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    enclomiphene 50mg split into 6.25mg

    Is it possible to split a 50mg tablet into 6.25mg doses? The 50mg tablets are all that's available. i'm considering buying tablet capsules and adding crushed tablets roughly dosed since accurate scales would be expensive. Maybe someone with more experience has a better idea.
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    Has anyone use retinol for acne?

    I know many have experience with Accutane, and claim that they cleared their Acne up permanently, But does anyone have experience with retinol, which is essentially topical Accutane? since upping my dose, I’ve experienced a bit of acne. But I don’t want to take Accutane due to the long-term...
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    How long does it take you typically to get fully dialed in after changing a dose?

    I know many say 6 weeks, but for me its more... 2-3 months. How long does it take you to get fully adjusted to a protocol change?
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    Do I need to lower my dose when switching to an insulin syringe?

    I recently started using insulin syringes, rather than the typical hypodermic needle. I inject 30mg every other day, and felt this would be much more convenient in terms of sustainability and preventing needle fatigue. However, when using a hypodermic needle with a replaceable tip, there is...
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    Ipamorelin CJC Receptors and Dosing

    Hi all, I've been taking ipamorelin and cjc w/o DAC for a few months now and had really good results with energy and body comp. I've read that the pulse affect can last for several days so I only take 4 days a week at 1ooiu twice a day. My first question: do you need to cycle off for the...
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    protocol suggestion

    Hello all, was hoping to get suggestions. For the past few years I have been taking 100mg every 3.5 days along with .25-.5 mg of anastrozole with each injection. Lab results from bloodwork at trough, right before next injection: Total MS Testosterone 888 ng/dL (250-1100) Dialysis free...
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    Dosage protocol and lab test change help

    My blood results from 100mg Test Cyp only ,once weekly injections, after one month time, tested on trough day was as follows, this was from my Dr's own in house lab; Dr's in house lab results; Hemocrit 50.4 range; [40-54] Total T 524 [193-740 ng/dl] Free T...
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    Noob - EOD Dosage

    I was just prescribed 210MG Cypionate a week split in two injections. HCG 500IU a week split in two injections. Based on the information below I am assuming I am going to be a high aromatiser. Also, what I have read on this forum the dosage seems high and I was thinking that lowering the dose...
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    Prop vs Cyp Dosage

    What Im seeing with Prop is that the vial strength is 100mg/mL, unlike my Cyp @ 200mg/mL. Could someone tell me if I'm doing 9mg daily on Cyp what the appropriate Dosage with propianate should be? Before anyone comments... The doctor is doing this to reduce my hematocrit from rising so fast...
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    Does TRT effect eyesight??

    So I'm on week 4 of a dosage reduction. Dropping from 250mg to 200mg. (Will likely drop to 175). I noticed yesterday that my right eye is very blurry at 2 feet away (computer screen). I had Lasik several years ago and have had better than 20/20 vision every time I'm tested. So wondering if...
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    Blood work HCG Monotherapy low DHT

    Good morning everbody, Im 27 y. old, 80kg, 12% bf. I´m hypothyroid and and have hypogonadism. I´m on a HCG-Monotherapy. (750 I.E. Hcg eod, 125 mcg L-Thyroxin) I think that my thyroid gland is not yet functioning properly and therefore my testosterone synthesis is also limited. Hopefully when my...
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    How do I microdose Anastrozole?

    Hi fellows, I'm currently taking .125mg of Anastrozole 2x a week. I'd like up my dosage but not by a 50% and .125mg capsules are the smallest I can get and it's important I take them on certain days of the week as I try to match the peaks and valleys of my AI to my T levels. I use this...
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    TRT Dosage advice?

    Hey all - I started TRT about a year ago, 100mg TC x2/week. Tests kept coming back T>1500 and the doc didn't seem at all concerned, so I dropped myself to 70mg x2 a month ago and saw improved sexual function. Still lots of room for improvement but getting better. Blood test yesterday, the day...
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    Proper measuring question

    Newbie question, but I have noticed if I load the syringe with my dose , and I make sure there is no air between the opening of needle and the plunger then I seem to be injecting more test than my dose Do I account for this when measuring , or Do I only measure what’s in the syringe and not in...
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    What is reliable way to measure T3 dose?

    How do I measure what the correct dosage of T3 is right for me? Should I slowly increase my dose until my RT3 goes to normal level? Should it be based on TSH? Should it be based on body temperature and pulse rate (I am aware that my resting pulse shouldn't exceed 80 and body temperature 98.6)...
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    When going from one does per week to split doses per week, how long does it take to feel the effects?

    I just went from doing 50 mg twice per week to 60 mg TC twice per week. Can anybody that’s made a dosage change tell me their experience and how long it takes to feel the effects if any? I know the canned answer is six weeks. I’m just looking for real experience when switching dosage. Thanks...
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    TRT and working out. Benefits start at what point if any?

