crashed e2

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    Will hcg permently raise E2?

    People over on t nation are telling to take hcg! But from what I read around here once u stop ur e2 will come back down? And another guy said on 1000 iu of hcg only brought his e2 up by 5 points? It would much more convient for me to inject more testosterone as I hate making hcg and having to...
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    Questions for men on anastrozole who have crashed their E2 Levels

    I have a few questions for those who have crashed their e2 levels. How low did your E2 levels go? How long did it take to recover? Did anything help you raise your levels? I have searched on this and other forums and all I can see is that people have either upped their test dose, which for me...
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    Crashed Estradiol on TRT - Please Read!!!

    Hello, I am a 48 year old male, 6'0 and weight 205lbs first thing in a.m. on an empty stomach. I have been physically active since I was a teenager. I played sports growing up as well as as a teenager and high school too. I have been in the gym since I was 16 and have stayed very active for...
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    Still crashed E2 on cycle. Please Help!:(

    Hi, I am nee here, I hope I am putting this issue to right segment. I am so desperate, nobody can help me. I am on pre contest cycle and I have used my AI like ussualy. But now I crashed my E2 to undecectible level. It is Almost 2 month I am off my IA and My e2 still zero. I tried d-bol to...
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    Possible Estrogen Crash? No Feeling From 200mg Injection Anymore?

    I will try to keep things short... About 6-7weeks ago I was reviewing my labs with my doc. Labs were taken day of weekly shot of 200mg before injection. .25 arimidex 2-3x per week. Total T - 1048 ng/dl (264-916) Free T - 23.8 pg/ml (9.5-25.5) DHEA 228 ug/dl (138-475) LH <0.2 mIU/ml (1.7-8.6)...
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    Aromasin - I May Have Crashed My E2

    Hi, my problem is low testosterone and high estradiol. I am 36 year old male. Suffering from social anxiety, low energy,low sex drive, depression, low libido.Nothing makes me happy. Also suffering from hashimoto, but even if my TSH is in range, my test. and estradiol is still same. My doctor...