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  1. Kyle Butler

    High Pregnenolone, High RT3, Low DHEA-S

    Hi guys, two questions for you: Background: I am a 22 y/o male and I have hypothyroidism. Not on TRT or anything. Stopped taking thyroid hormones 6 months ago because they weren't helping. Relevant Labs: Pregnenolone: 237 (33 - 248 ng/dL) DHEA-S: 143 (34.5 - 568.9 mcg/dL) Testosterone, Total...
  2. P

    What dose DHEA/preg to avoid shutdown/withdrawal, 20 - 50 - 100mg ed

    Guys, i would LOVE to hear your experience on this. I have CFS and destroyed adrenals, they are better now but i just came across this (DHEA/Prog). And alot of people seem to dose it pretty high, and then the ray peat forum guys who microdose it I saw a post on a guy using 50mg dhea and got...
  3. N

    Low DHEA-S, in-range Testosterone/E2 levels

    Hi all. I had these blood results taken earlier this year. I have a few questions, primarily around my very low DHEA-S levels. For context, I am a 27 year old male. Follow up questions, are my testosterone levels alongside my estradiol readings any cause for concern? For those who cannot see...
  4. A

    Hands Swelling At Night

    For the past week or so I've been experiencing some notable swelling in my fingers when I lay down to sleep at night. It gets bad enough to where I wake up at night because my right hand is totally numb and then I have to awkwardly shift sleeping position. My protocol is currently 20 mg test C...
  5. B

    dose of progesterone

    oi gente que está usando creme de progesterona qual a dose que você está usando?
  6. M

    DHEA with TRT?

    43 y.o. who's on week 7 of TRT. My doctor has me on 160 mg of test cyp weekly plus daily dessicated thyroid and DHEA. Any idea why he's got me on DHEA? He's out of the country, or I'd ask him directly.
  7. FunkOdyssey

    TRT doesn't cause deficiency of Preg/DHEA/Prog and HCG doesn't fix it

    That is the bold claim made by this user on Reddit: What do you guys think? Is this why most men on TRT are doing well without supplementing the upstream hormones?
  8. C

    What purpose does DHEA serve in a TRT regimen?

    Does DHEA serve any purpose other than converting into estrogen and testosterone? If I'm on TRT, I don't really need an additional source of either of those. Does it do anything on its own? My doctor prescribed me some because it was low. But why? It did seem to increase my acne but I didn't...
  9. Gianluca

    Webinar - Adrenal Hormone Therapies by Thierry Hertoghe

    in the webinar: Cortisol, DHEA, Pregnenolone and Aldosterone diagnosis and treatment. I thought the explanation on low cortisol symptoms was excellent, simple to understand.
  10. Gianluca

    No evidence for hepatic conversion of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) sulfate to DHEA: in vivo and in vitro studies

    Abstract Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) sulfate (DHEAS) is the most abundant steroid in the human circulation and is thought to be the circulating hydrophilic storage form of DHEA. It is generally accepted that DHEA and DHEAS inter-convert freely and continuously via hydroxysteroid...
  11. J

    DHEA: When To Take, Morning/Night & Dosage Protocol?

    I'm doing a pre-TRT protocal to get my levels up naturally before looking at TRT options. My doc suggested a few things, one being 25mg of DHEA nightly for 4-6 weeks as my E2 and DHEA were a bit on the low side: ESTRADIOL 17 < OR = 39 pg/mL IG DHEA SULFATE 148 61-442 mcg/dL He said to take it...
  12. R

    Dhea supplements and hypertension or

    Can dhea supplementation cause hypertension. I started 25 mg/day about three weeks ago. No I don’t have labs yet. Yes I know blood pressure increase can be multifaceted. Three days ago I drank to much I I assumed it was that. But it’s been 36 hours with out alcohol and my blood pressure...
  13. M

    Has anyone seen low HDL while on DHEA or pregnenolone?

    The low HDL dilemma (lowest ever @ 39) - labs here. As you can see, a dramatic decrease in total cholesterol and LDL-C on my standard lipid test from prior labs. But why did my HDL sink along with the other lipid markers? I check all the boxes for doing things to raise it (fish oil, niacin...
  14. RP McMurphy

    First Lab Post! “Should I stay or should I go?”...would appreciate some guidance. Thank you!

    I’m a 45 yo male, 150 lbs. Prior to starting any testosterone therapy my labs in January 2018 were in range (Total T 601 280-1100ng/dl, Free T 10.43 1.9-27ng/dl), but I wanted to see if increasing testosterone levels would help to improve fatigue. I always had a high sex drive, with decent...
  15. G

    Various Forms of DHEA and Their Effects

    First, I'll post this link: https://www.zrtlab.com/blog/archive/difference-dhea-dheas-brain-health/ A Couple notes from that link: Topical DHEA doesn't really effect DHEA-S levels, but only DHEA levels. I even experimented with topical DHEA early 2021, and absolutely noticed strong effects...
  16. T

    Low DHEA , SHBG and Cortisol

    I’ve been on TRT for five years now , I was diagnosed with hypogonadism after an endo ordered some blood work and I came out with very low T levels, I was 30 years old at the time. My symptoms before the blood work were very low energy , weight gain and low libido . My endo put me on trt: Test...
  17. B

    Blood test- Low SHBG, High E2 (over range), High DHT (top end of range).... any thoughts?

