daily injections

  1. S

    Daily subq test before and after test cream

    I thought I would post these for guys who are curious about test cream. These labs are two weeks apart at same time of day. I am on 18mg a day of subq test cyp. Defy recommended I add two clicks of test cream to the scrotum daily for DHT affects. Apologies for not testing DHT. This is the...
  2. L

    Guys on daily SubQ

    So after talking at length with my doctor yesterday, I will be doing daily sub q injections, starting on Monday. For those of you who do daily subQ and testosterone only (no hcg or AI etc), what daily dose do you use, what daily dose do you feel best at and where does that put your numbers? He...
  3. S

    Weird response on labs after switching to daily injections

    After conferring with my doc I got him to switch me to daily injections after dealing with a decrease in SHBG and huge increase in E2. Was injecting 70 mg test and HCG 500 IU twice a week now 20 mg test a day and no change in HCG. Baseline labs were 1060 TT, 18.5 FT and 41.8 sensitive E2...
  4. V

    Issues regarding Sustanon

    Hello. I started TRT 3 weeks ago with sustanon, however it seems it has been a mistake starting with this ester. The issue with cypionate and enanthate is I need to take them from a neighbouring country or UGL. So my protocol is 20mg daily. However I learned that in every 20mg sustanon from the...
  5. S

    Daily Sustanon - The Best Results Yet

    I have tested every protocol and every ester during the last 5 years. I get the best results with daily Sustanon hands down (10mg/day). Libido, energy, drive.... How often have we read of people here on the forum feeling great when switching from long to short ester and vice versa. Just for...
  6. E

    Daily Injections Increased Total and Free T

    Hello, I recently switched my regimen up to daily injections and noticed the following in my blood work. May 2019- 20 mg EOD Total T- 1039 Free T- 266.8 Oct 2019- 10 mg ED Total T- 1332 Free T- 294.6 My doctor said that these numbers were too high and lowered the dosage down to 8mg ED. I am...
  7. Bentiger07

    To Daily Injectors of testosterone and HCG, what's your HCG dose?

    Hi Guys, Long story short, I have ED and low T since 20s. As docs can't clearly pinpoint root cause, my theory is that it's due to slightly elevated cholesterol (genetic) since I was young. Tadalafil, bimix, and correcting low T has been most effective out of all things I've tried. I was on TRT...
  8. Q

    Switching from weekly, to daily - bad sides gone?

    Hey all .. long time trolling, first time posting. I am curious about something and hoping many can chime in with their individual experience.... Wondering about those of you who went from weekly injections (1 shot every 7 days) to more frequent, smaller doses (daily or eod) and if you...
  9. W

    Timing of labs based on different TRT protocols

    From my reading here it sounds on most protocols you draw labs right before your next shot, to get your lowest reading. In my case I inject daily (have low SHBG) with Test C in the morning around 7am. If I usually get labs done around 9-10am in the morning will it show elevated levels if I took...
  10. J

    How to adjust dose for daily injections?

    I'm currently taking 60mg e3d Cyp which is equivalent to 20mg/day for a total of 140/wk. This puts me around 850-900 on my trough. I want to switch to daily injections to drop my e2 a bit since I have some nipple sensitivity, soft erections, and a little water retention. I read that Dr Saya said...
  11. K

    EOD injections - Morning or evening?

    Hi guys, search didn't come up with anything, maybe you can give me your opinion. I've switched my protocol to EOD injections - after experiencing the trough of my doctor-prescribed E2W (!) protocol twice, I've had it. Plus, weird thing, I actually like injecting daily, as it gives me an easier...
  12. P

    Going to Daily Injection

    After my consult with Defy, we decided going the daily injection route is best for me at this point. I want to try and drop the AI and reduce my phlebotomy frequency. The major question for me is, I have read that daily injections typically require less total testosterone injected weekly. I...
  13. B

    How to do Daily T injections

    My current protocol is 75 mg of T every 3.5 days. it brings my Total T up to about 1000 ng/dl, but also my E2 to about 60, and feeling pretty bad. Libido is non-existent, no morning wood etc. Im reluctant to use an AI, at least for now, so i am going to try to move a daily T injection of 20mg...
  14. Blackhawk

    Benefits and drawbacks of daily testosterone dosing protocol, and what's your sweet spot?

    I wish there was a sticky! I am trying to search on this topic and finding a few things, but no comprehensive discussion of trade offs between Daily vs less frequent dosing protocols, and some conflicting info. I am potentially interested based on my own needs. A brief summary of the basics...
  15. Vince

    A question about daily injections of testosterone.

    Members who are doing daily injections. Do you notice a lost in weight or body fat?
  16. Vince

    Daily Injections of Testosterone

    It sounds like more members are injecting testosterone daily. It seems like it would be a tough protocol to follow. I was wondering, do the benefits of injecting daily really outweigh the disadvantages?
  17. C

    Lab Results - 24 Months on TRT/15 Months on Daily Injections

    At the two year mark of TRT, 15 months on a daily injection protocol, I posted the following lab values. Total Testosterone 1048 ng/dL (348 - 1197) Free Testosterone 22.8 pg/mL (7.2 - 24.0) SHBG 33.6 nmol/L (19.3 - 76.4) Estradiol/Sensitive 30.4 of/mL (8.0 - 35.0) These results were...