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  1. S

    Test Cream on Scrotum and DHT

    So my doc let me change my protocol, I dropped down to 12mg a day , and apply 1 click of test cream which is 12.5mg to the scrotum area. My DHT came back way over range, My TT and FT are about the same as doing 14mg daily that I was doing. The only thing is erection quality went down the drain...
  2. 3

    Rogaine/Minoxidil does it work with? Cialis/Metformin

    Hello, Does anyone know if cialis and metformin stops or makes rogaine/minoxidil less effective for hair regrowth? Metformin decreases pge2 level: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fonc.2017.00243/full https://www.nicehair.org/increase-scalp-pge2-decrease-pgd2-cure-hair-loss/
  3. Z

    Feel worse with higher test levels

    I’m seeing a lot more post with people who have test levels above 1000 who feel crappy. Even with everything else in range e2, DHT, prolactin etc. I’ve also have seen post of people almost using microdose amounts and feeling way better. My question is, is this the new thing? Because my doctor...
  4. Z

    DHT really low- makes no sense

    So I have been feeling pretty crappy lately (down depressed anxious and no libido) and decided to do labs. I had labs done and my t was -1319 E2 sensitive was - 31 Shgb- 42 Free T was 29 But the weirdest one was my dht it came in at 50pg/ml. Which is incredibly low. What makes no sense is I’m on...
  5. S

    Pygeum - can it lower libido?

    Is Pygeum worth experimenting with? Libido is already an issue for me and I've been trying to improve it for ages. Since Pygeum decreases DHT I'm guessing it can have harmful effects on my libido. I did notice great effects from an alpha blocker - Doxazosin. Thoughts on adding Pygeum to the...
  6. D

    Lower E2 = Higher Memory Recall?

    Here is an interesting in vivo study with findings suggesting that lower levels of estrogen in the brain correlate to higher performance in varying forms of memory recall in men. @Cataceous @readalot @Nelson Vergel If a man were to experience brain fog and reduced memory recall while on TRT...
  7. T

    Proviron vs DHT gel?

    Hi, Firstly to introduce myself I’m 34 years old and have been on TRT now for 1 year at a dosage of 100mg Test E twice weekly. Feeling overall good during this time however my libido and erectile function could be better. Recent bloodwork shows my DHT levels to be slightly below midrange even...
  8. D

    Creatine and DHT

    Has it ever really been verified that creatine raises dht? Would've never thought so but seems like my prostate pings me after use now.
  9. FunkOdyssey

    Poll: Cream vs Injection DHT Sides

    I'm interested to hear from men that have tried both injections and cream when it comes to side effects commonly attributed to DHT, like acne and hair loss. It is clear that serum DHT on cream is ridiculously elevated to many multiples of the normal range in almost everyone using it. However...
  10. M

    Scrotal cream and erection issues

    I was on scrotal cream for a couple of years and had great results. Wonderful labs. Muscles mass, energy, even libido was great. All except my actual erections. I had amazing libido, but when it came time to actually perform, there was a 50/50 chance of it happening, and if it did happen it was...
  11. Systemlord

    MicroRNA can regrow 90% of lost hair, researchers find.

  12. M

    Turmeric Lowering DHT?

    I hope this is the correct forum for this question. I have been trying to find out if there is any information/studies done on the effects of taking turmeric and it possibly lowering/altering your DHT levels? I just started some and I do not want it messing up my TRT that I have been stable on...
  13. R

    Free T is important, what about Free DHT and Free Estradiol?

    Wikipedia says, "The relative binding affinity of various sex steroids for SHBG is dihydrotestosterone (DHT) > testosterone > androstenediol > estradiol > estrone. DHT binds to SHBG with about 5 times the affinity of testosterone and about 20 times the affinity of estradiol." Why aren't there...
  14. F

    Modulate DHT

    Has anyone ever thought about trying to control DHT levels? I am aware of the post finasteride horror stories, but I am wondering if there is some way to reasonably reduce or limit DHT conversion? I wonder if excessive DHT plays a role in those who struggle with the myriad of TRT side effects...
  15. C

    42 y/o, scrotal cream, high dht and acne... will finasteride help?

    I've been on scrotal cream for a few years. Feel great. However I have always got pretty annoying facial acne. My dht is pretty high 155ng/dL, however it's been as high as 290ng/dL. The range is usually 14 to 77ng/dL. FWIW, I used to be at a measley 8ng/dL before I started. Total T is around...
  16. A

    low shbg means high free E2 ?

    Hello all, I have seen this idea thrown around on trt and steroids forums that low SHBG causes high free E2 and that the use of DHT derivatives like Proviron, Anavar can cause gyno by lowering shbg = > high free Test => more aromatization. But as per this study SHBG preferentially binds to DHT...
  17. B

    Test Prop @ 15mg ED/SQ vs Test Cyp @ 20mg ED/SQ... Results.....

