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  1. J

    Answering some questions, new to forum. Much appreciated!

    Hi, if anyone can help me out that would be great and much appreciated! I’ve been seeing a Dr. for about five years regarding my T levels and have been on the following regiment, I’m 39 yr old male. - 1x 1ml syringe of Testosterone Cypionate out of a (5ml) 200 mg/ml vial every Wednesday (once a...
  2. B

    3 week cycle on Testosterone Cypionate

    Does 1000mg test C have the same half-life as 250mg test C? Or does the amount injected change the half-life? If not, why can’t we just use Test C instead of Propionate for short cycles? If I want to do a 3 week cycle, I can front-load 1000mg test C the first day then nothing more, and have...
  3. S

    Metabolism and cypionate vs enanthate

    Historically, been on cypionate for years. New NP (who I recently decided to dump due to perceived incompetence and carelessness) just switched me to enanthate. The relevant info here is that I metabolize meds super fast. Doctors never believe me unless they see it (in hospital, surgical...
  4. S

    Cypionate & Rapid metabolism

    while im getting my doctor/labs/stuff sorted out, id like to hear from people with experiences on ,y same problem: I metabolize darn near anything much faster than normal. For cypionate, injecting 100mg SQ/IM once weekly (sunday night) was a moderate kick in the pants, which was petering out...
  5. R

    Could there be any way to eke some usefulness out of remaining cypionate without shutting down?

    I know the answer is NO, but feel free to humor me. Has anyone tried this, or does anyone have a hypothesis of how it might be able to be done? I'm off trt and producing. I have an open vial with 8mlx200mg left. Could there be a sweetspot where I might get some benefit taking a certain amount...
  6. G

    50 mg/per week protocol

    Has anyone experimented with 50mg per week cyp/eth? According to this article, shared on this forum, it may be worth a try:
  7. W

    Weekly shots

    Guys I have been on Cypionate 100mg on MWF for many months. I realize micro dosing can be better to avoid peaks and valleys but I feel most days worn out and can't sleep at night well. If I try the 100mg once a week instead could that maybe help me with energy levels and sleep?
  8. JayD

    Start up bad side effects... ?

    After having tried daily cypionate shots a year ago, I had to bail as the nausea, anxiousness, insomnia but mainly headaches were unbearable. This was on 6mg daily cypionate and I only made it 4 days in. Just a really intense all incomposing experience that was like a nightmare towards the end...
  9. M

    has anyone used pavillion pharmacy in ATL for a blend?

    I am switching from cream to injections. I have only ever used this doc for cream and for injections he uses pavillion pharmacy in ATL. They use a blend of cyp/prop mixed with mct oil. I have been on cyp for years prior to using cream but never a blend. Anyone have any experience with this?
  10. T

    How Much Cypionate should I take a week to get Cut?

    So, I've been on Nandralone and Cypionate for together for 10 weeks. I've been on cypionate alone for 12 months before adding Deca. My dosage was 200mgs (TRT) a week cypionate 150mgs a week of Deca. (TRT) I definitely got stronger and bigger with adding Deca, but would like to get leaner...
  11. southwest

    T level drops 40% over 90 days

    Hey All! Me: 62 year old male with a starting T (March 2022) of 240. Began bi-weekly T injections (0.25ml of Testosterone Cypionate 200 mg/ml) 90 days ago and now T level is 160. Doc (a GP) says continue injecting 0.25 bi-weekly. Not what I expected to hear. Thoughts, please??? Why am I on...
  12. W

    Newbie,pardon my ignorance

    Got blood work done and Dr. prescribed .25ml subcutaneous shots twice a week of cypionate. I'm 51 and overweight by 35 pounds. I am reading constantly here and online trying to figure out dosage but still confused if this dosage is normal or not. Just started yesterday, so obviously no effect...
  13. A

    Do compounded medications expire more quickly? WARNING TO PATIENTS

    So I noticed that my medication, whether it be testosterone, clomiphene, or anastrozole Always has a discard date of around four months from the time I received it in the mail. I found this strange because typical pharmacy medication is usually good for two or three years. So I gave My HRT...
  14. S

    Injecting cypionate sub-q

    About a month ago, I switched from 2x a week IM (3.5 each time) to 2x a week Sub-Q (same). Drawing oil into that insulin needle is excruciatingly slow and makes me wonder if there is a better way? The injection itself is wayyyyyy easier than IM, but the process is slow. I haven't gotten the...
  15. S

    When To Test For Peak Or Trough

    How many hours after I inject cypionate would I test the highest? How many hours before the injection would I test the lowest? Is it as simple as just before the next injection? I am on an EOD schedule.
  16. P

    Palpitations after Increase in Cypionate Dose

    Hi all - I was struggling with low libido despite decent looking levels: Oestradiol 110 41 - 159 pmol/L Testosterone 24.20 6.68 - 25.7 nmol/L Free-Testosterone(Calculated) H 0.711 - 0.16 - 0.47 nmol/L (Somewhat high!) SHBG L 17 20.6 - 76.7 nmol/L Prolactin 231 86 - 324 mU/L This was achieved...
  17. M

    Am I understanding half-life correctly?