    Hi All, I have been on TC 50mg X 2 weekly and 375 HCG 3 X weekly. Just got the ok to go to 60mg X 2 weekly. TT 759 (Labcorp). I'm sure TT will go up a bit. I'm 58 years old. I currently don't workout, never did, but am thinking about starting at a gym. Is this enough of a test dosage and...
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    How to calculate cc dosing from mg of testosterone and IUs of hCG?

    I can't seem to find any good calculators or conversion tables online. I think part of it is I don't know what I am doing, and the other part is I afraid of screwing up. I inject 140mg of T cyp a week divided into two doses. So what is 70 MG in ML? 400 ui's of HCG is how many ML?
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    Day 1 on testosterone and Wow

    My T levels in my last test were Total T: 116 Free T: 21 E2: 32 My Dr prescribed: 200mg T cypionate a week, 500 iu's Hcg a week. He also told me to take .5 arimidex a week as I am moderately overweight and he is worried about E2 spiking He said to do the entire 200 in one shot, I decided to...
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    HCG Dosage

    I am on 50IU of HCG twice a week, I use an insulin syringe that holds 100IU or 1CC, I keep reading other users posting dosages of 250IU and 500IU, am I misunderstanding this or are others really using 10 times the amount of HCG I am? 500IU would use my entire bottle that lasts me a month.
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    Trimix : have you experienced you have to lower the dosage after few first weeks ?

    I have started Trimix few weeks ago trying 0.05ml with NO effet. Following that I increased until 0.10ml with good effect. But after few injections, it was too much . Therefore I decreased it to 0.08 and 0.06. And now I have good effect at 0.06ml, and acceptable at 0.05ml Have you experienced...
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    average weekly T dosage on this forum

    Just to try to have some statistical data: Which is your weekly dosage? Thank you to all.
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    Disobeying the Doc

    My doc prescribed me 180mg test cyp weekly every 3.5 days. Also 1000iu of HCG weekly e3.5 days. I did that for about 2.5 months, got my bloodwork done and did my consult. We agreed to keep it the same cuz everything looked good. We scheduled a follow up 6 months later. About 1-2 weeks later...
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    TRT doesn't work. According to this woman

    Researchers say there are no benefits of testosterone treatments for men Old article I know, but I find it interesting that this information is out there. Of course I've read plenty of studies that discuss apparent libido, bone density, fat reduction benefits, etc, etc. And unless it's...
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    My little journey +Very high estradiol +Arimidex +Searching the better way...

    Hi mates, first of all sorry if my english is not very clear, im from Spain and i salute all of you from here ;)! Im gonna try to explain my case or at least part of it... Well, i began TRT 4 months ago, these are my numbers just before the start: 42 yo Height: 5'8" OverWeight: 227 lb 31%...
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    Novel Idea About Dosage

    Tried to search this but didn't find anything. Has anyone tried continuously changing their T dosage. For example one month at 160/week then one month at 140/week. Then back to 160/week for a month? So on and so forth. The reason for this question is that I have read a few times on this...
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    Lowering E2 and HCT - Reduce dose or increase frequency?

    A bit of a hypothetical question here, but something I've been curious about. Supposing someone with relatively normal SHBG (mid 20s-mid 30s) is on a T. Cyp. E3.5D injection protocol and has slightly elevated E2 and HCT. TT/FT slightly above range at trough. For this example, let's say they use...
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    Testosterone dosage question

    Got a question on testosterone dosage. I’ve used a traditional urologist who typically prescribed .5 ML injection a week for cypionate, I self injected weekly for 4 years now. Recently I visited a health rejuvenation clinic with a good reputation in my area, and their doctor prescribed 1.4 ML a...
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    Initial levels correlate to target TT?

    Gents, A while ago, when first researching my low T problem, I stumbled upon a blog entry from a clinic local to me that has alway stuck in my mind. In the wonderful world of n=1 this rule, as it transpires, does actually apply to me. I’m running 30mg per day that puts me at the upper end of TT...
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    Night sweats anxious and using anastrazole. Dosing guidance

    Hi guys, I know that the responses I’ll mostly get is to have my blood tested since it’s been 3 months or more. But I’ve been dealing with dialing in my levels for years now. So I’m looking for some general advice an insight before getting my labs done again. I’ve had to over the years split...
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    Moving to 3 days per week

    Per Defy’s suggestion as my E2 is up in the 60s 8 weeks into TRT and me not being fond of the idea of jumping to Anastrozole, they have suggested that I move from twice per week to three times per week to try and lower E2 (my SHBG also went from 67 to 37). Should I consider lowering my dose...