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  1. Vince

    Did Gonorrhea Give Us Grandparents?

    In a new study, published July 9, 2022 in Molecular Biology and Evolution, they focus on one of these mutated genes and attempt to trace its evolution ⁠— when and why it appeared in the human genome. The findings suggest selective pressure from infectious pathogens like gonorrhea may have...
  2. P

    Testosterone levels and Dementia in Men

    Interesting read - Low T a factor in Dementia in Men
  3. maxadvance

    Well, this can't be good, high dose aas >>>Dementia

    Supraphysiologic-dose anabolic-androgenic steroid use: a risk factor for dementia? Kaufman MJ1, Kanayama G2, Hudson JI2, Pope HG2. Author information Abstract Supraphysiologic-dose anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) use is associated with physiologic, cognitive, and brain abnormalities similar...
  4. Nelson Vergel

    Worried About Dementia? You Might Want to Check Your Blood Pressure

    "If you had a stroke, even a small stroke, your risk of dementia within the next two years was greatly magnified," he says. "So there's something about having a stroke that drives a lot of the processes that give rise to dementia." But high blood pressure also appears to increase a person's...
  5. Nelson Vergel

    Heavy Snoring, Sleep Apnoea May Signal Earlier Memory and Thinking Decline

    Source: DGNews Heavy Snoring, Sleep Apnoea May Signal Earlier Memory and Thinking Decline Tags: Dementia Sleep Apnoea MINNEAPOLIS -- April 15, 2015 -- Heavy snoring and sleep apnoea may be linked to memory and thinking decline at an earlier age, according to a study published in the April...
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