delayed ejaculation

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    So Hard to Finish. Need suggestions

    Ok guys. Some background. Most of my life I was like most men. Trying to think about everything else to delay orgasm. Used to use these delayed orgasm condoms. I used to want so much to last longer. Started TRT about 4 years ago. Initial T levels were 168. The last few years I have been on 200m...
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    Drugs that MIGHT work for Delayed Ejaculation OR Delayed Orgasm (low penis sensitivity after erection)

    Keep in mind that this review article does not differentiate between Ejaculation and Orgasm. Some of the proposed drugs stimulate Ejaculation, not Orgasm: ephedra extracts/teas, ephedrine, pseudo-ephedrine. They can cause premature ejaculation without pleasure (orgasm) because they contract some...
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    Delayed Ejaculation

    Been on TRT with HCG for 3 weeks. 0.1 mg of both every day. Feeling pretty good, but one problem - delayed ejaculation. Probably taking about 10 times longer and that is with some serious effort. Not the most enjoyable thing in the world. Most likely higher estrogen? Prolactin? Not taking...
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    Questions about my new labs

    I have been on TRT since 2011. Initially on a compounded creme (MedQuest) switching later to Axiron and for the past year on testosterone cypionate. I started at the typical dose of 100 mg/week. These labs were drawn to evaluate a dose of 160 mg/wk. I inject IM into my glutes. I am 55. I...
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    How to Improve delayed ejaculation

    One of the side effects from the HRT treatment is that somehow my ejaculation got pretty difficult this was a gradual process but it could take me about an hour to finish. I wonder if any body else out there was having a similar experience? my T-levels with the compounding gel are fairly good...
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