    I'm trying to gain better insight into how various protocols affect the rate at which T. Cyp. builds up in the system (e.g., weekly vs. 3x week vs. daily). My understanding is that the half-life of T. Cyp. is 8 days. So if you inject 100mg on Day 1, there is approximately 50mg remaining in your...
  18. S

    Allergic reaction to test proprionate?

    I've been using 15 mg of test prop daily for a few weeks now. I rotate between six injection sites. Lab values are right where I want them to be. I am kind of a stoic so I tend to ignore side effects but I finally realized yesterday that all six of my injection sites are achy and/or inflamed...
  19. bennettjc

    Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Cypionate Half-Lives - Data?

    Good Morning, When I started I read various things about the half-lives of TCyp and TEnan. 7 days. 10 days. One has a 1 day longer half life because of the longer ester. I am aware that half-lives of all medications vary depending upon the patient. But a good estimate has clinical value for...
  20. jacb

    Testosterone Cypionate - Carrier Oil Used By Different Companies

    I believe that the Carrier Oil used in these companies Testosterone Cypionate is: Miglyol-812. This is a pharmaceutical grade MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides). Lab Pharm Axiolabs British Dragon Sxiroxx Apricot Kernel Oil: Dragon Grape Seed Oil: Kalpa Cotton Seed Oil: Pfizer...
  21. T

    Injection procedure - test cyp in cottonseed oil

    I've recently ditched the 18g drawing needle for a 27g (same as I inject with). I'm finding that half the time when I stick the needle in the cyp bottle and pull down on the plunger, I get no test/oil. I generally start by drawing 0.2ml of air into the syringe which I inject into the cyp...
  22. T

    AI and brain fog, morning wood

    I'm wondering if any of you have found the same. When I go without AI, libido is dead, there is no morning wood, and erections need to be forced. Brain fog also increases. Taking .75mg - 1mg anastrozole remedies that by next morning (dramatically). Easily measurable. Brain fog also...
  23. T

    Waking up more often after starting cyp

    I've had this thing for a while where I wake up during the night. On my first 3 nights of cyp I find that I'm waking up more often. Has anybody experienced something similar? I'm not more tired, and I haven't given the levels a chance to stabilize of course. I will just continue on at this...
  24. T

    How much in this syringe?

    Look at the photo with the loaded syringe, the other is just to show the number of lines to 1 ml. Found it ridiculously hard to estimate how much this is.
  25. T

    Switched to cypionate - anxiety or cold sweats in the middle of the night

    I was on gel, trough levels were 880ng/dl. I skipped the gel yesterday morning and took instead 0.2 ml of a 200 mg/ml vial. At 3:30 AM I woke up feeling really anxious in cold sweat. Do you reckon this is because the levels shot up too high? Or allergies to the oil? Edit: Isn't this a bit...
  26. T

    Starting cypionate tomorrow - needle size?

    What needle size can I get away with? I'll never inject more than 0,2ml (in cottonseed oil). Doctor wants me to do subq but I believe I'll do IM. And do you have any tips for muscles? I'd prefer not to do delts and was thinking about starting with quads.
  27. T

    Moving from gel to cypionate - do you guys feel better on injectables?

    I'm going to ask a questions that have been asked a bunch of times before. I'm moving from gel to cypionate, even though my levels on the gel are reasonable. A few things: * I seem to be very sensitive to medium-high levels of E2 * I have high levels of SHBG. 1. Have any of you felt that...
  28. T

    Sensitive to E2 - subq and HCG

    Hi guys, I'm very sensitive to medium to medium high E2. I feel like absolute shit, depressed, anxious, low libido. I talked to a new doctor who wants to put me on subq test Cyp and HCG: As far as I understand there's more aromatase in the fat, and so I'd think I would aromatise more with...
  29. T

    TRT clinics in the EU/EEA

    Do you know of any clinics that offer remote treatment when you're living in another EU/EEA country? I know of balancemyhormones in the UK, but I figure Brexit might cause problems. As for why I'm looking into this, I'm on TRT and they only prescribe Testogel/Nebido where I live.
  30. T

    Anybody live in a country that mostly prescribes gel / nebido? Were you able to get enanthate/cyp?

    Question in the title. I've been on the gel for 3 months and I really want to try either enanthate or cypionate.
  31. S

    Trough Levels - Propionate vs Cypionate - Graph results?

    I created the plots below using a tool from another site, which I'm sure many of you have seen before. I'd like some clarification as to whether or not the way I'm interpreting the data is correct. I'm aware of the ester weight/percentage for the two esters being compared, and that 120mg cyp...
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