    I'm on Test Prop @ 15mg ED SQ and Armour Thryoid 3 grains. For the past 2 1/2 months, I have noticed my hair is rapidly thinning and dry, my beard/stache seems to be growing slower looking mildly sparcer and not as dark.... Energy, mood, libido and sleep sucks... I suspected high E possibly...
  18. S

    Naturally High Levels of DHEAs

    Does anyone else here have high DHEAs levels? I'm 30yrs old, and have been on TRT more or less since 2017. I do not, and have not ever taken a DHEA supplement. My DHEA has been well above the reference range every single time I've tested for it. The last time it was: 760 with a reference range...
  19. R

    TRT with insomnia

    I have been on TRT for two years now. !00mg/week. Low SHBG 18-22. I am on low dose of Anastrozole .25mg/week say day I take Test cypionate. But I suffer from insomnia, never measured my growth hormone other than IGF-1 which was in normal range. I am not diabetic. I have great energy but I get...
  20. F

    Raising Pregnenolone, Progesterone and DHEA with HCG

    1. Anyone who has had low Pregnenolone and/or DHEA how much did adding HCG raise your levels? Both my pregnenolone and DHEA levels are below the minimum range. And I felt like shit on testosterone only. I have recently added HCG to my protocol and want to know if anyone has seen their levels...
  21. Gianluca

    Salivary DHEA vs plasma DHEA-S?

    I was just measured my salivary DHEA in an adrenal stress test, the level came back quiet low, 32pg/ml on a scale 137-336 I’m on 15mg DHEA supplement, which generally brings my DHEA-S at about 400, I’m confused about the result of the salivary test. which test between the two is more accurate?
  22. D

    Low DHEA

    Anyone have low DHEA levels and still unable to tolerate supplemental DHEA? I tried 25mg(cheap brand) and even 10mg of micronized Pure Encapsulations brand and had similar responses to it. I would compare it to elevated estrogen, but the 10mg dosage was so low I doubt that would be the case...
  23. R

    Using 7-Keto Dhea

    Does anyone use 7-keto dhea instead of DHEA? I’m not a huge fan of Dhea. If I could get the benefit of Dhea without impacting other hormones that would be ideal. Does anyone know what I’m missing out on if substitute 7-keto for DHEA?
  24. W

    DHEA and DHEA-S

    Thoughts on these from same blood draw? DHEA 1.192 ng/mL 0.630 - 4.700 ng/mL DHEA Sulfate 340 ug/dL 44 - 331 ug/dL Levels good or low?
  25. G

    More Hemoglobin Issues

    For quite a while I was using 50mg twice per week and that kept my trough about 500-600 with free T about 19-20. My blood pressure was elevated throughout the day but fine when I first woke up and my hemoglobin would be 17.5 and hematocrit around 51. I would also have sleep issues. I decided...
  26. A

    Thoughts on supplementing Pregnenolone and DHEA?

    Ive been using Testosterone and Testosterone derivatives for 8 years now, but only recently came to learn of the important of "downstream hormones," Im pretty uneducated on the matter, but have read anecdotes and testimonies of many seeing DHEA and Pregnenolone suffering after long-term TRT use...
  27. T

    Pregnenolone & DHEA, any of you guys taking them and seeing benefits?

    I have a bottle of 100mg pregnenolone tablets at home and took the first one this morning. Other than that I've no experience with it myself.
  28. A

    High DHEA naturally but doctor prescribed DHEA mixed with Test Cyp

    Hello guys, Below are my Pre TRT results. I am 4 days into my TRT. The protocol is 200mg a week of test cyp with 50iu X 2 times a week of gonadorelin but I am doing daily dosing 200mg/7days= 28mg a week. but I am a bit worried about my PRE T results that show HIGH DHEA. The main thing I am...
  29. R

    Benefit of taking DHEA

    is there any benefit of taking DHEA while on TRT? If yes when and what dose should be taken?
  30. R

    DHEA, is it needed on TRT?

    I have heard much conflicting info on if we need to take DHEA on TRT. I tried 25 mg DHEA every day and it did increase my FT quite a bit. but my doctor said no need to take DHEA cause we get all the T from the testosterone injections. is there any benefit to DHEA? seems like all it does is...
  31. D

    DHEA Supplementation Effect SHBG?

    Hey guys, I recently began supplementing with a low dosage of micronized DHEA(10mg daily) to see if I can boost my lower levels. I ran 25mg a day at one point in the past with a cheap version and it caused some estrogen related side effects which I was trying to avoid with a better quality...
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