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  1. E

    Always thirst, kinda dry mouth

    Would you say E2 related?
  2. Mr_Ree

    Blood test results (advice)

    Hello. I’m 36 yrs old. I‘m a bodybuilder and have been a blast and cruise guy for the last 4 years. I’ve been on TRT for the last 10 months after ending a pretty hefty blast cycle. my TRT dose has been 300mg/week up until results came back then back down to 200mg/week. I did supplement HMG or...
  3. B

    Raloxifene for High E2?

    Start out with a brief history. Im 56 type 1 diabetic. Have been for 53 years. Been on TRT for 5 years has improved my overall blood glucose and I have sex drive again. 3 years ago i found a pretty good TRT Doc. I'm in Idaho and choices are limited. Last summer 2021 he handed me off to a...
  4. R

    Low e2 symptoms for a long time

    Hey everyone I have a huge problem with estradiol. I am constantly tormented by symptoms of low estradiol. I have not taken any IA since December. I am currently taking 100 mg test prop e2d. My mood came back for a while, but continued poping joints and being flat. I decided to hit 2500iu hcg...
  5. T

    4 weeks off TRT - still needing AI to combat E2 anxiety

    Hey guys, Looking to get some input. I am 34 years old, low SHBG (17-19), 160lb, athletic build. I've spent the last year experimenting different protocols to find one where I feel good/normal. Surprisingly, the closest I can get to feeling fine is on a single injection frequency, with AI every...
  6. M

    Could progesterone use crash estrogen or cause joint pain?

    Hello, for the past 2 weeks I’ve been using progesterone cream, one pump scrotal application per day. Over this weekend I started to notice my joints were achy, felt sort of dry, popping a bit. I’ve actually been feeling pretty good (libido and mentally) but thinking I may have overdone it with...
  7. J


    Hi everybody. I would like to hear from people having experience (or having knowledge) on different hcg dose frequency protocols. Basically I want to know if every day lower dose has any different outcome, better o worse, compared to every other day, every 3 days, twice weekly etc. I mean, same...
  8. G

    Fish Oil and SHBG

    I can't find the pubmed study at the moment, but it's all over Google if searched. Apparently, fish oil lowers SHBG. I'm wondering how drastic this effect could be and if cutting my EPA/DHA dose from 2.4g to 1.2g may let it rise. I've read on here that guys with low SHBG have harder times...
  9. B

    Test Prop @ 15mg ED/SQ vs Test Cyp @ 20mg ED/SQ... Results.....

    Below are my Lab results from my use of Test Cyp @ 20mg ed/SQ for 8 months and Test Prop @ 15mg ed/sq for about 3 months. Test Cyp @ 20mg ED/SQ (8 months) Testosterone Total-Male 609.0 ng/dL 300.0 - 890.0 ng/dL Free Testosterone 168.7 pg/mL 47.0 - 244.0 pg/mL Estradiol, Serum 72...
  10. C

    What is considered optimal Estradiol, Ultrasensitive range?

    I think the other day I may have taken too much AI and crashed my E2 cuz had numb cock and no libido and Viagra had almost no effect. 2 days later I took Estradiol blood test and Estradiol Ultrasensitive LC/MS blood test. The results… Estradiol = 21 (Range: < OR = 39) Estradiol Ultrasensitive...
  11. X

    Titrating down: advice please

    Dear all. Hope you're all well. I was wondering if I might tap into some of the great knowledge of you guys. Thanks to this forum, I recently decided to titrate my dosage of 160mg (test cyp) down to a more "sensible" level where I don't need to use an AI, and still get the benefits of TRT. On...
  12. B

    E2 has jumped dramatically in the last couple of years, age related?

    My dose has stayed the same at 200mg a week for the last decade, and my e2 sensitive was usually in the low 60s which was fine with me But the last e2 sensitive test came back at 107! This is a huge jump considering the dose and the injection schedule has remained unchanged over that period. I...
  13. L

    Help! Advice before AI (Anastrozole)

    So I've been on TRT for a number of months, and can't seem to get dialed in. I feel lethargic, emotional/mild depression, no drive/motivation, low libido, weak erectile function. Doctor seems a bit flustered and asked what I think the issue is. After all my research, the only thing I can come up...
  14. M

    Anyone used/using calcium d glucarate for estrogen control?

    I've been reading a lot of good things lately about calcium d glucarate particularly in it's effectiveness of estrogen control. Just wondering if anyone on here has used it and can share their thoughts on it?
  15. G

    Help: T and E too high, I'm red etc.

    Hi all, I've been on TRT a little over a year. Started at 100mg a week; was tested a month in and numbers were still low so i was bumped to 150mg a week. I was tested about 6 weeks after the increase and my total t and free t were considered "optimal" - I believe total was right around 1000 and...
  16. M

    Could DIM have knocked my e2 too low?

