I shouldn’t have. My e2 has dipped a bit too low. Fortunately it’s not crashed, but it’s enough to be annoying. I have a slightly dry eyed feeling, worsened anxiety and low motivation. My sexual function is still pretty decent, so...
  14. M

    Opinions on E2 management.

    On TRT for just over 4 years. Lately I've been part of a facebook group that also has a youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/FoxPowerBasement They are all things TRT, however a very strong theme of the group is that NOBODY needs an AI. EVER. So for the past 6 months or so I have not...
  15. R

    Could this be low E2?

    About a month ago I got my second Pfizer covid shot. I felt a little sick for about four days. I recovered, but I noticed a few days later that my joints don't feel right. I googled and saw a lot of cases of this being a lingering effect from the vax, so I figured there's not really much I could...
  16. B

    High e2 and high shbg

    Hey guys new member here! So I finished up my clomid a little over a week ago and got bloods done. I know it was too soon, but I felt really shitty. Estradiol-Ultrasensative 56 (<or29 pg/ml) SHBG 54 (10-50 Nmol/L) Total test 1526 (250-1100) Free test 241 (35-155) I feel pretty shitty...
  17. E

    Always thirst, kinda dry mouth

    Would you say E2 related?
  18. Mr_Ree

    Blood test results (advice)

    Hello. I’m 36 yrs old. I‘m a bodybuilder and have been a blast and cruise guy for the last 4 years. I’ve been on TRT for the last 10 months after ending a pretty hefty blast cycle. my TRT dose has been 300mg/week up until results came back then back down to 200mg/week. I did supplement HMG or...
  19. B

    Raloxifene for High E2?

    Start out with a brief history. Im 56 type 1 diabetic. Have been for 53 years. Been on TRT for 5 years has improved my overall blood glucose and I have sex drive again. 3 years ago i found a pretty good TRT Doc. I'm in Idaho and choices are limited. Last summer 2021 he handed me off to a...
  20. R

    Low e2 symptoms for a long time

    Hey everyone I have a huge problem with estradiol. I am constantly tormented by symptoms of low estradiol. I have not taken any IA since December. I am currently taking 100 mg test prop e2d. My mood came back for a while, but continued poping joints and being flat. I decided to hit 2500iu hcg...
  21. T

    4 weeks off TRT - still needing AI to combat E2 anxiety

    Hey guys, Looking to get some input. I am 34 years old, low SHBG (17-19), 160lb, athletic build. I've spent the last year experimenting different protocols to find one where I feel good/normal. Surprisingly, the closest I can get to feeling fine is on a single injection frequency, with AI every...
  22. M

    Could progesterone use crash estrogen or cause joint pain?

    Hello, for the past 2 weeks I’ve been using progesterone cream, one pump scrotal application per day. Over this weekend I started to notice my joints were achy, felt sort of dry, popping a bit. I’ve actually been feeling pretty good (libido and mentally) but thinking I may have overdone it with...
  23. J


    Hi everybody. I would like to hear from people having experience (or having knowledge) on different hcg dose frequency protocols. Basically I want to know if every day lower dose has any different outcome, better o worse, compared to every other day, every 3 days, twice weekly etc. I mean, same...
  24. G

    Fish Oil and SHBG

    I can't find the pubmed study at the moment, but it's all over Google if searched. Apparently, fish oil lowers SHBG. I'm wondering how drastic this effect could be and if cutting my EPA/DHA dose from 2.4g to 1.2g may let it rise. I've read on here that guys with low SHBG have harder times...
  25. B

    Test Prop @ 15mg ED/SQ vs Test Cyp @ 20mg ED/SQ... Results.....

    Below are my Lab results from my use of Test Cyp @ 20mg ed/SQ for 8 months and Test Prop @ 15mg ed/sq for about 3 months. Test Cyp @ 20mg ED/SQ (8 months) Testosterone Total-Male 609.0 ng/dL 300.0 - 890.0 ng/dL Free Testosterone 168.7 pg/mL 47.0 - 244.0 pg/mL Estradiol, Serum 72...
  26. C

    What is considered optimal Estradiol, Ultrasensitive range?

    I think the other day I may have taken too much AI and crashed my E2 cuz had numb cock and no libido and Viagra had almost no effect. 2 days later I took Estradiol blood test and Estradiol Ultrasensitive LC/MS blood test. The results… Estradiol = 21 (Range: < OR = 39) Estradiol Ultrasensitive...
  27. X

    Titrating down: advice please

    Dear all. Hope you're all well. I was wondering if I might tap into some of the great knowledge of you guys. Thanks to this forum, I recently decided to titrate my dosage of 160mg (test cyp) down to a more "sensible" level where I don't need to use an AI, and still get the benefits of TRT. On...
  28. B

    E2 has jumped dramatically in the last couple of years, age related?

    My dose has stayed the same at 200mg a week for the last decade, and my e2 sensitive was usually in the low 60s which was fine with me But the last e2 sensitive test came back at 107! This is a huge jump considering the dose and the injection schedule has remained unchanged over that period. I...
  29. L

    Help! Advice before AI (Anastrozole)

    So I've been on TRT for a number of months, and can't seem to get dialed in. I feel lethargic, emotional/mild depression, no drive/motivation, low libido, weak erectile function. Doctor seems a bit flustered and asked what I think the issue is. After all my research, the only thing I can come up...
  30. M

    Anyone used/using calcium d glucarate for estrogen control?

    I've been reading a lot of good things lately about calcium d glucarate particularly in it's effectiveness of estrogen control. Just wondering if anyone on here has used it and can share their thoughts on it?
  31. G

    Help: T and E too high, I'm red etc.

    Hi all, I've been on TRT a little over a year. Started at 100mg a week; was tested a month in and numbers were still low so i was bumped to 150mg a week. I was tested about 6 weeks after the increase and my total t and free t were considered "optimal" - I believe total was right around 1000 and...
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