    Below are my Lab results from my use of Test Cyp @ 20mg ed/SQ for 8 months and Test Prop @ 15mg ed/sq for about 3 months. Test Cyp @ 20mg ED/SQ (8 months) Testosterone Total-Male 609.0 ng/dL 300.0 - 890.0 ng/dL Free Testosterone 168.7 pg/mL 47.0 - 244.0 pg/mL Estradiol, Serum 72...
  18. G

    Dht as an intracrine and paracrine hormone

    I’m just curious: is it the high blood serum dht concentrations, or is it the higher free t from scrotal cream that contributes to hairloss, or is it a combination. A doctor on a particular Facebook group suggested that dht is more intracrine/paracrine, and so serum dht is essentially...
  19. T

    Testosterone gel application sites for maximum DHT

    Hi all, Wanted to know if anyone knew this. I'm aware that likely genital skin/scrotum is richest in 5a-reductase and thus yields the most DHT from topical testosterone (gel or cream). Does anyone know which site comes after that? From what I've read the sheer amount of skin you apply on...
  20. A

    Do DHT derivatives like Anavar / Oxandrolone upregulate 5 Alpha Reductase / 5AR?

    Finasteride is what originally lead me to all of this. Reading into things more lately, I read some people saying that the presence of 5AR metabolites like DHT up regulate 5AR in a positive feedback loop. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with this?
  21. G

    Bloodwork comparison after 10 weeks of TRT

    Hello, friends. This is my first post here. I really appreciate there is a forum to talk about it, so I thank you all in advance. So, I started TRT 10 weeks ago. This is my pre-TRT and 10-week in bloodwork. Most recent on the right side. My protocol is 120mg/wk test cyp along with 250ui EOD of...
  22. M

    Are my DHT levels too high?

    Hey gents - I'm new to TRT and new to this forum. Glad to have found both. I've been on TRT for about 12 weeks now. I'm on 80mg T Cyp 2x week, plus 500iu hCG 3x week. Also take 0.25mg anastrozole 3x week. Just had my first post-TRT labs done last week, and I'm wondering how my DHT levels compare...
  23. D

    Scrotal Testosterone Cream

    Hey guys, It seems like this has been a great method to increase libido for many of the members and in particular DHT levels. For those where it has worked when you have introduced cream with normal injections is there a protocol that you found worked best or a cream dosage that was sufficient...
  24. D

    Low SHBG, scrotal T cream increased DHT, drove E2 to <2

    My SHBG has run in the 12-15 range with pretty much any TRT changes I have made. My protocol last month was T Cyp (SQ) 24mg x3/wk, HCG 200 iu 3x wk, DHEA 25 mg 3 x wk, Pregnenolone 50mg 3 x wk, and T Cream to scrotum each night, a very small dose. Seemed to work, and a set of labs found DHT was...
  25. S

    Beware of DHT

    I Started low dose TRT in 2016 for mainly libido/erection issues but also had mood and concentration problems. Wasn't much successful and cortisol went too low so quit after 8 or 9 months. Then tried HCG which worked for about 2 months but then E got too high and it stopped working at all. From...
  26. Z

    High Testosterone and anxiety

    So I got some Of my labs back and the basics are my T was 1477 Free T-47 SHGB was 30 Hemocrit was 51 Hemoglobin was 17 IGF-1 was 180 PSA-0.6 this was done 24 hours after my last injection. I do 25mg everyday. But my question is, my anxiety has been a little on the higher side lately. I know...
  27. Z

    Testosterone Cream and DHT increase

    So I was on cream for about a year and in that year i noticed my anxiety was heightened. I also had other issues as stated of just feeling like crap. Anyways when doing labs, most my dht readings were upwards of 3-400. I was just wondering if that could of have been the culprit of my anxiety...
  28. Z

    Cream question

    So I posted a couple days ago about cream issues. Basically I use to do injections felt good but switched over to the cream because I heard it was the cats meow. Well early on it was great, my libido was sky high. And well actually that’s about it. Everything else felt normal. Fast foward 1 year...
  29. bochinit

    It is Estrogen or DHT that causes BPH?

    It is the Estrogen or DHT that make men have problens in prostate when get older or by hormones use? Older guys on trt here, please share if you are having problems with it. I want to understand about this subject.
  30. P

    DIY Dermal Recipe

    I'm interested in creating my own test-no-ester and DHT-no-ester transdermal specifically for scrotal application. Any recipes widely used on this board ? I'm guessing I could just use plo-gel, but not entirely sure. Which is why I'm asking. Thanks!
  31. D

    Updated labs, very low E2

    I am seeing my rheumatologist in a week, (have RA) and got a few labs to bring in, also wanted to see how my TT and FT levels were looking. I have very low SHBG (10-15 usually) and so my FT is always high. My regimen has changed a bit over the years, currently my goal is to decrease my FT, it is...
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