    Current Protocol: 110Mg pw Test Cyp Injecting E2D I've always only needed a very small amount of anastrozole. Having seen Dr Crisler and others talk about using DIM (Diindolylmethane) for years, I decided I would give this a try instead of the anastrozole. I've been taking 200mg of DIM (100mg...
  17. J

    Do these look like results from a sensitive e2 test?

  18. W

    Anyone supplementing estrogen?

    It's pretty much the only hormone that I haven't tried. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4854098/
  19. D

    Anyone feels better on less frequent injections? for ex.: e7d vs e3.5d

    So I have a lot of trouble dialing in my TRT. Started gel with low T of 260 ng/dl and <5 E2 (non sensitive) , undetectable. SHBG of 23. Felt like HELL. started androgel, felt the best i have ever felt in life after 4 days, this lasted for 1.5 weeks then I lost all my benefits and slowly became...
  20. T

    Sensitive E2 in the 100’s

    Was looking for input from some of the moderators/experienced users. I work in hormone optimization/peptides/ED management/primary care. First, huge thanks to this forum, Nelson and others who have been instrumental in advancing my understanding of TRT and how to engage in optimization versus...
  21. L

    TRT low, minimal E2 suggestions

    New user, long time lurker reading up. I'm a 42 yr old male, and I was diagnosed primary hypo around 2012. Ive been on TRT for 8+ years or so. Im using 100mg every 7 days IM. My question is, is it typical for my E2 to be in the lower range? My last test result was 13.1 in the range of 8.0...
  22. U

    I found a TRT protocol that works

    So after trying injections for 2.5 years I went back to testosterone pellets. I'm one week in and my libido is already coming back strong. I started on pellets 6 years ago and stayed on them for 3 years and they always worked great. I stopped them because every now and then I'd have one that...
  23. A

    Any evidence of Resveratrol lowering E2?

    Some have recommended Resveratrol to me as a means to lower E2 naturally. Has anyone had success lowering E2 a few points with resveratrol? I want to lower my e2 by 5-10 pg/mL
  24. T

    Sensitive to E2 - subq and HCG

    Hi guys, I'm very sensitive to medium to medium high E2. I feel like absolute shit, depressed, anxious, low libido. I talked to a new doctor who wants to put me on subq test Cyp and HCG: As far as I understand there's more aromatase in the fat, and so I'd think I would aromatise more with...
  25. A

    High e2 on 100mg

    I take 100mg once a week just got my sensitive e2 back 4 days after my shot and it was 59 range is less than 29. My Test level hasn’t come back yet but I’m freaking out because it explains why I’ve been breaking out. I could only imagine what my e2 is at the day after my shot. Should I split my...
  26. S

    List of compounds that have a propensity to aromatize to estradiol.

    I recently came across a thread where someone (@Cataceous ?) posted a nice chart showing many different compounds, family, propensity to aromatize to E2. Can’t find it now. If anyone could find it based on my vague description, I’d appreciate it!
  27. T

    Testogel - increased dosage and libido went down

    I'd been on 50mg/daily for 2 months. Morning wood was present every day. Did at most 0.5mg anasrozole. Bumped to 100mg/daily for 5 days, libido seems down, no morning wood, dry eyes.. I started by increasing anastrozole as well but dropped it for the last 2 of the 5 days. Has anyone...
  28. T

    Dry eyes on testogel?

    Hi guys, Has anyone experienced dry eyes with Testogel? I have been doing a bit of anastrozole as well but quit recently to see if this has to do with low E2. I experienced this after doubling the dose of the gel.
  29. A

    Low E2 but high prolactin?

    I have had high prolactin before which was mainly caused by an intense workout the day before the test but usually it also comes along with a raised E2. My recent test showed E2 as 20 pg/mL but Prolactin was 800 mU/L on a range of 80 - 320. Libido is on the floor and I am struggling with energy...
  30. D

    Updated labs, very low E2

    I am seeing my rheumatologist in a week, (have RA) and got a few labs to bring in, also wanted to see how my TT and FT levels were looking. I have very low SHBG (10-15 usually) and so my FT is always high. My regimen has changed a bit over the years, currently my goal is to decrease my FT, it is...
  31. Robotics

    High E2 Prolactin Low SHBG

    Been on 10mg cypionate IM a day for 5 weeks. prolactin and E2 are on the high end. I got a prescription for 0.0625 AI pills, I am considering starting with 3x a week. 1. Is my prolactin High due to my e2 and should it follow e2 down if i take ai? should i add in p5p? 2. I have my honeymoon in...
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